How to cancel a preorder on itunes- Easy Method 2022

How to cancel a preorder on itunes

Before canceling your pre-order

If you decide that you no longer want your pre-order. Then cancel the pre-order on iTunes before the item comes out and is generally available.

If some tracks or episodes are released before you cancel your pre-order, including music albums and TV shows, you have to pay for them.

For example, you wait a long time and a pre-ordered movie is released but you still have to pay.

How to cancel a preorder on iTunes
How to cancel a preorder on iTunes

You can cancel your iTunes pre-order from the Manage pre-order option of the iTunes account on your Apple device.

According to the terms and conditions of the iTunes Store, all purchases made from the store are final.

However, you can easily cancel the pre-order. This is because you are not charged for pre-ordering before the item becomes available.

Now you can cancel a pre-order via iTunes on your computer or mac. But there is no option to manage pre-orders from the iTunes app of an Apple device such as an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

How to cancel a preorder on iTunes

Step 1
First press the “Alt” key to release the menu bar and then open the “Store” menu.

Step 2
Select “View Account” and then enter your Apple ID password.

Step 3
Click “Manage Pre-Order” in the Settings section. This will display a list of your pre-ordered items on iTunes.

Step 4
Find the pre-order you want to cancel in the list. Click the “Cancel” button next to it, and then confirm the cancellation if requested.

Cancel your iTunes Preorder on PC or Mac

You need to have iTunes installed to cancel pre-orders on your PC or Mac.This method works for any PC or Mac that has iTunes installed.

  1. First open the iTunes application on your desktop or laptop.
  2. Then select Account there.
  3. Go to the settings section and scroll down a little.
  4. Select Pre-order Management where you will see a place.
  5. Now find the item you want to cancel. Then select Yes by selecting the Cancel option.
  6. You can easily and successfully cancel your pre-order.

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How do I cancel a pre-order on iTunes on my iPhone?

Choose the store first. View my Apple ID, then click there to manage pre-orders in the Settings section at the bottom of the account information screen on your device’s iTunes. From the Manage Pre-Order screen, click the Cancel button to the right of the pre-order item you want to cancel. This way you can easily cancel a pre-order on your iPhone’s iTunes.

How do I cancel a pre-order at Apple?

It’s easy to cancel pre-order on your iOS mobile device.
First open the settings and enter your username / Apple ID. Then tap iTunes and App Store.Tap on your Apple ID. Then click on the View Apple ID option.Now scroll down and tap on Pre-order section.Tap the name of the item you want to cancel.TapTap on the cancel option and press yes.
Now you have successfully canceled your pre-order.

How do I cancel an iTunes purchase?

‌Apps Request a refund for apps or content purchased from Apple.

To do this, first go to this website

Sign in with your Apple ID and password.
Click here to see the ‘I like to’ option.‌

Then select the “Request a refund” option there.
Select the reason why you want a refund and press Next.

Choose the item or items you purchased, then select Submit.

Do you have to pay for iPhone pre-order?

Pre-order from Apple

You can pay in full price or in installments. Prices increase depending on how much storage you choose. Apple offers trade-in if you want to replace an old iPhone with a new one.

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