How to follow someone on Spotify Easy Method 2021

One of its other interesting features of Spotify is its follow option. Like other media platforms these days, Spotify offers a social networking element. In Spotify, you can follow other users with follow option. You can follow the taste of music of others. You can also follow your favorite artists so that you never miss out when new music from artists is released.

You can also find those who follow your playlist in Spotify. Now, let’s learn how to follow someone on Spotify. Now you want to put your favorite artist in the tab, or just judge your best friend’s taste of music? So here’s a detailed account of “how to follow someone on Spotify.”

What happens when you follow someone on Spotify?

He does not receive any notifications after you follow someone on Spotify. But if he checks their followers list on their app, he will know about it. This time the playlist they have created will also show the number of followers. But be sure to see who is following the playlist Spotify not available yet.

If your Spotify friends keep their sessions public, you can easily see what they are play if you follow them. This way you will know your friends’ music tests.

You can identify your friends with profile image. You will even see when they are changing profile pictures. But you must keep friend feed active in the app to see this. But if your Spotify friends hide their listening habits, you will not see any activity.

How to follow someone on Spotify using the ‘find friend’ option on your phone

  1. First turn on the Spotify app on your iPhone or Android device and log in with your account details.
  2. Tap gear icon in settings on your Spotify homepage. Then tap see Profile.
  3. Now go to your Spotify profile and tap “Find Friends” that will take you to a new page.

Here you can select any friends you want to follow or tap “Follow All” to follow everyone on the list.

How to follow someone specific to Spotify?

Here’s a solution to find friends in Spotify. Spotifyএ it is possible to find someone if he has not changed the username. You can search for their username. But before that, you need to find the user name of the person you want to find in Spotify.

Now to follow certain Spotify friends with usernames, follow the following instructions:

  1. Open the Spotify app on your desktop or smartphone device.
  2. Click the search bar for desktop version and tap search option in app for smartphone.
  3. Search for the person using his username. But you need to type in search bar in this format –(spotify:user:username)**Username you need to name the user of the person you want to search for.
  4. From search results, click on your desired person’s profile
  1. Finally press the Spotify follow button to follow them. That’s all you’re doing.

How to follow someone on Spotify using ‘Find Friends’ on your computer

  1. Turn on your PC or Mac device and turn on the Spotify app. Log in with your account details if necessary.
  2. In the Spotify desktop app, click here to find the “Find Friends” option right on the screen.
  3. Select the friends you want to follow in the “Find Friends” list. If you want to follow all the suggested friends, click the “Follow All” option.

Follow favorite artists on Spotify

Along with your friends, you are entitled to follow your favorite artists in Spotify. Go to Steps here:

  • On the desktop or smartphone platform, log in to your Spotify account on the app.
  • Enter the artist’s name in the search bar and go to the artist’s profile.
  • Press the follow button Spotify to start following.

Follow people using the Discover function in Spotify

You can follow a playlist using the Discover function. Or the user who created this playlist can also follow. You can even follow an artist using the ‘Discover’ function on Spotify. To complete the task, look carefully at the following instructions:

  • First click the Browse option after opening the Spotify app.
  • Then click on the Discover tab.
  • You can follow the playlist or user or an artist you like by scrolling through the playlists present there.

Find your friends from Facebook and follow them in Spotify

Read this section carefully if you want to add friends on Facebook to Spotify. To do this you need to connect your Facebook profile to your Spotify account. Next, using the Find Friends tool, you can find friends in Spotify.

Before trying to use the tool, update your Facebook profile settings in the manner shown below:

  • Open Facebook or open facebook app on your web browser and go to Settings option.
  • Select Apps from the Settings menu. Then find the ‘Spotify’ application option and select it.
  • Make sure your ‘friend list’ is checked.

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How to follow Someone on Spotify with desktop app

It is very easy to do again and is a similar process of the methods described above. Just turn on Spotify app or log in to your web browser and follow the steps below:

  • Click search (magnifying glass symbol) located in the top left corner of your screen
  • Search for the person or group you want to follow
  • Scroll to “View All Profiles” if the artist or person you are looking for is not immediately visible -> click on it
  • Scroll to a page with all profiles until you find him or her to follow
  • Click on a “Follow” button below their profile picture – >
  • The statement should be changed to “follow”

Unfollowing someone in Spotify

If you think that no one needs to follow anyone in Spotify now you can easily unfollow them. Whether it’s because it’s different from a kind of music or a change in taste compared to a friend, you can easily unfollow them. You can easily do this with mobile apps, desktop apps or web browsers.

  • To unfollow a Spotify profile, navigate to it first.
  • Then press the following button under their profile picture.
  • Once you do this, it will be following theke follow and you will not follow them again.
  • This means you won’t see their public running hearing and you won’t be informed if they add new music.
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