How to Fix Couldnt Load Image Tap to Retry problem on Instagram 2021

This time Instagram is one of the ways to share pictures and videos and chat with friends. On Instagram you can share your joy with everyone by posting your favorite moments stored in your device gallery. But there is sometimes an error message on Instagram. This happens when you see someone else’s picture or even your picture on Instagram. The message is like: “Couldnt Load Image Tap to Retry”

Couldnt Load Image Tap to Retry
Fix “Couldnt Load Image Tap to Retry” problem on Instagram
  • Have you ever wondered how this is happening on your Instagram? There may be different reasons for this such as:-
  • you are unable to load pictures on Instagram as you may be using a slow internet.
  • Instagram server is down.
  • Pictures are not available in your country/location.
  • Your image is not loading properly or your device’s performance is poor.
  • Instagram app store has too much cache.

It is common to have trouble loading Instagram pictures and videos. But you have to be careful if this error occurs again and again. If the problem is not resolved, you need to try other solutions if the problem is not resolved by correcting your internet speed and switching off your phone.

Let’s take a look at some of the methods to solve the loading problem on Instagram.

How to Fix Couldnt Load Image Tap to Retry on Instagram?

It has already been stated that there are various methods to solve the problem of not loading images on Instagram. But before you try to solve that problem, first make sure that the problem is from its server Instagram.

You can follow Instagram’s Twitter page to get the first news. They first took to Twitter to share any recent issues related to Instagram’s media files. They will publish an official notification on their Twitter account if something goes wrong on their app. So you can check it out.

However, if nothing goes wrong in terms of Instagram, the problem must be on your device or app. So let’s take a look at the solutions to the “Couldnt Load Image Tap to Retry on Instagram” problem.

1st Method : Check Internet Connection

Internet problems are the first common reason why you are unable to load pictures on Instagram. If you have a weak internet connection it will affect your browsing stuff on Instagram.

Slow internet connection, database or Instagram cannot reach its server and complete your feedback. So, make sure you are connected to a good internet connection or a high quality Wi-Fi network.

You can also access your mobile data if you don’t get enough Internet speed on your device. The advanced 5G network works better than lan connection. It will load much faster and smoother than your current internet.

However, if you cannot use data on your device for any reason, you can reboot or restart your Internet router. For that, unplug the router’s original wire for 10 seconds and plug in again. This will restart your router and make internet connection faster and smoother.

2nd Method : Reload the image

It has already been said that if you have a weak Internet connection, it can slow down the process of loading a picture to Instagram. So, if you fail to load the image on Instagram it shows an empty post. Then you reload the page or image. Until it is fully loaded. Just tap the circle arrow icon in the middle of the image or video until fully loaded.

If you find that instagram can’t load the image or video even after reloading then there’s a problem with your connection. Go to the next step to solve it.

3rd Method : Turn off Instagram and reopen

Sometimes it doesn’t load properly after opening the Instagram app. At that moment you will encounter problems with its features and media files.

This is why reload the Instagram app. This will refresh the entire server of the Instagram app on your device and help you load picture content or media files properly. Now try loading the picture or video you want to watch.

But remember, you need to remove the Instagram app from the recent window or tab on your device. If you open the app only by closing it, it will show pre-loaded content. The app is open in the background, so first remove the app from the recent window and then reopen Instagram.

4th Method : Use VPN

You can use VPN (Virtual Private Network) to fix Couldn’t Load Image Tap to Retry on Instagram. This will switch your device network elsewhere and can help load pictures.

Maybe the network you are connecting is not working properly so you can view pictures on Instagram. So, if there is a problem with the network, using VPN will solve your problem.

Just go to the Apps Store or Google Play Store and search for “Lightcell VPN”. Next, download and install the app on your device. After that, just tap the start button and you’re done.

If you are already on your device, you can use other VPN. Just take free VPNs because you don’t have to pay a penny out of your pocket.

The App Store has many free and paid vpn apps. However, paid should be used to take reliable vpn. Check user rating before you buy vpn. Nord vpn is worth yoking among them. It is a reliable and paid vpn.

5th Method : Check The Instagram Server

You need to be sure that Instagram is not down?

Sometimes the Instagram server has a problem or it’s down for some reason. Then you cannot load pictures. Not only that but you can’t even access other features of Instagram.

Instagram is a part of Facebook or the current meta company. It is hosted on an advanced server. Most of the time Instagram doesn’t go down but sometimes it can happen. Its server was down on July 4, 2019. At that time, people had trouble seeing, sending and even uploading media files. So there may be faulty problems, so you can’t say it won’t go down.

So, check if the Instagram server is down from “Down Detector” to fix the Couldnt Load Image Tap to Retry on Instagram the function. There you can view all the statuses including instagram servers. If there is a problem, it is marked with red colour.

You won’t have anything to do if the server is down. All you have to do is wait when its server is fixed. You can check after some time after uploading a picture or video if the server is fixed.

6th Method : Restart the device

The problem of loading images can sometimes be caused by small bugs or cache problems on the device. So switch off your device once and turn it back on. This will refresh your device system and return to normal. So, if a small bug that prevents your device from running Instagram images will fix it.

7th Method : Clear Instagram Cache

The next method to solve the problem of “Couldnt Load Image Tap to Retry on Instagram” is to clean up the Instagram cache.

Cache is required for quick loading of any app. This saves the user a lot of time. But apps will start to malfunction when more cache is filled.

So, you have to clear it completely so that it will delete the fully preloaded images of Instagram and save a new fresh cache.

But remember that before you clear the cache of Instagram, remember your login certificates or save them in a good place.

8th Method : Use the Instagram web

You can switch to the Instagram web when you see the “Couldnt Load Image Tap to Retry on Instagram” the key.

Instagram web is the web version of the official Instagram app where you use your login certificates to access your account.

You can find all the features of the Instagram app here except uploading stories, uploading media files and calling. Like you can easily hover feeds, see someone or even post your story and post. IGTV, send or receive messages and customize your Instagram account or settings.

It may be noted that the web version of Instagram has a different server than the mobile version of Instagram. So if you find a problem on the Instagram app, use the Instagram web version, so you won’t find the same problem.

You also can’t access social media applications in front of everyone, all the time, everywhere. Then you can use the Instagram web version in your web browser. It is like Instagram application.

9th Method : Update Instagram

Also the current version of Instagram may have a problem that you are using now.

The Instagram app needs to be updated so it can fix bugs and errors in the previous version. Each update fixes some of the problems and adds some new features.

So if Instagram image doesn’t work or you have trouble loading images on your device, it may need an update. So go to the App Store and update your Instagram app and see if the problem has been resolved.

10th Method : uninstall Instagram app once and reinstall

If you see the “Couldnt Load Image Tap to Retry on Instagram” problem after that, the last solution you can implement is to uninstall the app and reinstall it from the App Store.

There may be a serious problem within your app that cannot be solved with the method listed above. So, completely uninstall your Instagram app from your device and download the new fresh version.

But before that, remember your login certificates or keep notes somewhere. So you can access your account later.

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