How accurate is SocialBlade? How can this help you grow your YouTube channel 2022?

Let’s take a look at ‘What is SocialBlade?’and ‘How accurate is SocialBlade?’ ‘Is the earnings shown on SocialBlade real’ and much more.

The issues are discussed in detail below. As a bonus tip you can read this article to know how it can help you grow your YouTube channel quickly and easily.

What is SocialBlade?

Social Blade is a very useful American website. The CEO of Social Blade is Jason Urgo.

This website tracks statistics and analysis on social media. Social Blade is mainly used to track YouTube data.

But not only YouTube but also many other social media sites like Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Trovo, Daily Motion, Mixer, Delive or Storyfire etc.

provide data. Unique information is available from this website. As a third-party API, SocialBlade allows its users to collect data from a variety of social media platforms.

How accurate is SocialBlade
How accurate is SocialBlade

Social Blade makes our job a lot easier by analyzing different data. Tracks various statistics of users of one of the world’s largest social media platforms.

These statistics and analyzes help you more effectively understand user growth and work trends. It will directly affect you how to earn a good revenue from social media too.

And it will also help you understand the ins and outs of social media marketing for small businesses.

History of SocialBlade

SocialBlade originated in 2008. Jason Urgo created the socialblade platform to track and analyze the then very popular Digg website.

Exactly two years later, in 2010, he decided to update the SocialBlade website for YouTube. The decision to make this change puts the SocialBlade website at its peak.

This website then became a favorite among YouTube users. With this website they could easily track their data and compile it for their channels and videos.

As the platform has become increasingly popular, other platforms have been added so that users can take advantage of statistics on a number of platforms in social media marketing.

How does SocialBlade work?

It works in a simple way. Social Blade collects and compiles data from various social media platforms such as: YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Daily Motion, Mixer and Instagram.

It then creates statistical graphs and charts using compiled data. This allows us to monitor the progress and development of users of those platforms.

These tools can be used by small business owners and content creators as part of a well-established social media marketing plan.

More than 7 million visitors visit the SocialBlade site every month. Users of many of the following social media platforms track the site every day.

How accurate is SocialBlade?
How accurate is SocialBlade?

Social Blade’s statistics are quite impressive now. They track about 31 million YouTube and 8.8 million Twitter profiles at this time.

They track about 8 million twitch channels, about 210,000 daily motion users and about 259,000 mixer streamers per day.

In addition to the above-mentioned social media platforms, they track about 350,000 Facebook pages and 9 million Instagram accounts.

How accurate is SocialBlade?

The biggest question is how accurate the earnings shown on SocialBlade are. The working process of the social blade shows how accurate is Socialblade.

  • SocialBlade’s algorithm is based on the views of this channel. It usually shows earn 1 earnings per 1000 views. So, if you have approximately 200k views on a video, SocialBlade will show you earning ড 200.
  • However, some significant errors can be noticed in this calculation.
  • Many of you can’t use AdSense. There are a number of difficult rules for AdSense approval early on in your YouTube career. Adsense approval is not available if they are not fulfilled.
  • Maybe you asked YouTuber about the source of his earnings. He then said that he does not rely on AdSense. As they did at the beginning of his career. Many videos on YouTube are sponsored.
  • Again some videos are based on affiliate marketing. Below the video there will be a link to a product. If someone buys something from that link, the video maker will get a commission.
  • You don’t always get ads when you watch a YouTube video. Even after a video gets 1 million views, only 1000 people have seen the ad before the video. So in this case you will get 1000 views instead of 1 million views.
  • It basically depends on your region and whether advertisers are willing to advertise. So one buyer can pay 10 per thousand views, and another can earn $ 1 from the same thousand visits.
  • Even SocialBlade itself says that all this is a guess of what they are doing. For some people, these are very accurate, while for some people it gives wrong information.

How does it help to increase the YouTube channel?

Although the platform is spread across several social media networks, it is extremely popular with YouTube users. Social Blade and YouTube analysis and tracking go very well together.

Anyone using this platform can develop a YouTube channel if managed properly. Social Blade advises YouTube content creators to create a channel, track analytics and become more popular.

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SocialBlade’s Opportunities – Benefits:

  • Learn how to build a strong YouTube channel and build a broad, trusted customer base. Easily rank your videos.
  • Find effective Use your question builder and filter your desired results. This allows you to use specific questions for your convenience. This is especially popular for small companies looking for specific data.
  • Grow your channel You have many YouTube-certified experts who can help you reach and see another level of popularity on your current channel. You are going through a step-by-step process.
  • Partner with them. If you are looking for a network if you are the creator of YouTube content, then Social Blade Partnership may be the right thing to do.
  • In general, when you want to create and develop a YouTube channel, Social Blade is the right way to go to YouTube.

Browser extension

The Google Chrome extension Social Blade lets you quickly visualize all your statistics. A box to the right of the YouTube video by extension. This box presents the most necessary statistics of social blades in the channel.

The extension also supports Twitch, Instagram and Twitter. The Chrome extension has over 300,000 users and is worth checking out with the Star Ratio.

They also have an extension for use in the Firefox browser.

Other features

In addition to browser extensions, Social Blade also provides a number of convenient, user-friendly tools.

Real-time apps: From their apps for Apple and Android, you can get real-time statistics.
Mobile Apps: Download your phone with Social Blade Apple or Android app.
Widget Website: View and use the widget collection.Use your money calculator to estimate how much your chances of earning depend on what you write on the website. YouTube Money Calculator.

Some alternatives to Socialblade

YouTubers Cafe
Social tracker
Influential marketing factory

Conclusion for how accurate is SocialBlade

Conclusion of how accurate is SocialBlade :Social Blade is perfect for those who want to thoroughly examine platform analysis and use these results to build a good small business.Use it to help you become a real competitor as part of a small business marketing series.

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