How to Access Google Assistant Driving Mode Settings – Best Method [2022]

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Say, “Hey Google, open Assistant settings.”

Go through Transportation > Driver mode for the settings for driving mode.

If driving mode is activated You can use on the launcher of your app (four boxed) to go into Settings. Additional options.

This article will show you how to get access to Google Assistant driving mode settings.

How to Access Google Assistant Driving Mode Settings
How to Access Google Assistant Driving Mode Settings

How Do I Access Google Assistant Driving Mode?

You can open Google Assistant driving mode at anytime by saying “Hey Google, let’s drive.” You can also enable it on a regular basis when your phone is connected to the car’s Bluetooth or when it detects you’re in a moving vehicle, however only if you modify your driving settings.

How to Access Google Assistant Driving Mode Settings

Contrary to Android Auto, Google Assistant driving mode isn’t an application that is specifically dedicated to it. It’s a part of Google Assistant, so you can access the settings for driving mode through Google Assistant. Additionally, if driving mode is within your mobile, you will also access the settings via driving mode.

Here’s how to get access to and change the driving mode settings using Google Assistant:

1. Say, “Hey Google.”

2. Speak, “Open assistant settings.”

3. Tap Transportation.

4. Tap the Driving mode.

5. Make sure that the when you navigate within Google Maps toggle is on.

6. In the”When connected to” the car’s Bluetooth section, click either the Launch button or ask before you launch.

If you choose Ask before you launch the app, you will get an alert on your phone as it connects to the vehicle’s Bluetooth. In order to start driving mode, you’ll be required to respond by hand. If you would like driving mode to begin automatically Select the driving mode option in place of.

7. In the When you detect that driving is happening Before launching, tap Ask or do nothing.

Select Ask prior to launching if you wish to to use driving mode inside a car which doesn’t include Bluetooth.

8. Tap Hey Google detection.

9. You must ensure that at the very least one toggle is on.

If the toggles both are turned off and both toggles are off, you’ll need to use the microphone icon while in the driving mode every time you’d like to make an audio command.

10. Tap the back Arrow.

11. In the Calls and messages section, press the Allow calls to be made while driving toggle as well as the Help with messaging when driving.

If you turn the toggles turned off, you will not be able to answer calls while driving or in driving mode. Google Assistant won’t give you the option of reading your messages on text while in the car.

How to Access Google Assistant Driving Mode Settings

If driving mode is enabled you will be able to gain access to the settings directly from the interface for driving mode.

Here’s how you can access driving mode settings while driving mode is in use:

1. Start Google Assistant Driving Mode.

2. Tap the launcher app (four box) icon at the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

3. Tap Settings.

These basic settings allow you to toggle driving-friendly messages. Then quickly enables or disables incoming calls.

4. For advanced settings, click More Settings.

When you click More Settings When you tap More Settings, it will take you to the Settings menu mentioned in the earlier part.

Access Google Assistant Driving Mode Settings From Google Maps

Driving mode is intended to turn on when you begin navigation via Google Maps. In the event that this occurs, you will can open the settings for driving mode directly from the screen.

Here’s how you can gain access to the settings for driving mode using Google Maps:

1. Select a place within Google Maps, and start navigation.

2. Tap the launcher app (four box) icon at the upper right corner of your screen.

3. These settings are the basic ones that allow you to toggle messages that are conducive to driving as well as incoming calls. You can click More settings to open all of the settings for driving modes.

How Do I Turn Off Google Driving Mode?

If you’d like to end driving mode and switch back to the regular Android interface There are several ways to do so. When driving mode is active you can press the circle symbol in the bottom of the screen and go back to your Android homepage screen. You can use the crossed-out car icon located in the upper right corner, then tap I’m not driving to end the driving mode instantly.

If you don’t want the driving mode to be activated at all Follow these steps:

1. Say, “Hey Google.”

2. Say, “Open Assistant settings.”

3. Tap Transportation.

4.Tap driving mode.

5. Switch off the When you are using Google Maps toggle.

6. Tap Do Nothing when connected to the your car’s Bluetooth section.

7. Tap Do Nothing in the When driving has been recognized section.

8. Driving mode won’t start automatically, but you can still say “Hey Google, let’s drive” to initiate the mode on your own.


1. How can I switch Google Maps from walking to driving?

Launch Google Maps. Open the Google Maps app and search for your desired location. Choose your destination of origin and then click on the car icon in the upper right of the screen to switch directions from walking to driving.

2. What is the reason why Google Assistant not talk to me while I’m driving?

If the Google Assistant voice won’t be able to work, try some common issues that can cause this issue. Check permissions first by visiting Settings > Apps & Notifications > > Google > Permissions, and ensure that every slider is turned on.

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