How to fix a horizontal lines on monitor in Easy way [2022]

The presence of horizontal lines on monitor screen can be quite frustrating and inconvenient. This horizontal line is sometimes static, sometimes flickering.

How to fix a horizontal lines on monitor
How to fix a horizontal lines on monitor

But there is no reason to worry. This problem can happen to many. You can take some steps to solve this problem.

This guide describes various checks and fixes. These you will apply to your computer. This will let you know why horizontal lines are appearing on your screen and what to do to make these lines disappear.

What causes horizontal lines on monitor screen?

Horizontal lines on monitor can have many causes.

  1. May occur if the device overheats.
  2. If there is any physical damage to the monitor and connecting wires, it may also be due.
  3. Conflicts between the screen and the selected screen resolution and refresh rate settings may cause line problems
  4. Horizontal lines can be seen on the monitor even if the device drivers are backdated.
  5. It can also cause problems with the operating system.

How to fix the horizontal lines on monitor?

Here’s how to get rid of horizontal lines on your computer screen or monitor.

  • Check when your monitor is disconnected.

Turn on your monitor first. Then unplug it from your computer. When disconnected, pay close attention to whether there are any jolts or lines on the screen. If any distortion is seen, it means that the monitor is damaged.

  • Try on a different monitor.

If available, you can try connecting to a different monitor or screen. This will let you know if the lines are created by your computer screen or the computer itself.

  • Turn off your monitor and turn it on again.

Turning your monitor off and on again is a basic solution. This can often fix the initial error of any screen (eg: horizontal line problem.)

  • Restart your computer once.

A quick restart on any device can solve various technical problems. In many cases it can get rid of any flickering line problem on your screen.

  • Use your laptop on a hard surface.

If you use your laptop on your surfaces or on soft surfaces like blankets or tablecloths, it can cause excess heat. This extra heat also causes flickering and streaks on the screen.

  • Disconnect and reconnect the keyboard.

If you use a removable keyboard on your computer, remove it once, wait a few seconds, and reconnect. Sometimes the connection of the keyboard is loose but the horizontal line can be seen on the monitor.

  • Shut down and reopen your computer.

Turn off your computer screen, open again after waiting a few seconds. Notice when the lines start appearing on the screen as soon as you turn on your computer. If you see that the lines are only visible at a certain angle, then the reason is probably for its damage.

  • Check the connection of the monitor.

Make sure all cables are securely connected to the monitor. Check if there is any improvement in the image quality of the screen while you are inspecting the wires. If you notice that the monitor’s image is improving or deteriorating when you touch the connection cable, you may need to replace the connection cable.

  • Disconnect the monitor from the computer.

In case of desktop, disconnect your monitor from the computer. After waiting a few seconds, reconnect the monitor. Horizontal lines can be seen on the screen for loose connection of the monitor.

  • Install updated operating system updates.

Maybe your computer has new hardware but if you are using a backdated operating system, it can still cause lines on the computer screen. So try to use updated operating system.

  • Complete the process of calibrating your monitor.

This process may take several minutes to complete. This process helps you optimize your monitor for use with your computer and its environment.

  • Try changing the screen resolution.

Try changing the screen resolution on your computer device.

  • Remove magnets and electronics from the device.

If there are any other electronics or magnetic devices near the computer screen or connecting wires, move them elsewhere. Horizontal lines can also be a factor.

  • Clean the dust from your computer and monitor.

If dust accumulates inside your computer or monitor, it may overheat your device. This also causes problems with the horizontal lines on monitor, including some complex internal problems.

  • Run a troubleshooter.

First open the settings on your device and go to System> then click on the Troubleshoot option. > Now select the other problem-shooter. > Run video playback and program compatible problem-shooters after selecting. This will hopefully solve your problem.

  • Try updating your device driver.

Update the driver you see on your monitor and screen.

  • Change the refresh rate of your monitor.

Try changing the refresh rate on the monitor. Switching to another refresh rate setting can help fix issues like Line and Screen Flickr.

  • Try resetting your monitor to its factory settings.

Reset your desktop device monitor to factory settings. Use its built-in settings, not your computer’s settings, to reset this. These settings are usually accessed via a physical monitor on the computer monitor or the menu button.

  • Contact official support.

Contact your computer manufacturer’s support. Ask about some of the primary causes of this problem or its repair or replacement.

  • Upgrade to a new computer or screen.

If none of the above methods work, you should either buy a new computer or a new monitor. This is the only good time to upgrade to a new device.

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