How to change spotify username – Easy Method 2022

If you’re a paid customer of Spotify , you must be well versed with the app’s relaxing features. One of them is “How to change spotify username?”

Know that there is no easy way to change the user’s name in Spotify. But this article describes some simple techniques.

By following these strategies, you can easily change your username. So let’s get into the details of the discussion.

How to change Spotify username in the Spotify app?

You can change your display name on Spotify. It is the name of the display that has given Spotify the option to change. However, you can’t change the username in Spotify. The Spotify app has a strict guideline for changing the name, you can follow them.

But remember, you can only change the name of the display. Your username is permanent. Some strategies are given in this article. These will teach you how to change a Spotify username:

  1. First tap the Home button and go to Settings to view your profile.
  2. Then click on the Edit Profile option.
  3. Tap to change the name you displayed.
  4. Finally, save the changes. Over there! You’ve changed the display name to Spotify.

How can you change your username on Spotify?

In this article, Spotify describes three alternative ways to change the username. You can change the username in Spotify in these following three ways.

How to change spotify username by connecting your Spotify account with Facebook?

By connecting your Spotify account to a Facebook account, you can easily change the username on Spotify. Try the following steps on your iPhone or Android device:-

  1. First, open the Spotify app on your iPhone or Android device.
  2. After opening the Spotify app, you will see a setting icon in the top right corner. Click there.
  3. Scroll through the menu to reach the ‘Social’ tab. Now enter the Social tab.
  4. At the very bottom of it, you will find an option to connect with Facebook. This will direct you to a Facebook login page after you click on the option.
  5. Login to your Facebook account by inputting your Facebook credentials. Then connect to your Spotify.

Now the name of your Spotify display will be the same as your Facebook name.

How to change spotify username via the Spotify app on your laptop, desktop or smartphone.

You can easily connect your Spotify account to your Facebook profile on a desktop. Perform this step-by-step process on your Mac or personal computer:

1. Open the Spotify app and click the Drop down menu next to your user’s badge in the top right.

2. Select the Settings tab from the Drop down menu.

3. Scroll down to the social section where you will find a blue button.

4. Click the blue ‘Connect to Facebook’ button and enter your Facebook login ID and password to log in.

You’ve successfully edited the Spotify Change username option with your Facebook profile.

To change the Spotify username on a mobile you need to connect to your Facebook account

How to change spotify username contacting Spotify?

Can I change my Spotify username without connecting to my Facebook account? Okay, this is a precise and happening thing.

1. Go to the Spotify support page to get a contact form.

2. Select the ‘Accounts’ tab and select the option to change account details.

3. From the next page, tap the blue ‘I still need help’ button.

4. On the next page, fill out the open form and submit to Spotify.

After receiving an email, even from a Norfolk account, contact the Spotify support team with a direct email reply.

The Spotify team will create a new account using your same email. They will transfer everything to the new account.

In your new account, you can see who is following your playlist on Spotify or change the Spotify password again.

There are some things to keep in mind. If the Spotify team helps you set up a new account, you can enjoy the Spotify Recovery playlist feature associated with your old account.

Also, can I change my Spotify username once I delete the Spotify account? No, nothing will be returned from the deleted Spotify account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I find my username when using a Facebook login?

If you use Facebook login for Spotify, you can find out your ID with the following steps:

1. Open the Spotify app on your desktop and log in to the Hour account with Facebook credentials.

2. Click on your user’s badge that will drop down a list of recently played songs, artists or playlists.

3. At the top of the app screen on your profile page, your name will actually appear in capital letters. Below the name, a circle with three dots will appear.

4. Click on the point and copy the Spotify URI.

5. Paste the URI somewhere in WordPad or Notepad where you can see the pasted information.

6. The string of numbers in the text you have pasted is your real username on Spotify.

Q: How do I get a username?

Spotify does not allow you to choose the username you want. When you create your account you will find it at the very beginning. But you can change the name on Spotify at any time. You need to know how to change the Spotify username in an alternative way.

Q: How can I find my Spotify user ID?

To find your user ID on Spotify, see our solution:

1. Go to the Spotify account page and log in to your account.

2. Find your account sharing link.

3. Copy and paste the account link to Notepad or Wordpad.

The link should look like Everything after the user / your user ID in Spotify.

Tips for beginners

Before asking myself ‘Can I change my Spotify username?’ You should consider the following:

1. It is not possible to select the username at will. But change the name to Spotify, the display name can be changed.

2. If you are connected to your Facebook account to change your username on Spotify, your current Facebook name will handle your current Spotify username.

3. If you want to disconnect Spotify from Facebook, you must enter your email address in your Spotify account.

4. Changing your Facebook username will change the name on Spotify to match the update.


When you pay for a premium subscription to Spotify, the username can be very important to you.

How you might want to change the Spotify username. But unfortunately, Spotify did not leave it open to change the username.

Spotify still tracks users in Spotify with their ID. Thus, the uniqueness of the ID is important to them. But they let us change the display name according to taste and desire.

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