Cancel LinkedIn Premium Subscription on iPhone or Computer in 7 easy steps

How to cancel LinkedIn Premium Subscription on your computer or iPhone if you purchased your subscription through iTunes

You can cancel LinkedIn Premium at any time using the web browser on your computer. LinkedIn is a social network subscription service with additional business benefits.

However, you cannot cancel LinkedIn Premium using the mobile app. But if you have subscribed to LinkedIn Premium through Apple iTunes, you must cancel it by going to Settings on iPhone and using the iTunes Subscription section.

Cancel LinkedIn Premium Subscription on iPhone or Computer in 7 easy steps
Cancel LinkedIn Premium Subscription on iPhone or Computer in 7 easy steps

Benefits of having a LinkedIn Premium subscription

You will definitely get some benefits from a premium LinkedIn profile. Premium means – premium access and information.

LinkedIn offers four premium subscription plans:

  • Premium race
  • Premium company
  • Premium Sales Navigator Pro
  • Premium light employer

LinkedIn’s Basic Account (Free) only allows you to receive messages, otherwise you need to log in first and see who has reviewed your profile up to the last 5 recent views.

Cancel LinkedIn Premium Subscription on iPhone or Computer
Cancel LinkedIn Premium Subscription on iPhone or Computer

With LinkedIn Premium, you can send at least 5 messages per month, allowing you to start conversations with employers or potential clients, and much more depending on your plan.

Cost of LinkedIn membership layers
Premium course: $ 29.99 / month.
Premium Business: $ 59.99 / month.
Sales Navigator: $ 79.99 / month.
Recruiter Lite: $ 119.95 / month.

The difference between LinkedIn premium plans

Career Plan –

This is LinkedIn’s basic premium plan and costs start at $ 29.99 / month. With LinkedIn Career Plan, you get additional features through free account,

Such as email messages (the ability to send messages to other premium members even if they are not your direct contact), profile view enhanced (in a free account, if for a reward).

If you visit the profile of a normal member, he will only see that a premium member has visited your profile. But in this plan you can know who this member is through advanced profile view feature.

Another advantage is that you can appear as a candidate when you apply for a job.

Business Plan –

This plan is more advanced than the “LinkedIn Career” plan. With a business plan, you will benefit from the additional benefits (including your existing professional background).

Opportunity to connect with the right people, get opportunities to promote and develop your business (business information such as effective trends) and learn new skills to create the best business promotion campaigns.

LinkedIn’s business plan costs $ 59.99 / month or $ 575.88 / year (for the annual billing cycle, save 20% if you pay in advance).

Sales Navigator Plan:

From a “premium” perspective, LinkedIn’s sales plan is the next big step.

The cost of this plan starts from 79.99 / month or $ 779.88 / year. But you can save up to 18% with an annual subscription.

The Sales Navigator Plan is a great tool for creating leads on LinkedIn. With this tool you can easily find and create leads on LinkedIn.

You’ll get additional benefits like expectations for the platform (the possibility of recording notes on a specific profile) or points of sale (following your company’s page or receiving notifications when changing jobs).

To get a free trial of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator plan, you must sign up for another paid LinkedIn subscription plan. Or you don’t have to complete a free trial of LinkedIn in the last 365 days.

Recruitment Plan:

This plan is also known as LinkedIn Recruiter Light Plan. This is the final level of regular premium LinkedIn membership.

Of course, you can switch from LinkedIn Recruiter Lite to LinkedIn Recruiter. This is usually the enterprise version, a more powerful tool. But according to us it is expensive.

With Recruiter Lite, you have advanced search features, filters and you can interact with LinkedIn members who may be good candidates for your job.

You can view unlimited profiles through your extended network (up to third degree connection). 30 Email LinkedIn LinkedIn Recruiter Lite Message / Month About $ 119.95 / month or $ 1,199.40 / month to reach the top talent anywhere. But you can save about 17% if you provide a startup annual billing cycle. But you will get invincible benefits.

How to cancel LinkedIn Premium on your computer

Cancel LinkedIn Premium Subscription
Cancel LinkedIn Premium Subscription

Below are some simple steps to cancel LinkedIn Premium. Remember, you cannot cancel premium subscription from the LinkedIn mobile app.

However, premium subscriptions to your computer or mobile browser may be canceled. This method is a little different if you bought it through iTunes. See the next section for these steps.

Step 1

Click the “Me” icon in the upper right corner of your LinkedIn home page.

Step 2

Click on Go to My Premium from the drop-down menu.

step 3

Click on the Manage Subscription button on the right side.

Step 4

Select Unsubscribe.

Step 5

Click Continue to cancel.

Step 6

Select the reason for the cancellation.

Do not worry; Even if you don’t see the reason listed, you can include it with the “other” option.

“I upgraded to a single use / project.
I didn’t intend to be billed after the free trial Is too expensive.
I have found a job and I no longer need this subscription
I haven’t used or understood my Premium features
Other Describe …”

Step 7

Click the Confirm Cancellation button.

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Steps to cancel your LinkedIn premium subscription on iPhone.

As mentioned earlier, you cannot cancel your LinkedIn Premium subscription through a mobile device.

But if you bought your premium subscription through iTunes then you have to cancel it from iTunes in Settings. Let’s see how it is done:

1. First go to the settings app.

2. As you know, you will find your name at the top of the screen.

3. Click on your name and you will get “iTunes and App Store”.

4. Tap your Apple ID and navigate to “View Apple ID” in the pop-up window.

5. After entering your Touch ID, click on “Subscription”.

6. Under “Subscription” you will find “LinkedIn”. Click there and confirm cancellation.

But it is easy to cancel your premium LinkedIn subscription via laptop or computer.

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LinkedIn is useful if you understand the benefits of having a premium account. This is a great way to invest in your career.

From email messages, where you can communicate with hiring managers and people relevant to you and your business, with training courses and interview preparation, LinkedIn Premium is undoubtedly the best platform for professionals.

So if you have considered the advantages and disadvantages of exiting LinkedIn Premium and still want to do so, now you know how.

Remember that you can enjoy all the benefits until the end of your current billing cycle. But then you get back to the basic (free) LinkedIn tools and services.

Remember, you get a free trial in the first month of a premium membership to understand the benefits of a premium membership and see how relevant it is to you.

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