How long does it take to backup an iphone – Don’t miss 6 quick tips

The latest update iOS 14 of the iPhone is already in the market. Now the smartest thing to do is update your iPhone device to the latest version. Now that all the data on your device will be deleted after iOS is updated, the device needs to be backed up in advance.

You can also back up the device on your iPhone via iTunes. But since the network is always unstable and can be hampered for various reasons. So sometimes it becomes a little more of a proverb. Now the question is “How long does it take to backup an iPhone?” – no one can answer correctly because it depends on the user. Reading this article will tell you what causes it to take time to back up the iPhone. Fixing these factors will reduce backup time.

How long does it take to backup an iphone

Some Factors related to Backup Speed


Data backup usually takes a total of half an hour to two hours. But if your storage is largely full and a constant notification comes to delete unnecessary data from the end of the device, assume it may take quite some time for you to back up. If you want time to be a little shorter, you need to delete unusable files from your device.

2. Network Connection

Another reason to determine speed is the network. If your device is connected to a proper network, iTunes or iCloud will back up your data quite seamlessly. But if there is a weak internet connection, this process can take several hours. Another major problem with backup is that the process occurs without data filtering. This means files you don’t need will also be backed up. So unused or unnecessary files should be deleted before starting the process.

3. Unused third party applications

Using additional third-party applications on your Apple device consume a lot of space because of the data in the app. So if you try to backup now, it will definitely take longer than usual because of those applications. Each device has specific parts for third party apps. Overuse of requirements will increase your backup time. So it is requested that you delete unnecessary third party applications before starting any backup process.

4. Unused media files

Another reason for your iCloud backup to take extra time could be the number of unused media files. Which you are stocking on your iPhone device. After deleting your unnecessary third party applications, explore your media files and see what can be done with it. Unused photos, songs and videos can extend many backup times. So you can accelerate the backup process by removing them if you want.

5. Media File Transfer

It must be admitted that some photos or videos are associated with mental attachment. Deleting them in this situation can be a little uncomfortable. One way to deal with this situation is to transfer your most important files to your computer. Once you do this, empty the device on your iPhone and it will back up quickly.

6. Use iCloud/iTunes regularly

If you find that it takes a long time to back up iCloud, this problem can be solved by using iCloud frequently. Remember that iCloud only creates a backup of new files. So if you’re using iCloud or iTunes frequently and rarely use the number of new files, you’ll only need less time to back up new files.

What is iCloud backup?

iCloud’s main task is to back up everything. It will backup your photo and video, device settings and application data, starting with your camera roll. It also restores home screen and app organization. It saves all kinds of messages, visual voicemails, and even ringtones.

How long does it take to backup an iphone – Fix in 6 quick tips

You can take the following measures to resolve problems related to your backup.

If you are looking for solutions on how to deal with problems related to perpetual backup, here are some of the measures you can follow:

1. Use the alternates of iCloud and iTunes

Since the speed of iCloud and iTunes is controlled by many external factors, you can definitely change this with third party applications available in the market. Such data managers can recover and back up at a very versatile and incredible pace in nature. The kind of data you want to back up is easier and faster if most media files.

Backup using a third party application:

Step 1- First connect your device to the computer and turn on your third party application.

Step 2- Since backup selects all your data by default, go to backup manager here you can select what backup you want to back up. Click backup after selecting.

Step 3- Now wait for the iPhone to be backed up completely. If you want to restore your backup later, click the Backup Recovery option. Then follow the steps given on the screen.

You can use Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, SugarSync apps as some of the options for iCloud.

2. Use the iPhone backup option more frequently

It has already been said that if you back up your data using iCloud or iTunes for the first time, it will take a long time to back up your device. Now that iCloud only backs up new files. So if you use your backup benefits more frequently, only new files will be backed up during backup, which will take a lot less backup time.

3. Delete unwanted applications or files from your device

Let’s first tell you to remove all unused apps on your device. These apps collect large size data including Cache and app-in-between data. Now these 3Rd party applications will continue to be fully backed up during backup, which will greatly slow down your backup process.

So check your device thoroughly before backing up and delete unnecessary applications or files.

4. Disable applications with inconsistent size and file backup.

If you don’t want to delete applications from your Apple device, you can disable those applications. They occupy a lot of space on your device, deactivating will free up the occupied space, so it will take less time to backup.

5. Do not back up useless data

Backing up useless data can hamper the speed of the device’s backup efficiency. So it is better to stay away from unwanted apps. To do this you first need to make sure that you have a local copy of your data at your disposal.

6. Switch to a good network.

If you want to backup quickly, the first step will be to check your internet speed. For this you can take the help of website.
You can switch to an advanced network if your network is too slow to check.


So to conclude, there is not much miracle method to speed up your device’s backup. But if you follow the rules mentioned above and follow the tips as a result then it will definitely take less time for your iPhone backup.

I hope the information provided is helpful to you in understanding “How long does it take to backup an iphone”?

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