How to find if someone blocked you on an iPhone – Easy Method [2022]

Do you want to find out ‘ if someone blocked you on an iPhone’ so that you can call them or send them messages? 

Although you may already know how to block calls, messages and contacts from your iPhone, have you ever wondered what happens if YOUR number is blocked or someone blocked you on an iPhone? 

someone blocked you on an iPhone
someone blocked you on an iPhone

Apple’s blocking feature for calls and texts is subtle and can leave voicemails. However, there are several ways to find out if someone blocked you on an iPhone. Continue reading to find out more.

Signs that someone blocked your iPhone Number

It doesn’t necessarily mean they are blocked. They could be busy or have not received a message from you. Many people who have messages that are routing to multiple devices, such as iPhones, iPads and Macs, don’t receive alerts.

There are signs that you have been blocked.You will never hear back from them if you call.

If someone doesn’t answer your calls, it is an indication that they aren’t paying attention to you. However, this does not mean they have a complete block. It is possible to tell if your phone is blocked by a call that doesn’t connect.

Your number is not officially blocked if the call rings multiple times and then goes to voicemail. This could be an indication that someone has chosen not to take your calls and instead let it go to voicemail.

This is a good thing because you haven’t been blocked yet, so they don’t hate you. They may still not want to speak to you.

This is a hack, however. Some iPhone users may have Do Not Disturb turned on, which will not alert them to your calls. You might also have iPhone’s “Repeated Calls”, which allows you to bypass Do Not Disturb if you call twice in three minutes. This alerts the other person you called.

It could even be their carrier. Some calls may ring on your behalf, but you should never call the other party.

What happens to a message that has been blocked?

It works exactly as you’d expect when you text someone who has blocked you. You get no error messages and the message goes as normal. This message is not helpful for clues.

If you try to send an iMessage from an iPhone to someone blocked by you, the message will stay blue. This means that it is still an iMessage. The message will not be delivered to the blocked person.

 Although you won’t receive a “Delivered” notification as you would normally, this is not proof you have been blocked. It could be that they didn’t have any signal or an active internet connection at the time you sent your message.

1. Have an automated response? iPhone Not Blocked

The first tip to find out if someone has blocked your number is simple. Good news! Because those auto-generated text replies don’t reach blocked numbers on iPhones, you’re not blocked.

If you don’t receive an automated response (or any response at all), look out for an iMessage not Delivered notification. That’s your next clue. Continue reading to find out how to determine if someone has blocked you using iMessage.

2. iPhone Message Not Delivered How to tell if someone blocked you on iMessage

How can you tell if someone has blocked you on iMessage You can’t ban someone’s text messages on iPhone, but you can block their calls. You’ll get blocked on both.
 Although you can still use iMessage to contact the person in question, they won’t receive the message nor any notification that a text was received.

Here’s a tip to help you tell if your imessage account has been blocked: If your iPhone message doesn’t arrive (which is often the case if it’s blocked), the text bubble will not show “Delivered”. 

Keep in mind, however, that delivery notifications will only be displayed on the latest iMessage in a sequence of delivered messages. If it was not delivered, you won’t see it on the current text in a conversation.

If you think you have been blocked, look underneath the text you last sent. It could be that your previous iMessage said “Delivered” but your most recent doesn’t. This can indicate that you have been blocked.

How to find out if your number has been blocked
Another sign is an iMessage not delivered error. You might want to look at the next section if this happens.

3. Message Not Delivered Error and Sent as Text Message Notifications


Another way to find out if someone blocked you from texting is to enable SMS text messages on your iPhone. If an iPhone message does not arrive via iMessage, the device will automatically reattempt it using your cellular plan. Or you can manually reattempt by SMS. It’s possible that your iPhone has blocked you if your SMS message doesn’t receive a response or delivery confirmation.

  • You can manually resend a SMS text after an iMessage not Delivered error.
  • Click on the red information icon to view the text being attempted.
  • Click Send as a Text Message.
  • Your device will attempt resend text.

4. Number Block on iPhone or Does It Not Disturb?

You’ve tried all the above methods, but it seems that the person may have temporarily blocked all calls and texts. That could explain why you aren’t getting your communications. This situation is where you will need to know how to determine if someone has blocked your number or if they are just using Do Not Disturb.

To test the difference, my friend had her iPhone set to Do Not Disturb and she then blocked me for another text. I received a notification immediately after I sent her a text message while she was on Do Not Disturb. However, she did not receive the message until she had turned off Do Not Disturb.

My text for the blocked iMessage looked like it had been sent but it didn’t. It just sat there. It seems that Do Not Disturb mode will still allow you to receive delivery notifications for your messages. However, you won’t if you have been blocked.

How to tell if someone has blocked you, or if it’s Do not Disturb
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5. Voicemail is now available for iPhone calls

It’s a great way of finding out if your iPhone has been blocked by someone. To be sure you haven’t been blocked, you can combine the iMessage test with this step to make sure you don’t ring your phone once it rings.

We recommend that you wait until the iMessage Not Delivered test is complete before calling your friend or relative. This will allow them to respond temporarily if they are out of their cellular coverage area. If you still haven’t received a response to your text after a few hours, and you decide to contact them, this is how to determine if your iPhone has been blocked.

This was my experiment. I asked my sister for permission to block my phone number. Here’s what I found. Although the phone did ring, it was only for a very brief time before connecting to voicemail. 

Although I could leave a message like any other unblocked call it was possible to do so in a separate section called Blocked Messages on her iPhone. Despite being blocked, I had no way for her to know that I called and she did not notify me about the blocked voicemail.

My experience is that I almost always get blocked after I have tried the iMessage steps, then called but their phone rings only once and goes to voicemail.

How to call someone blocked you on an iPhone

There are many reasons why a number can become blocked. However, emergencies sometimes happen and users must contact the person who blocked them. This is a tricky area and we don’t recommend you using this tip unless there is an emergency. 

Contacting someone who doesn’t want you to can have legal consequences. We recommend that you respect the privacy of others and do not take responsibility for any actions taken by users.

If you really need to reach the person blocking your number, you could hide your caller ID using *67. This will conceal your phone number, and the call will go through. It will appear as No Caller ID (or similar message).

 Although many people will decline the call, it hides your caller ID. This is an option, however it may not always work due to carrier settings.

With these clues, you can now tell with reasonable certainty if your number has been blocked. If you have received this message, it is possible that there was a miscommunication. If they were trying to block your contact and you don’t want to continue to communicate with them, please respect their privacy and wishes.


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