How Accurate is Snapchat Location? We Tested it Out![2022]

Snapchat makes it seem like you can share your location with someone in real-time, but How Accurate is Snapchat Location?

To find out, we sent two of our writers to the same place at the same time and tried to guess where they were using their Snapchat stories!

How Accurate is Snapchat Location
How Accurate is Snapchat Location

Our findings below will probably surprise you, so read on to learn more about how Snapchat’s location-sharing works and what you can do to improve its accuracy.

How does Snap Map Works?

Snapchat Maps is a wonderful tool, many people use it to find their friends and family. It also allows them to share their current location that their friends can see on their Snap Map.

Similar to any map application, Snapchat displays your location on the Snap Map. However, while you’re looking at your Snapchat feed, your map updates each time you open the app and will not change even if you close the app in the background.

That is to say, if you haven’t used your Snapchat app for some hours, your location won’t be updated, and Snapchat will show that your location is .. hours ago, when you go live on your Snapchat Map.

Additionally, the developers of Snapchat have also added the Status feature which, in addition to letting users see where their friends are in the app, also allows users to add videos and pictures.

If you open Snapchat, your bitmoji will be seen on the map, because your current location will always be updated.

This will create an actionmoji, in which your Bitmoji will represent you as if you were traveling in a car. This way, your friends can know what you’re up to rather than just where you are.

How Accurate is Snapchat Location

Snap Maps takes into account the location of your device and updates the map to match your location.

If your phone has access to GPS sensors, Wi-Fi, or cellular tower data, it will determine your precise location. If a feature has a poor connectivity strength, the accuracy of your location will decrease.

Nonetheless, you should not rely on Snapchat Maps at all times because there are many drawbacks. For example, a glitch or bug in the app may cause the Snapchat Maps to display incorrect locations.

Second, if you have a weak network connection to the Internet or Wi-Fi, it may still be difficult to show your exact location on the map. This can occur when you’re going to a remote area with inadequate cell towers or having an internet connection problem.

Furthermore, only while Snapchat is in use is the location automatically updated, meaning that a user’s location might not be accurately represented in the Map function if he or she hasn’t used the app in a while.

Therefore, How Accurate is Snapchat Location? the answer is fairly accurate but it isn’t close to the level of accuracy that one could need to successfully track one’s friends’ location with Snapchat.

Can other users view My location on Snapchat?

Ever since Snapchat introduced its new Snap Map feature, we’ve seen an influx of questions about whether or not others can see your location in real-time. To see other users on Snap Map, you need to be added as a friend by that person.

If you’re being added and don’t want your location to be shared with anyone else, you can manually turn off My Friends on your iPhone (or Android) by going into Settings and selecting Privacy > My Friends. Once you do that, no one will be able to view your location unless they are a mutual friend of yours.

To add friends on Snap Map in addition to those who are already saved as friends on your device, just go back into Your Friends and select Add Friends.

You will only be visible to your Snapchat friends’ Snap Map if you have your Map set to my friends. Snapchat will allow you to share your story location on the Map if you wish.

Snap Maps can show you these locations, and it allows you to see what other Snapchatters are doing in various parts of the world.

The choice to upload your Snaps to Snap Map is handy if you’re traveling somewhere, as you can view what’s happening in the destination before you arrive by looking at other people’s Stories.

Not only that, on many occasions and events, Snap Map lets you see what’s happening by looking at the Stories that people post on Snap Map.

If you tap ‘My Story’ when choosing to send your snap, it will make it visible only to your friends and not on the public feed.

But if you opt for ‘Snap Map,’ your stories will be attached to your precise location on Snap Map, which is public.

This means that anyone seeing your exact location can view your posts for the next 24 hours.

Who can View My Snapchat Location

As long as you don’t feel comfortable broadcasting your location to every friend you’ve added to your Snapchat account, they’ve got you covered. There are several different options available to you when it comes to choosing your location on the Snap Maps feature.

My Friends

If you want to share your location with all your Snapchat friends, just check this option and they will be able to see your actionmoji.

My Friends, Except

You may choose this option if you don’t want friends to know where you are or who you’re with. They will be unable to view your Snap Map.

Only These Friends

This feature lets you select a specific group of friends and share your location with them. It’s just like the Close Friends feature on Instagram. Only users you follow will be able to see you on their Snap Map.

Ghost Mode

To maintain your anonymity, you may want to utilize the Ghost Mode, which only allows you to view yourself in your friend’s Snap Map. If you have Emoji Lock turned on, your friends won’t be able to see your Bitmoji or Actionmoji.

So, if you want to keep your Snap Map location settings set to Ghost mode, do the following

  • Firstly, open the Snapchat app on your device.
  • Then, tap on your Bitmoji located in the top-left corner.
  • After that, select the gear icon present on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Now, find the Who can… Section and under it, tap on See My Location.
  • Lastly, toggle on Ghost Mode to apply it to your Snap Map.

FAQs on How Accurate is Snapchat Location

Is Snapchat’s location always accurate?

Accuracy of location cannot always be guaranteed. When relying on GPS, WiFi, or cell tower data, accuracy varies depending on what is being used. A civilian GPS provides an accuracy of around 50 feet while cell tower data works on triangulation to pinpoint the user’s location.

Can Snapchat’s location be faked?

At the same time, Snapchat’s geolocation filters may not only limit your choices in the various badges and filters you can use, but they may also create several safety concerns. Although disabling the app’s location feature takes less than a few moments of your time, Snapchat doesn’t allow you to pretend you’re in another location.

Does Snapchat update your location when you open the app?

The Snapchat Support page states that its location update system only works when the app is open, so even when it’s running in the background it will not be able to relay that information. Likewise, its system for pinpointing the physical location of a user will only function for those in the user’s contact list such as friends and family.

How to report an inaccurate location on Snapchat?

If Snap Map shows a place of neither you nor the landmark where it’s supposed to be, you can report it to Snapchat. To do so, press and hold on to the Snap Map and then select ‘Report a Map Issue.’ Several options will be shown, all of which can solve your issue.

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