How to Access the Clipboard on iPhone in 3 Easy steps

With the clipboard on iPhone feature, you can copy text or a paragraph and paste it in whichever location you choose. 

You can use the clipboard feature by long-pressing on a text and clicking on the Copy option in the pop-up dialogue box.

How to Access the Clipboard on iPhone
How to Access the Clipboard on iPhone

As a result, you have successfully copied the text onto your clipboard, and you can now paste the text wherever you wish.

Additionally, you can cut and paste a particular text from a document that can be edited. Keep in mind that the clipboard feature can only hold one copy or cut text at a time.

You cannot simply cut and paste multiple texts and paragraphs according to your liking.

You would also have to copy the same text again if you locked your device. You would have to copy it again if you locked your device.

How to Access Clipboard on iPhone

Did you ever wonder where copied texts on the iPhone are saved? All copied content is stored on the clipboard. However, if you want to access several copied items, you will have to find out how to use the clipboard on an iPhone.

You can use the iPhone clipboard to perform multiple tasks efficiently. The iPhone clipboard is an internal function that copies content temporarily. 

Read carefully to know “how to access clipboard on iPhone” in 3 simple steps.

 The Apple ecosystem offers a wide array of tools and utilities that make life easier for users, but there is no application for accessing the iPhone clipboard.

Apple’s clipboard runs on virtual memory and doesn’t exist in system storage. When you restart your phone, you lose your clipboard content.

Since there is no default method of accessing or editing the clipboard, we must use unconventional methods to get the job done. 

  1.  First Create a Clipboard Shortcut on your iPhone.
  2. Then Copy history using the Notes application.
  3. Now Use third-party clipboard managers.

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How do you access the clipboard on your iPhone by creating a clipboard shortcut?

Simply use the following steps to create a “Show Clipboard” shortcut on your iPhone to access and use clipboard content. 

  1. First Search “Shortcuts” application.
  2. Then Tap on the “Gallery” Menu.
  3. Now Search for “Adjust Clipboard” and open it.
  4. Tap on the button “Add Shortcut”.
  5. Now Return to the “My Shortcuts” menu.

Browse through and look for the shortcut you created. Any text or link you copy in any app can now be accessed via the Adjust Clipboard shortcut. This means you can edit the iPhone clipboard content on the go. 

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How to access clipboard on iPhone using the Notes application

 iPhone users can use Notes to use as a clipboard? You can use the Notes app to function as a clipboard if needed. Below are the steps to follow: 

  1. First You have to open the Notes app on your iPhone.
  2. Now create a new note.
  3. Keep this app in the background.
  4. Now, copy that text/link which you want to save in the clipboard.
  5. Go to the Notes app and paste the copied content.
  6. Finally save your content in the new Note that you created.

It’s as easy as that! You can now save the clipboard contents on your iPhone manually using the Notes app. When you copy anything, you can paste it here manually to use at your convenience. 

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How do you access the clipboard on your iPhone using a third-party clipboard manager?

 A third-party app is necessary if you wish to actively access clipboard on your iPhone. That is, if you want your phone to save all content you copy, you need a third-party app.

For multiple copy history, the Clip+ app is a viable option. It will answer your question on how to access clips on an iPhone. With Clip+, you can copy text from any source and store it in the cloud. You can then access it instantly from Notification Center for pasting into any app.

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How to Use a Clipboard on iPhone?

Follow this steps to use a clipboard on iPhone:

Step 1: Long Press on the Text You Want to Copy

Select the text or paragraph you wish to copy or cut and choose the same option from the pop-up dialogue.

Step 2: Go to the Page Where you want to Paste the Text

Place your cursor on the page where you want to paste the text and long press.

Step 3: Click on Paste

Upon long-pressing on your screen, you will again find a pop-up dialogue box where you can select the Paste option. And there it is, you have successfully pasted the content onto your page.



Is There a Paste Clipboard on iPhone?

You can access the paste option on your clipboard when you copy a text and choose the paste option after long-pressing on the screen.

When you copy content to the iPhone clipboard, you cannot edit it until you paste it on a specific page.

This feature is not available in any apps since it is an internal feature of your keyboard.

If you want the clipboard feature for your iOS device, you can certainly use third-party apps. The clipboard feature works in same process for all iOS devices.

What Does Clipboard Mean on iPhone?

You can copy content from a selected text or paragraph on iPhone and paste it directly on a web page of your choice.
Your keyboard contains this feature. It’s a one-time feature.

This feature works the same on all iOS devices with a keyboard. However, you can only copy and paste one text or paragraph at a time. Following that, you will be able to use it again.

How can I find things saved in my clipboard?

The clipboard feature of the iPhone does not allow you to retrieve the history of the texts you have previously copied; however, you can use the Notes app or third-party apps to manage the content you have already copied.

Apart from that, you cannot directly access information from your clipboard.

Does the iPhone have a clipboard like Android?

There is a clipboard feature on all iPhone devices with a keyboard, just as there is on Android devices. The feature also works in the same way as on Android devices.

Apple has not made any changes to the clipboard feature on the iPhone and users can still cut, copy, and paste.

What Does Copied to Clipboard Mean on iPhone?

Copying text on your screen may be followed by the text “copied to clipboard.”

You can paste the content you just copied anywhere on the website since the content has been copied on your clipboard.

If you try to copy more than one text at once, you will only be able to copy the last one you copied by default. Be sure to paste the text somewhere before copying another one.

How to Turn off Universal Clipboard on iPhone?

With the universal clipboard feature on your iPhone, you can copy and paste text from your device into another iOS device such as a Mac or another iPhone using the “Handoff” feature, which is enabled by default on all iOS devices with a keyboard.

Follow this steps to Turn off Universal Clipboard on iPhone:

Step 1: Launch Settings App on Your iPhone.
First go to the Settings app on your iPhone and navigate to the General settings menu.

Step 2: Click on AirPay & Handoff
After reaching the Settings app, go to “General Settings”. Click on the Airplay and Handoff option in this general settings menu.

Step 3: Turn off Handoff
Now you can go ahead and turn off the Handoff option so that your device can no longer share the access to your clipboard with the other iOS devices that you own.


Using the methods described above, you can use your copied contents like texts, data, and links from one app to another. Your clipboard is invisible and works in the background. You can also secure your clipboard files.

Your questions about where to find the iPhone clipboard and how to use clipboard content on the iPhone are answered in this article. All methods are easy to use. Also, you may be interested in finding out how to save Google Docs as PDF on iPhone. And if you’re interested, check out how to make a resume on iPhone.

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