How to Fix One Airpod Not Working Problem – 2022

For whatever reason, you can understand, either One Airpod Not Working or the left or right AirPod is not working and you are only getting sound in mono. If the reasons are not clear, there are solutions.

This can happen for any version of the AirPods, but we’re experiencing it with the AirPod Pro. They’re working well, and then the next time you pop them in your ear one doesn’t work.

Coincidentally, we always seem to get it with an airport in our ear. And we know right away that the problem is back because we can’t hear that switch-on chime unless we put in other AirPods.


One Airpod Not Working
One Airpod Not Working

One Airpod Not Working Possible Causes

When your airport is just ringing in one ear, something goes wrong. The reasons can range from reasonably simple (low battery charge or dirty AirPods) to very complex (problems with network or audio settings). With this in mind, there is no cause for this AirPods problem and no solution.

There is no definite reason but there is a definite suspect and it is Bluetooth. We may still suspect this because Bluetooth is cyclical, but in this case, we always seem to get it soon after the connection is changed.

We had zero problem switching using AirPods Pro on many iPhones and iPods, but after we switched to a Mac or Apple TV.

How to Fix One Airpod Not Working Problem – 2022

One Airpod Not Working quick Solution

Pull both AirPods out of your ears so that the audio stops, then put them back on, and sometimes it’s done, you’re done, it works.

More often than not, that doesn’t happen. In such cases, the next quick solution is to put both AirPods back in their case and leave them there for half a minute. Then when you try again, it may work.

These two solutions have worked for us most of the time, but sometimes you need more.

Long But Convincing Solution

If you switched AirPods Pro to Mac or Apple TV, switch it back to your iOS device. You’re going to forget that device about the AirPods, then you’re going to reconnect them and this will fix it for all your devices.

How to Fix One Airpod Not Working Problem - 2021
Fix One Airpod Not Working Problem

First, you need to know that AirPods Pro is charged. Put them back in their charging case. You will see a green or orange light coming on, which will tell you that the case has either full or low charge.

Close the lid, then hold the case next to your iOS device. When you open the lid now, you will see a display on the iPhone showing what percentage of battery charge you have. But it will show you two figures – one for the case and one for the average of the two AirPods.

To find the charges on each AirPod, take one out of the case and change the display on your iOS device to include separate numbers for the case and two AirPods. If you find that one of them has a zero charge, that’s why you have a problem and recharging it is the solution.

You’ll find out if you’ve been using the same AirPod for several hours, so most likely you’ll need to continue the fix by disconnecting your AirPods Pro or AirPods:

  • Go to Settings on iOS, Bluetooth
  • Find your AirPods Pro in the list of connected devices and tap the I button to their right
  • On the screen that appears, tap Forget this device
  • Confirm that you want to do this
  • Now return the AirPods Pro to their charging case and turn it off. Leave it for 30 seconds, then open the lid.

It is very important that you do this next step by opening the case lid and there with two AirPods Pro. Find the setup button, small, round on the back of the charging case. When you see the front of the case, press and hold it.

The light that shows the charge and so on also glows white now. This means the AirPods Pro case is detectable as a Bluetooth device.

You’re just reconnecting AirPods Pro, they’re still practically new. But if you do this, if you follow all the reconnection instructions given by your iOS device, you will have solved the problem.

You can also fix your air pod using the following methods.

HOW DO I FIX WHEN One Airpod Not Working ?

If one of your AirPods doesn’t work, there are several ways to fix it. We’ve listed the possible solutions below, from the simplest to the most complex. Try them in this order to fix your AirPods.

  • Check the battery. The simplest and most likely explanation that the AirPod is not working is that it has run out of battery. Airpods can remove batteries at different rates, so even if the AirPods are charged at the same time, one may run out of interest first. Check AirPods battery life or your battery widget and charge if necessary.
  • Clean AirPods. You may not hear the audio in an airport because it has junk in it, preventing the sound from coming out. It can be lint or dust or earwax. Check your AirPods and clean your AirPods if the speakers seem to be off.
  • Turn Bluetooth on and off. There may be a problem with your AirPods that your device is not sending audio to your earbuds properly. In that case, try resetting Bluetooth. On iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, go to Settings> Bluetooth> Move Bluetooth, turn off the white slider, wait a few seconds, and move it back to green.
  • Restart your device. Restarting isn’t likely to fix the problem, but it’s quick and straightforward, so it’s worth a try. Restarting the device clears the active memory and can often solve temporary problems. We’ve got instructions on how to restart any iPhone or restart the pad.
  • Cancel the pair of AirPods and reconnect. Still not listening to audio in an airport? It’s time to reset your AirPods. To do this on iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, go to Settings> Bluetooth> Tap I next to AirPods> Forget this device> Forget device. It removes AirPods from your device. Then place the AirPods in their case, press the button on the case and follow the onscreen setup instructions.
  • Hard reset the AirPods. If nothing has worked so far, try resetting your AirPods. Follow the same steps to un-pair and re-pair your AirPods from the last section. When you press the button on the AirPods case, hold it for about 15 seconds until it turns light amber and then white. Then let go and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Reset network settings. Your device has settings that control how you connect to different networks, including Bluetooth devices. If there is a problem with those settings, it may be your fault. Resetting the settings may help, although you may need to reconnect the Bluetooth device, re-enter the Wi-Fi password, to reset the network settings, go to Settings> General> Reset> Reset Network Settings.
  • Check stereo balance. Hidden deep in the accessibility options on iOS devices is a setting that lets you control the balance of audio between the left and right AirPods. Your problem may be that this setting is out of balance and is sending all sound to an airport only. To fix this, fin Settings> Accessibility> Audio / Visual> Balance slider and move it to the center.
  • Update the operating system. Each new version of iOS and iPadOS brings a lot of new features and important bug fixes. While this may not fix the problem, the latest version of your device’s OS is likely to fix your issue. Since updates are free, very fast, and bring a lot of benefits, it is beneficial for shots. Learn how to update iPhone.
  • Get help from Apple. At the moment, it’s time to seek expert help: Apple. You can get support from Paul on the phone or visit your nearest Apple store for personal help.

The last steps

Apple advises that you also clean the speaker grill on the AirPods. These can get significantly dirty and get stuck with earwax, so look at the speaker.

If you’ve done everything right and the problem doesn’t go away, it’s time to move on to the Apple Store.


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