How to Change the Color of Android Apps – In Easy Steps 2022

This article details some of the options for How to Change the Color of Android Apps.

The instructions in this article have been created using a smartphone running Android 12. So if you’re using a different company’s or an old updated phone, the options available to you may be different.

How to Change the Color of Android Apps
How to Change the Color of Android Apps

However, it is expected that if you read the article well, you will be able to learn How to Change the Color of Android Apps and do the work on any Android device.

So How to Change the Color of Android Apps ?

By default, on some Android phones (such as the Google Pixel). The app icon and color cannot be changed.

Such as:
In the case of Spotify or Discord there is no easy way to change the color green and black or purple and white.

However, in the case of some apps, you can change the icon of the app. Sometimes some apps have a closer relationship with your phone’s settings than other apps. So if you install a new theme on your phone, the color and icon style of the app will also change according to that theme.

There are also applications for some third-party icon packs that can beautifully change the color or graphic of the icons. You can use this method to change the color of the app’s icon and the full icon graphic.

There are some Google-approved options for changing the color of an app icon. They are discussed below:

1. Use the themed icon

A nice way to change the color of the app icon is to use the themed icon. But there’s also a restriction here: you can’t change every app’s icon. Only Google-paid applications such as: Chrome, YouTube, Camera, Phone, Messages, Play Store, Gmail, Drive, Sheet, etc.

  1. Go to Settings first.
  2. Then click on wallpaper and style.
  3. Go to the themed icon and select what you want to use.

Depending on the color used in the wallpaper, the icon style you will select.

2.Turn on wallpaper color

Themed icons work in a way. You can turn it on. Or, you can make it more attractive through a bit of customisation. You can manipulate the colors of the app through two types of color options: the color of the wallpaper and the basic color.

For example: If you want to paint those Google apps blue, you can go to Settings and go to > wallpaper and style > then choose that color from the basic color.

If you want to balance the colors of the app’s icon against the wallpaper, open the colors of the wallpaper > the settings > wallpaper and style. Now choose one of those colour combinations.

But keep in mind that the combos you see there vary depending on the wallpaper you’re using.

3. Changes wallpaper and Android style settings

This option also applies to folder background, lock screen, and other places. They can change the color of Google’s app icons. Because they have included their apps as part of the set where the color setting applies.

These settings may extend the option to third-party developers in the future. So that your other apps can also change color.

  • How to Change the Color of Android Apps

How do you change the app icon on Android?

You can change the color of the app by changing the entire app icon. The only method to do this is to follow the instructions above. If you follow this, you can easily change the color of the app.

It depends on the color palette you choose, the wallpaper you’re using, and the dark theme and themed icon options. This affects how some of your apps will appear.

But if you want to choose the app icon for a non-Google different app, you might have to be disappointed. There is no icon pack in the phone’s settings with which you can change. There is no allowed way to swap an icon for an app of your choice.

  • How to Change the Color of Android Apps

However, in some rare cases the app developer will include an app icon customization option in the app settings. A screen called the app icon is in the settings of that app, where there are several options. It doesn’t matter what the color of your wallpaper is or what other toggles you have enabled in your phone’s settings; The icon of this app is determined by what you decide in its settings.

If the app you’re trying to change the color of the icon for doesn’t have that level of customization, consider using a third-party tool. For this to work, you may need a different Android launcher than the one that came with your phone.

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