How to create a locked folder in Google Photos – in 5 easy steps

How to create a locked folder in Google Photos: This article will show you how to password-protect Google Photos images and videos using the mobile app Locked Folder. It is available in some Google Pixel devices.

How to create a locked folder in Google Photos. / Can You Protect a Google Photos Album by password?

Google Photos does not offer a way to secure photo albums with a password.

Searches can be used to find all photos that have been added to your account.

How to create a locked folder in Google Photos
How to create a locked folder in Google Photos

It will be displayed when you choose a photo from another app. They are also available in your Google Photos account.

Only exceptions are made if you use the Locked Folder option. This is a single folder on your device that will hide any videos and pictures you have placed in it.

Because it’s a local function, it’s only available in the mobile app. Nothing you input is backed-up online or saved elsewhere.

Importing albums is not allowed. However, you can upload as many photos or videos as you like to this password-protected folder, provided you have the storage space.

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How to create a locked folder in Google Photos

Google Photos does not technically offer lockable folders that can be used to hide files.

Instead, there is a feature called Locked Folder in the Utilities section of the Google Photos Android App that performs the same function as a photo vault.

Here’s how it works.

1. Tap the Library tab at the bottom in the Google Photos app. Next, choose Utilities.

2.Select Locked folder. You can also choose to get started if you don’t see it.

3. Provide your fingerprint or PIN in order to open the box

You cannot set a separate password to the Locked Folder or for your entire device.

Your fingerprint or PIN will be used to open the folder. It will also be used to access password-protected files later.

If you wish to change your screen lock password, click here.

4.Select Move items and tap on the photos or videos you wish to move into Locked Folder.

This page has the same search function as the other pages in the app. You can search by person, find just your screenshots or selfies, and so forth.

5. Press Move when you are ready to move the items. Then confirm the prompt by clicking Move again.

To secure your items, you can either close the app or go back to Locked Folder. You can return to the Locked Folder in the future by following the three steps above.

Move the videos and photos back to your Google Photos account by opening Locked Folder. Select the items and then choose Move.

You can permanently delete the selection by using the Delete button on that screen.

You can move the photos from the Locked Folder to share them or back up your Google Photos.

Items that you add to Locked Folder won’t appear on Chromecast or smart devices like Nest Hub. However, it may take up to an hours for them to disappear after they have been password-protected.

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How to Directly Save to a Locked Folder

Private items can be moved into a Locked Folder.

You don’t have to worry about the photo or video being backed-up to Google Photos before the chance to manually move it out, so just save it in this folder right after you take the image/video.

It’s simple: Tap the folder icon in the top right corner of the camera app and choose Locked Folder. Once the image is captured, it will automatically be placed in this password-protected location.

Some limitations of Locked folder

You can use this feature to protect your videos and photos. These features are not available for content stored in a locked folder:

1. Photos can be added to albums or photo books

2. Back up your photos/videos online

3.Revert or edit changes made prior to an item being moved to a Locked Folder

4.Share in Google Photos or other apps

5. Move items to the trash (permanent deletion is not an option).

6. View photos and videos that your device cannot display in the original format or resolution

Remember that Locked Folder contents don’t get backed up to Google accounts so they are not accessible from other devices. They will also be removed if your Pixel is factory reset or the Google Photos app data cleared.


Q.How can I create a locked Google Photos album?

You can save sensitive videos and photos to a folder protected with your device screen lock using the Google Photos app.

1. Set up Locked Folder

2.Open Google Photos

3. Go to Library Utilities.

4.Tap to set up the locked folder

To unlock your device, follow the instructions on-screen.

Q. How do I upload photos into Google Photos?

You can drag and drop images to Google Photos if you are using Google Photos from a web browser.

You can also launch Google Photos and choose Upload. Navigate to the image and click Open.

If you have enabled Backup & Sync on your Android mobile device, photos will automatically upload to it.

This feature can be enabled by tapping your profile picture and selecting Photo Settings.

Q. Can you lock folders in Google Photos

Users can open Google Photos to mass select the photos and videos they wish to move.

After they are all selected, click the “Move to Locked folder” option in the More section at the top.

Q. How do I password protect a folder?

1.Open Windows Explorer. Navigate to the folder that you wish to password-protect. Right-click the folder.

2. Select Properties from the menu.

3.Click on the Advanced button and then choose

4. Secure data by encrypting content

Double-click the folder in order to access it.

Q.Does Google Photos offer a private mode for photos?

Google Photos now has a new feature that allows you to hide certain photos so they don’t appear in your photo feed, or in other apps.

Locked Folder will hide sensitive photos you don’t want to share behind a password.

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