Fix Discord Connection Issues – In Easy Steps[2022]

How to fix discord connection issues :(Troubleshooting tips for when discord isn’t connecting)

Not connecting properly during a startup can be frustrating. Because it can prevent you from sending a message. Can also prevent access to most of the content already downloaded on the app.

Fix Discord Connection Issues
Fix Discord Connection Issues

Often the main symptom of discord not working is a looping “connecting” animation. You may also encounter connection problems while trying to access Discord’s third-party connections or while sending and receiving messages.

Reasons why discord doesn’t work properly:-

Discord connection problems are usually due to technical problems on discord’s side.

For example, there may be a connection problem if there is a high amount of traffic on the Discord server or if there is an internet connection problem on your device.

Like custom Internet settings, corrupted app data can also cause discord connection problems.

The solutions described below apply to all versions of the Discord app on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

How to fix discord connection issues

Here are all the best ways to sort from discord connection error messages to easy solutions and improvements to disconnecting problems.

1. Check the status of the discord:

Many times Discord or some of its services may be down. You can take the help of website at any time to check the current status of Discord.

But if Discord’s service is down, all you can do in this situation is wait. Unfortunately, this time you can’t Fix Discord Connection Issues.

2. Check your internet connection:

If your smartphone goes out of the WiFi range or your internet service is turned off, you may still face the problem of not connecting to Discord.

The fastest way to check it out is to try another app. Which requires an internet connection. For example, open the Facebook or Instagram app to see if the internet connection is working properly.

3. Disable Flight mode:

Flight mode can disable all cellular and internet connections. So check to see if you accidentally turned on Airplane mode. It may remain operational even after recent flights.

4. Temporarily disable Wi-Fi:

Your iPhone or Android smartphone may be connected to a Wi-Fi signal that have no internet access. To use your cellular network, disable Wi-Fi. See if this helps you connect to Discord to a cellular network.

5. Update the Discord app:

If your Discord app gives you a ‘Discord not connecting’ error and you want to Fix Discord Connection Issues, it may need an update. This will help your app connect to the Discord server.

6. Update your operating system:

Update your device’s operating system. A system update often makes your device more secure and efficient. It can also fix any internet connection errors on the device.

7. Close the app correctly and reopen it:

The problem may arise even if the Discord app is not closed properly. Close the Discord app first to resolve it. Wait a few seconds and then open it again. You can also force stop by going to App Settings if you want. This could create a new connection with Discord that could work.

8. Fix the discord app problem:

If you’re using Windows 11 on a PC, right-click on the Discord app icon in File Explorer. Select the ‘Compatible Troubleshooting’ option by clicking on the ‘Show more options’.

It will scan your device and app files for an error and try to fix them.

You can also go to Settings first and then go to The System, then run various troubleshooters for the Internet and connectivity in Windows 11 through troubleshooting.

9. Check third-party services:

If you’re having trouble connecting to discord other services such as Xbox, Spotify, Twitch. open connections via the main app menu. Then check if the link to the account is done correctly.

You may have to connect again. It is also possible that the service may encounter a temporary server outage. If you encounter this problem, you will have to lodge a complaint on their official Twitter account.

You were unable to communicate with an external service or feature while you were in a discord chat.

Then it is entirely possible that the specific chat you are using may not only support the connection to the service of your choice. A full list command of supported chatbots should be available in your community FAQ, About, or Welcome topic.

10. Restart your device:

Restart the computer or Android or iPhone you are using on the device. It’s an easy solution. It is known to get rid of various kinds of technical problems including connectivity.

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