How to export Spotify playlist | Save your 2022 playlist

How to export Spotify playlist: In the 21st century Spotify is now one of the most popular music utility platforms for music lovers.

It consists of a huge collection of music from different artists, from which users can customize the playlists of their choice.

However, nowadays many people are very sensitive to the selected playlist and therefore want to keep a backup somewhere outside of Spotify.

For them, Spotify has a deal to export playlists so that their favorite songs are not wasted.

How to export Spotify playlist
How to export Spotify playlist

Because Spotify is an extremely strict platform, they maintain strict privacy of users’ resources on the Internet.

Since it is a closed platform, it discourages users from accessing information outside the platform.

So you can’t directly backup Spotify playlists or download songs from Spotify. You may need to use a third party web application to do this.

Let’s take a look at how you can export or backup Spotify music to your iOS or Android device.

Using Syncios, you can easily export and backup music from your Spotify account to your iOS or Android device.

At first glance this may seem like a complicated process but you can do it very easily. So let’s see how to export and backup music from Spotify to your iOS or Android device.

  1. To do this, you must first open the app. After opening the app, connect your phone to your computer
  2. Select the music file from the “Media” menu where you will see a panel on the left.
  3. In the left pane you will see the option to connect to Spotify from the Soundiiz web app, click there.
  4. Now you will see your Spotify library. Your Spotify account library will usually have playlists, albums, artists and tracks.
  5. Select playlists from the left pane to view your Spotify playlists. Now you will get three dots next to the playlist you want to export, click there
  6. After clicking find the option to export as a file from the menu list, then select it.
  7. You will then get a pop-up window, from there select the CSV file format and select the song of your choice from the playlist.
  8. Finally, make sure to download the Spotify playlist as a CSV file with information about your playlist.
How to export Spotify playlist
How to export Spotify playlist

How to export songs from Spotify to MP3 file format

Another great way to save your favorite music on Spotify is to convert and download Spotify music to MP3 file format.

Even if you can’t download the entire Spotify playlist at once, you can download the entire playlist one by one to complete it.

Spotify is a closed platform and it does not allow users to download music. So you need to take the help of an external application to convert Spotify songs to MP3 tracks.

Some of the most popular MP3 rippers for Spotify music are SpotifyTM, Sidify, Ondesoft, NoteBurner, and DeezerTM.

The NoteBurner application is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. With this MP3 Ripper for Spotify users, downloading music has become much easier.

To download songs from Spotify with the NoteBurner app, see the following methods:

  1. Download and install the NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter application on your Windows or Mac device.
  2. Now open the app to download music.
  3. Write the song you want to download in Noteburner or paste the link of the song. To do this you need to take the help of copy and paste or drag and drop.
  4. Then you need to open the settings menu. For this, click on the gear icon in the top right corner. Select MP3 format for output music. At the same time, you need to select a standard route and a destination for the new track.
  5. After selecting everything OK, click the Convert button to begin the process.
  6. After the songs are finally converted to MP3, you can play the songs

How to recover your deleted playlist in Spotify

Do you want to recover deleted playlists on Spotify? Fortunately, you do not need the help of any external app or website to do this. You can easily restore your deleted playlist with Spotify. Follow the steps below:

  1. First, log in to your Spotify account on your device.
  2. Click there at the top right of the window to see your user icon.
  3. Go to the Account Overview section. From the left pane of this page, you’ll find the playlist recovery option.
  4. Now after selecting this menu, you will see the deleted or lost playlist in the next window.
  5. Now press the restore button next to the playlist you want to restore and you’re done. So you see? How easy was it for you to recover deleted playlists? Let’s look at how to export Spotify playlists to mobile devices.

Use Google Play Music to export Spotify playlist

If you plan to delete your Spotify account in the future, you can back up Spotify playlists to Google Play Music.

You must rely on any third-party app to export a Spotify playlist to your Google Play Music account. You can transfer playlists from Spotify to Play Music using Soundiiz.

Follow the instructions in the section where you previously tried to edit a Spotify copy playlist in Google Play Music.

Perform the same steps until you reach the window where you need to select a destination for export.

Instead of selecting Apple Music, select Google Play Music and start converting playlists. Be sure to connect a Google Play Music account first.

Export Spotify playlist to Apple Music

To export Spotify playlists to Apple Music, you can use the Soundiiz web app. But for this you must upgrade your membership to premium.

We discussed this in the previous section. But if you cancel the Spotify Premium subscription, it won’t affect you too much.

Follow these steps, which are quite simple:

  1. First open the Soundiiz web app and log in. Then connect both Spotify and Apple Music to Soundiiz.
  2. Select playlists from Soundiiz’s menu list. Now choose the Spotify playlist you want to export
  1. Click there to see three dots next to the playlist. Now select the (Convert-to) option from there.
  2. From the next pop-up window, you can input the title and description of the playlist or hold the existing one and save the configuration.
  1. Now select all the songs you want in the Apple Music playlist and press the confirm button.
  2. In the next window, select the Apple Music icon and start converting it until it’s available in your Apple Music profile. Diameter is the end of your work.

Conclusion for How to export Spotify playlist

The above article discusses how to export Spotify playlists ? You need to rely on various third party apps or web solutions.

Spotify does not encourage downloading or copying playlist information outside of their platform.

Because Spotify focuses most on ensuring the privacy of resources. So, you must apply some indirect approach to provide backup of your valuable playlist.

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