Com sec android daemonapp : what it is and how to fix it easy way [2022]

This article discusses in detail what com sec android daemonapp is used for and what you can do to modify it if it stops working on your Android phone.

Com sec android daemonapp
What is Com sec android daemonapp ?

With increasing technology, those who are not aware of IT are also getting interested in knowing about the outworking and mechanisms used in the development of technology.

A large number of people around the world use Android devices, regardless of whether they have technology knowledge or not.

But nowadays their interest does not stop at the simple things of just calling or texting or taking pictures etc. They are now interested in how these technologies work.

Therefore, technical terms are not tied to tech geniuses alone. Almost everything is available to the public through free documentation and resources available on the Internet.

com sec android daemonapp is used for what? is available as a unified daemon package for any Samsung Android device.

Looking at its name, we can see that there are the words com sec android daemonapp.

This is a system that has several applications. It has some system apps that show stock news, news and weather, etc. on your Android device.

Com Sec Android Daemonapp This app collects data from websites like Google, Yahoo News, and Yahoo Finance, etc. The data that is supplied to your phone’s corresponding application.

Some other apps on your device may also get some data from this system. For example, cameras, clocks, briefing apps, alarms, and any other weather app, etc. These applications call the Com Sec Android Daemonapp app when you use a built-in widget or weather app.

After making the call, the system transfers the relevant data to the widget shown to you on the screen of your device. This system is also updated in the same way as the ConfIGAPK app. But it depends on how you set it.

The system is set to give regular updates to apps on your device. It uses some extra data and thus requests the Daemon app to continue in the background. Fortunately, most weather applications are updated after every three hours.

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What’s the difference between Service and DaemonApp?

The term service on Android refers to the software operating in the background of the system user interface.

Unified DaemonApp does not use graphical user interfaces (GUIs). It responds to signals from other applications on the issues involved in interprocess transmission tools. It can be called what the server renders are.

On the other hand, an Android daemon is a background app that runs without interacting with other apps.

For example, it is known as a non-interactive app. There is an interrelationship between the Service and DemonApp because sometimes these terms are used interchangeably and belong to the same entity.

Interestingly, some of Daemon’s actions and APIs are also called services. Still, Daemon is an app that runs seamlessly in the background of your device.

How can I control or turn off DaemonApp from using my mobile data?

The Daemon app and com second determine the amount of data usage you use on the frequency of updating the Android DaemonApp system.

If the app uses a lot of mobile data, you can reduce or turn off frequent automatic updates through the app (settings).

You need to lower its refresh rate, or you can set the app to update to active Wi-Fi only to help save data. The steps below will help you change the frequency of updates.

  • Open Settings on your mobile device.
  • Identify data usage and click on it.
  • Scroll to “Unified Daemon” in the given list
  • Tap to use its data.
  • Then “Limit background data” and then click OK.
  • This method will cause the app to stop using data in the background and it will only be updated when connected to Wi-Fi.

What does the Unified Daemon app do?

Unified Daemon is a built-in app present on Samsung devices (such as com.sec.bcservice).

Its job is to provide the necessary support for other applications such as Yahoo News and Finance and Weather App etc.

These apps need to call a daemon application running in the background in order to access the relevant data requested by the user.

The operation of some of these apps requires the Internet, such as bringing in weather data, explaining why these apps sometimes take more data than expected.

How to disable Com sec android daemonapp?

The Com Sec Android Daemonapp app is built-in to your Android phone so you have no right to uninstall it if you don’t have root access to your Android device. However, if this app consumes too much data and occupies a lot of space, then it is necessary to deactivate it by any means possible. Disabling it will suffice through the following steps:

  1. First open the settings application on your phone.
  2. Identify the application manager by scrolling and click on it.
  3. Find the “All Apps” section, click on it.
  4. Now click on the search option and enter Unified Daemon and tap.
  5. Now click on “Disable” and then click OK.

You can easily deactivate the app after the above method. But if you use an app that requires calling the Unified Daemon app for some data like weather, Yahoo or watch app, it will start running again.

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