Fix ‘You’re tapping too fast. Take a break!’ Problem on Tiktok-2022

Is TikTok showing this error message, “You’re tapping too fast. Take a break!” when you try liking a video?

A lot of users, particularly users with newer accounts, face this problem So you’re not alone.

It’s frustrating as it is impossible to like or leave comments on any video.

Fix you’re tapping too fast. Take a break!
Fix ‘ you’re tapping too fast. Take a break!

This can stop you from supporting your favourite creators.

This article will provide you with information on the reasons you stumbled upon the errorand how to stop repeating it.

“You’re tapping too fast. Take a break!” What’s the issue, and why is occurring?

” You’re tapping too fast. Take a break!” issue occurs in TikTok when you click on the Like button on every video uploaded by an TikTok creator.

you’re scrolling through the For You page on Tik Tok. To fix this issue take a few minutes before you can start liking TikTok movies again.

What’s the reason this is happening? There is only one solution and that’s because the TikTok algorithm is thinking you’re a bot that is consuming every video within a matter of minutes. It causes you to not like videos for a period of period of time.

You can quit the TikTok account and sign back in to begin to like the videos you have previously liked through Tik Tok or take an interruption of 10-20 minutes and then come back to like TikTok videos from your top creators.

I hope this will help solve the issue of not having access to similar videos from your favourite TikTok creators.

How long will the error message continue to play?

The error message could be displayed for a short time or even for several hours, and can last 24-hours or more.

For accounts that are newer it is possible to be blocked for a longer time due to the fact that TikTok does not trust your account at this point.

However the block’s duration is shorter on accounts that are older due to the fact that TikTok tends to be trusted by users.

However, don’t worry about it that the error message will eventually disappear. It’s an error message that’s temporary.

How to Fix “You’re tapping too fast. Take a break!” issue on TikTok ?

To get rid of the “You’re tapping too fast. Take a break!” error on TikTok You can either sit and put it off or clear your cache. restart the app or sign up for a new account.

Let’s look at each of these techniques in depth.

  1. Wait For Some Time

Because this error message is only temporary The most popular solution is to wait for a certain amount of duration. The wait could last from 30 minutes to couple of days. This is based on several variables, such as the age of your account and the amount of times you’ve received the message. If you’ve had this error message multiple times, you could be penalized for more time. Therefore, you should have patience and continue to try and then again.

2. Clean Your Cache

The cache is a collection of scripts, files images and other media files that are saved within your phone. This makes old video and account load more quickly when you launch the app the next time. The cache’s data is refreshed each when you launch the app. Clearing caches can help eliminate errors and also free up space on your device. Here’s a step-by step guide on how to remove your cache on the TikTok application.

  • Tap the lower left corner of the screen that reads “Me”. This will take users to the profile page.
  • In the upper left corner, you’ll see three vertical dots. Click here to then be directed into “settings as well as privacy”.
  • Scroll to the end on the page and then tap”Free up space” at the bottom of the page “Free Up Space” option.
  • Click on Clear next to”Cache” “Cache” choice.
  • If the cache is reading 0.0MB then you’ve succeeded in clearing the cache within TikTok.

May be you need to wait a bit of time after clearing the cache , before you can start enjoying videos.

3. Report the TikTok Error

If clearing the cache of your TikTok does not resolve the issue it is possible select a different method. We also suggest you to file a report about the error to TikTok’s support. In fact reporting the error to support at TikTok will assist you further as they can help you solve the issue.

We recommend you go this route if the problem continues for a long time. If the error continues to occur within a couple of moments or even hours, then we do not suggest taking this route because if you wait, TikTok predictably will work normally once more.

How can you notify your TikTok error to support from admin?

  • First, you must open first to the setting and the privacy section.
  • When you have reached the privacy and settings section there is a ” Report a problem” option in the Support section.
  • After that, you can click on the pen-pad icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen on TikTok.

This icon will allow you to express your issue by writing it down in the form of your preferred words. Write about the problem you’re experiencing on TikTok and then report your issue TikTok support.

If necessary, you may add the image in order to prove to TikTok that the issue is difficult to resolve. It is also possible to use formal or informal terminology to describe the issue.

  • Finally, you must click”Report” in red. ” Report” button.

That’s it! When you have reported your issue to support at TikTok it is then your job to wait for a answer and then see if the issue is resolved.

4. Reinstall the application

The final method you can attempt is reinstall the application.

Simply go directly to the main page from your mobile, and erase the application.

Reinstall it again from the App Store or Google Play.

Reinstalling the application will erase all the settings and data and cache. This could be helpful to avoid the too fast to stop error from appearing.

5. Create a new tiktok account

If the other methods haven’t worked for you, your last alternative is to set up an account.

The creation of a new account signifies that it’s completely different and will no longer block, “shadowban”, etc.

However, you should not repeat your previous mistake(s) that you made with your previous account.

If you don’t, you’ll be banned or blocked once more.

Making a new account essential in the event that something happens to your existing account.

For example, if your main account gets hacked/deleted/blocked, you can use your secondary account instead.

How to Prevent Tapping To Fast error In The Future?

Prevention is more effective than treatment. If you utilize TikTok correctly, you won’t have to worry about such mistakes in the application. There are a variety of ways to avoid this issue in TikTok.

This is especially true when you have a brand-new account.

  1. Watch the full length of a video before like

It is essential to watch the whole length of a video prior to commenting or liking it.

If you don’t, TikTok will think that you’re a bot, and stop your ability to carry out further actions.

This is more frequent for accounts that are newer because TikTok does not trust you yet.

If you’ve got an account that is new, you should try not to comment and like on videos overly.

2. Use the app like an actual human

It may sound silly, but to prevent this mistake, you’ll need utilize the app like an actual human.

Also you’ll need to like, follow and then comment on posts regularly and not overdo it.

If you are a follower, liker, or make comments on a regular basis, TikTok will think that you’re a bot, and temporarily prevent your ability to carry them out.


If you’re getting “You’re tapping too fast. Take a break!” error message on TikTok It’s because you’re enjoying videos too quickly and not taking the time to watch them from beginning to the very end.

To avoid that error messages from coming back in the future, be sure to go through the video thoroughly before commenting or liking on it.

This will show that you’re a human being and not an automated system.

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