Fix “That username is taken. Try another” problem in Gmail -2022

Fix “That username is taken. Try another” problem in Gmail : When Hotmail and Yahoo Mail established themselves on the international platform, Google launched their Gmail mailing service in April 2004.

Hotmail or Yahoo used low-level programming languages like mail HTML. That is why the speed of these platforms was very low in nature.

Any activity on these platforms required reloading the entire webpage. This causes a annoyance to users.

Fix “That username is taken. Try another” problem in Gmail
Fix “That username is taken. Try another” problem in Gmail

For this reason, it became very easy for Gmail to beat them in the competition.

Almost everyone has a Gmail account lately. Now email is very important for every human being.

Almost everyone has slowly forgotten the names of “Yahoo” and “Hotmail”. After a long 18-year growth and continued transformation, Gmail has over 1.8 billion users today.

But a negative aspect of Gmail is the availability of preferred user names on the platform.

As you all know, a person’s user name is used as their identity in Gmail. So it should ideally be a person’s own name or title.

Here you can write down the user address you want, but it doesn’t make sense that you always get what you want.

Since there are numerous people of the same name in this world.

So if you create your account and use your own name as a username, you’ll probably receive the message “User name already taken”

Are you facing the same problem on Gmail and looking for a solution? Well, in that case, we have something for you. 

Then read the article below carefully. We have done our best to solve your problem.

If you want to learn how to fix, “That username is taken. Try another name” when creating a Gmail account. Then keep reading this entire article.

How to Fix “That username is taken. Try another” in Gmail

We are really sorry for letting you down. Truth be told, if the username you want for your Gmail account has already been taken, there’s no way to get closer to it.

This is usually for our own benefit; Used for protection, to protect our identity and to avoid the possibility of mix-ups.

You may never want your email to be “,” such a hawk.

You must want a unique and meaningful name for your email address. So read the next part of this article carefully without delay.

Gmail address there are different ways to find a suitable user name for this. We are discussing some ways below.

Let’s take a look at how to choose a perfect Gmail username.

That username is taken. Try another

Using “Gmail Username Generator Tool”

If you search Google with the “Gmail Username Generator Tool”, you will get numerous results.

In fact, everyone is looking for a good smart username. So many websites have been created to find a special username for the user.

Since there are different username generator tools websites, they also work differently. Now let’s take a general idea about how they work.

These name generator websites will first ask you to fill out your full name. Almost all websites have tools to check the availability of a username.

These tools can easily find out if they are available in Gmail where you type your preferred user name. The names that are available next show you.

Even then, if no good username is available, they will ask you various questions about your nickname, parent’s name, birthday, etc.

Your answers to these questions will help them bring you a unique username that is also available for Gmail.

But what is likely to happen is very high. Because there are more than 1.8 billion users at the gmail right now.

Such username generator tools help you find a perfect username for your account. But if you’re not satisfied with that, you’ll be looking at the next way.

Include your profession in the user’s name

Sometimes notice that some emails are like this: or

Perhaps there is a doctor named Debasis Das and a professor named Anupam Pal.

Those who Gmail can’t find a good user name. But when they add ‘dr’ or ‘prof’ before their names it is easily available in gamil.

Adding dr or prof again makes their usernames look quite professional and.

You can also easily find a username using this method which is not bad as adding other characters or numbers to it.

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