How to Find Someone’s IP Address on TikTok | Easy way 2022

How to Find Someone’s IP Address on TikTok :TikTok is the most popular of the short video apps of today.

It has many features like video-sharing social networking etc. But it is important to accept that TikTok is an app with an addiction.

It has numerous users. Some of them post faceless videos, but who they are or their location remain unknown.

The more famous TikTok, the more fraudsters, hackers or snoopers are increasingly gaining influence.

Some people have also been using their accounts to act like a number of anti-social activities.

Some are even threatening. Now do you want to track an online intruder’s IP? If so, you need to know about tracking ip address at TikTok. This is described in detail below.

Why do I need to find someone’s IP Address on TikTok?

There is no need to know the IP address of all of the users TikTok to speak the truth.

An overwhelming number of TikTok users do not know what an IP address is? One thing they can do is use the TikTok app that is present on their device.

Now tiktok does not use your IP address to find out your location. They do this using phone numbers.

That’s why a little mobile number is required to open a tiktok account first. Since tiktok does not track IP addresses it discourages many from using VPN or proxy sites.

Since many people do not use a VPN or proxy service. So to track the IP address of a TikTok profile, you have to play a strategy with him. And this requires taking a small step from the person to get his IP details.

You can view the details of the person’s IP and location using the access link Grabify for this. All IP and user locations e this website will be visible over time.

To track the address IP a TikTok profile,

  1. First, find an interesting article or video from the web and shorten using the Grabify tool.
  2. Send that short URL to the person in the TikTok through the message.
  3. Once the person clicks on that link, it will be recorded IP address.

Also, you can truck their IP address using an IP lookup tool like You can actually find their true location by searching for this IP address.

This trick comes in handy when you suspect someone is in a position not in a position to be in.

Tiktok, internet marketers, skimmers, frauds, etc. never share their real location.

They will always try to show their location from another location. But they don’t always use VPN or proxy services.

So their IP address can be trucked and known about their location.

Tools to find IP address

Many tools are available to track IP. In this article, I will mention their steps with a few tools and its unqualified features.

These tools allow you to track the address and location of any TikTok user IP. For this you need to follow detailed procedures below.

Find the IP address of the TikTok user’s using Grabify

Features of Grabify tool:

  1. Grabify is a free and web-based URL shortening tool.
  2. It has become a human favourite because of simple and two-the-point design.
  3. Another advantage of this is that it abstracts all non-essential information and provides useful portions to its user.
  4. It is designed in such a way that the link can help you visit the log directly and at any time.
  5. Its smart logger feature which was recently introduced by grabify provides additional information about the target charging status, battery percentage, device adaptation, etc. which may be useful to the user.

You can change the domain, so the victim can’t track you.

Ip Tracking Steps:

The method of tracking IP address using Grabify tool is very simple. But you have to be a little lucky to do that.

But don’t worry, this tricks will make you easily able to do the job. To use the Grabify app, you need to send a link to the user TikTok you want to know the location.

  1. You need to find a link to an article or video that is interesting enough for someone to visit the site. Copy the link.
  2. Then go to Grabify, where you need to paste the same link that you can find on the home page in the Enter URL or Tracking Code box.
  3. After clicking on the Create URL option, you can see a list of flashing conditions on your screen. You need to click on the agreed button.
  4. Now in the Results section, you will receive information about the target you have clicked on the link. It consists of their IP address and location.
  5. Once you click on the ‘More Information’ option, you will find some more details about the TARGET.tiktok Grabify Location IP.

Analyze link with – (use to track TikTok location): link analytics tool platform can be used to track a person’s location with ip addresses.

Some features of

  • You can use it for free or you can also buy premium versions.
  • It offers its users link shorting, branded and improved dashboard etc.
  • Free version allows you to create five branded domains and up to 1,000 branded domain links.
  • It is designed in a way that makes link management easier and helps you understand what’s happening to your links so you can work towards getting the highest click-through rate.
  • Source link can be changed conveniently. It can also be edited without creating new short links.
  • Links that are shortened using the ‘‘ tool do not expire.

How to use link analytics:

  1. Register an account on first.

2.Then find an interesting article or video from the web and shorten using this tool.

3. Then paste the link that you want to short in the Paste Long URL box and Shorten box on the dashboard.

4. Send the new short link to tiktok user after shorting the link.

5. Now you can find out the IP address of the person only if he clicks on that link.

Find the IP address of the TikTok user’s using “LINKLY”:

Features of “Linky” tool:

  1. ‘Linkly’ tool is a very important link shortening tool. Which is designed for marketers to track different users.
  2. It is available completely free of cost.
  3. You can use all the short links you use for tracking and a variety of new domains.
  4. You can redirect the link to any device or country using a link rotator.
  5. Targeting pixels can be added to links to third party pixels.
  6. It is very easy to create tracking links.
  7. You can also see how many times the link has been clicked from the linkly’s dashboard.
  8. It’s search features can detect bot clicks. Using its re-captcha feature, the fraud can analyze the clicks.

It can also be detected using useful information such as traffic countries, ISO, and devices. They offer the flexibility to add fifty domains to an account. It has the ability to card custom social media previews.

Steps to use Linkly:

  • You must sign up first or login to the Linkly account you already have.
  • In the menu section on the left, you can view the ‘Create new link’ option. Just click on it to short the link.
  • In destination space, type a tracking link for the URL you want.
  • After typing URL, “Linkly” automatically check if it is valid and the status code will be seen next.
  • To find the link in the future, give it a nickname and click save link.

Now clicking on that tiktok user link will show you its IP address.

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