How to change email on Spotify – Easy and Effective way 2022

Spotify is the biggest of the music streaming platforms these days. Its numerous captivating features have made the app great and acceptable to users. It doesn’t matter how to create an account. Users need an email or Facebook account to account on Spotify. This is why the use and enjoyment of the Spotify app is increasing day by day.

How to change email on Spotify
How to change email on Spotify

This time many of us used to sit for personal reasons Spotify want to change this email. That’s why I typed “how to change email on Spotify” on Google first, but I don’t get a heart-to-heart answer.

But don’t worry, you can easily change the email you used to open your Spotify account. Today, we will highlight How to change email on Spotify in a variety of ways.

Change Spotify email using PC app

If you use Spotify on your PC and want to change your emailটি to it, follow the steps below to find out how you can change.

Step 1: Open the Spotify PC app first and click there to see the account section with your name on the top right. Then click on the account.

Step 2: You will now enter an account overview page. >Click Edit Profile.

Step 3: This profile editing page will get many options to edit this profile. Enter new email at email box here and click Save Profile.

Congratulation You have successfully changed email on your pc Spotify app.

Change Spotify email using mobile app

If you’ve used the Spotify app on your smartphone, check out the steps below to find out How to change email on Spotify.

  • open the Spotify app on your smartphone and click the Settings Gear icon on the top right.
  • click on email option now.
  • enter the new email address you want to provide here and confirm with your password. Click OK.

You have been able to change email on your smartphone and successfully on Spotify app.

How to change email on Spotify without password?

Maybe you forgot your Spotify password. Yet if you want to change your email, here are also ways you can do the job!

Step 1: Open your Spotify app or webpage and remember the email.

Step 2: Now that you have forgotten your password, click the “Password forgot” option.

Step 3: A new window will open after clicking “Password Forgotten”. There you need to add your Spotify email. The password change link will be sent to this email.

Step 4: Check your email to find the “Reset Password” link. Click on the link sent to your mail to add a new password.

Step 5: Keep it in mind after you change your Spotify password. Now log in to your account using your Spotify email password.

Step 6: After opening the Spotify app or web page, you will get the “Profile” option on the top right. First click on profile and then click on “Account” option in suboptions.

Step 7: After you open your account page, go to the “Edit Profile” option.

Step 8: After opening the “Edit Profile” option, several details such as email, password, gender, etc. will be displayed.

Step 9: In the “Email Column”, your existing email will be displayed. Here, you need to change your existing email to a new email that you want to change it to.

Step 10: After entering a new email, fill in your Spotify password and then complete the process by clicking on the “Save Profile” option.

Change email address if you are using Spotify via Facebook

Many of us create this account Spotify using facebook profiles. In this case, it is not usually required email. Or email Spotify on Facebook will be treated as the default email. Now there used to be a personal reason why you want to change that email. Now you can’t change this email Spotify on your own. You need to take the help of the streaming platform support staff.

Go through the instructions below to find out how to change email on Spotify created using Facebook profiles.

  1. First go to the support page of the Spotify.
  2. You can see many options on this page. Select the account option there and then select the “Change account details” option.
  3. Go to the ‘I Still Need Help’ option at the bottom and describe your problem there.
  1. After that, start a chat to get help from support staff. They will make arrangements to transfer all your settings and resources, including your favorite email, to a new account and close your current one.

Switch from Facebook login to email login in Spotify

You don’t usually have to link an email to it if you enjoy Spotify with a Facebook account. Want to close your Facebook account for some reason but don’t want to miss your playlist on the Spotify app either.

You can easily change Spotify’s email by starting using an email login method. The following is a detailed guide on how to switch to emails from Facebook login to access the Spotify music app:

You should first reset your Spotify password. You will then have the opportunity to change the login method from Facebook account to email address. Here’s how you change Spotify email when the Spotify account is linked to your Facebook:

  1. Open Spotify app or web version and go to password reset. Now enter the email address you opened facebook with.
  2. Press the Send button to get password reset link.
  3. Check your email now. Follow this link to change the Spotify password here.
  4. Change the password with a new password following the link.
  5. Now go to your Facebook account and remove Spotify from the app list connected there.

Now, you will be able to log in to your Spotify account with an email instead of Facebook. Now you can change the email by looking at the “How to change email on Spotify” mentioned earlier.

Note: Facebook can disconnect in another manner in addition to the above mentioned method.

  • First open the settings menu from the Spotify desktop app.
  • Then scroll down to social options.
  • Then you will have the option to disconnect your account from your Facebook. From here you can easily disconnect Facebook from Spotify.


“How to change email on Spotify” is a very simple process. Which is similar to changing the name of the Spotify user or changing the Spotify profile picture. All you have to do is read the article well and follow the steps properly.

I hope you like reading the article. Visit our website to find out more such informative tips and tricks.

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