Fix steam disk write error Easily [2022]

With more than 90 million registered Steam users with a large portion of them trying to access the service simultaneously issues and glitches occur frequently on the world’s most popular gaming platform.

Fix steam disk write error Easily
Fix steam disk write error Easily

 If you’re having difficulty installing or updating your game on Steam and you’re confronted with an “disk write error” message. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one as many players have experienced the same issue.

Luckily, there are many quick fixes for this steam disk write error problem. We’ve investigated the issue and have now provided you with suggestions for possible solutions to get you back on track immediately.

Without further delay Let’s get started.

Cause of Steam Disk Write Errors

Steam disk write error is an issue that occurs when Steam disc write issue is a common occurrence.

Whenever Steam isn’t able to download or save data from games onto the storage drive on your PC during an update or a new installation. 

The error is usually followed by one or more of the following errors. The error in writing to the disk can occur at any time:

1.The drive or Steam folder is written-protected.

2.There are issues with the hard drive.

3. Your firewall or antivirus block Steam in downloading or storing the data.

4.There are obsolete or corrupt files within Steam. Steam directory.

How to Fix the Steam Disk Write Error

If you experience an error on your disk when you wait for your game to update or install on Steam and you’re experiencing disk write errors.

You’re not the only one as many players have faced the same issue. 

The good news is that they’ve successfully solved the issue with these solutions, so keep reading and look them up.

1.Update your drivers

This could be due to you’re using an incorrect or obsolete device driver. 

Therefore, you must upgrade your drivers to determine whether it solves your issue. 

If you do not have the time, ability or patience to manually update your driver then you can do it in a way that is automated using Driver Easy.

Driver Easy will detect your computer and identify the right driver for your system. 

It is not necessary to know what operating software your computer runs and you won’t have to worry about the wrong driver that you’d download and you don’t have to be concerned over making an error while installing. 

Driver Easy can handle it all.

You can update your driver instantly using the FREE or Pro Version of Driver Easy. 

However, with the Pro version, you only need two steps (and you will receive complete support and a 30 day money-back assurance):

  • Install and download the Driver Easy.
  • Run Driver Easy , and select on the scan Now button. Driver Easy will check your computer for errors and will detect any driver issues.
  • click Update All, which will download and then install the most current version of all the drivers that are not present or not up-to-date in your computer (this is required for the Pro version, and you’ll be asked to upgrade after the Update All button is clicked).

You may click Update to complete it for free If you’d like the idea, however it’s mostly manual.

  • Start your PC in order for the update to begin to take effect.
  • Re-downloador re-update your game to check whether the error on disk writing is gone. If the error is still there then proceed to Fix 2 below.

2. Eliminate the file 0 KB

The Steam errors with disk writing can be caused by the file with 0KB size. You can determine whether it is present on your computer and erase it if it is.

Here’s how:

  • When you’re using your keyboard you need to press your keyboard and press the Windows logo key, and then press R simultaneously. Copy and paste %ProgramFiles(x86) (x86) and hit Enter.
  • Navigate to and double the clicks on steam > steamapps.
  • Scroll down to the bottom, and if you spot an image that is less than zero KB, then delete the file.

Then repeat the downloading/updating and verify whether the error on writing to disk disappears.

3. Remove corrupted log files

A few corrupted files in Steam logs may cause this error on disk writing. We can determine for a corrupted file and remove it.

To do so:

  • If you are using a keyboard you need to press your keyboard and press the Windows symbol key, and the R simultaneously. Copy and paste %ProgramFiles(x86) in the box, and then click OK.
  • Click and navigate to steam > logs, then content_log.
  • Scroll to the lower part of the file and look for an error that causes the file to not write:

If so, follow the path and name of the error. Then erase the corrupted files. After that, proceed to step 4).

If not, stop using the Windows as described in this fix, and move towards Fix 4.

  • Repeat the download/update to see whether the issue gets resolved.

4. Verify the integrity of game file

This issue could occur when some of the files in your game installation have become corrupted or removed as false positives by antivirus software. Therefore, you should check the integrity of the game files to determine if this can fix the issue.

Here’s how:

  • In Steam, go to LIBRARY.
  • Click on Right-click in the area in which Steam Disk Write error occurs and then click Properties.
  • You must wait until the game cache verification ends.
  • Close all windows of Steam and leave Steam.
  • Relaunch Steam and then download/update the game once more and check if the issue is fixed. If the issue persists you can proceed to fix 5 below.

5. Run flushconfig

With flushconfig, we can clean download cache, and hopefully resolve the issue. To do so:

  • Exit Steam completely.
  • When you’re using your keyboard 2) On your keyboard, press your keyboard’s Windows logo button and the R simultaneously. Copy and paste steam://flushconfig in the box, and then click OK.
  • Make sure to click OK before confirming the flush.
  • Start your PC.
  • When you’re using your keyboard you need to use your keyboard, press the Windows Logo key as well as then R simultaneously. Copy and paste %ProgramFiles(x86) in the box. Click OK.
  • Click twice to open the Steam folder.
  • Locate and double-click Steam(or Steam.exe) in order to open Steam.
  • Install/update the game and check whether the issue with the disk write is resolved.

Still no luck? Don’t fret, we’ve got four more solutions for you to test.

6.Set the steam folder security to complete control

Sometimes, disk write errors occur due to the fact that you don’t have permissions to use Steam. To allow your account to be in complete control

  • Exit Steam completely.
  • If you are using a keyboard click on your keyboard the Windows Logo key as well as the R simultaneously. Then copy and paste %ProgramFiles(x86) to the box. Click OK.
  • Right-click on Steam , and select Properties.
  • Remove the checkmark prior to the Read-only option (Only can be applied to folders that are in a folder).
  • Click on the Security tab, the next select Edit ….
  • Under Group or User names, click on your account (ENYA PC in my case) Then, check the box that says Allow for Full control.
  • Click Apply > OK.
  • When you are using your keyboard hit on your keyboard the Windows logo key, and then enter steam. After that, right-click on Steam and select”Run as administrator.
  • Hope that the error on writing disks is now fixed.

7.Remove disk write protection

Another reason that we may encounter this error on disk writing is that our disk is protected. To remove disk write protection:

  • If you are using a keyboard hold your keyboard’s Windows logo key, and then enter cmd. After that, right-click to open the Command Prompt and click Run as administrator.
  • Use the following commands, then press Enter following every (# represents the number on the hard drive on which you receive this message).
  • Close the Command Prompt window.
  • Re-plug the drive. Re-run the update/install and check to see whether the error on writing to disk is gone.

8.Check for your firewall

Certain firewalls could block Steam from connecting to its servers. You may want to talk to an expert in tech support to make sure that the Firewall isn’t interfering with. Based on the results you may need to create exceptions in your firewalls to allow Steam.

9.Disable Your antivirus software

Your antivirus program could be the cause of this error on disk writing. You may need temporarily turn off the program to see if the issue disappears. Sometimes, it’s required to add an exception for Steam in your settings for AV (for example, to exclude Steam Library folders from live monitoring services).

That’s it. This tested and tried methods to help you solve the Stream errors on disks. We hope this helps, and please take a moment to feel free to leave us an email if you have any additional questions or suggestions to send us.

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