How to Get Dark Mode on Snapchat – Easy Method 2022

This article explains How to Get Dark Mode on Snapchat. However, this option is only available for the iOS app. There is no way to turn on Dark mode as the default on Android. For this, you need to adopt some strategies.

How to get dark mode on Snapchat
How to get dark mode on Snapchat

Is there dark mode on Snapchat?

There is a dark mode option in the Snapchat app for iOS users. However, it is closed by default.

There are two options in the app’s settings for turning on Dark mode:

1. One works when you turn on the system-wide dark mode of the iPhone.

2. The other toggle makes Snapchat easily dark.

The Android Snapchat app works differently. You can use dark mode on a fully operating system like iOS. But for Snapchat, you can’t use Dark Mode. The Snapchat app does not accept system settings.

In other words, there is currently no sure way to darken Snapchat for Android. But don’t worry, below we’ve outlined some tips that might work for you.

How can I get dark mode on Snapchat?

Below are the guidelines for iOS users, and some tips for Android users. Toggle the switch right and change Snapchat to dark mode.

How to get Dark Mode on Snapchat on iOS:

Always use the dark option from the app’s settings to get snapchat dark mode on iOS.

1. Open Snapchat first. Click the profile icon on the top left.

2. On the new page you will enter, click the Settings or Gear icon on the top right.

3. Select the presence of the app from the list that will open this time.

Now always choose the dark.

The app will want to go dark when Dark mode is turned on in iOS settings. You can also opt for the match system instead.

How to get Dark Mode Snapchat on Android:

In the current version of Android, you effortlessly have dark themes that you can turn on. You can enjoy dark mode. But it can’t get Snapchat into dark mode. You can also turn on the ‘Override Force-Dark’ option. But it’s not always effective.

You need to turn on the developer option on Android.

1. Go to Settings first. Then click on System.

2. Go to the developer option.

3. Search to override force-dark.  Scroll down and toggle the button next to it to turn it on.

Another option android users can choose from, is to download a modified version of the app with dark mode enabled. However, this method is not that simple. This is because the apk version of Snapchat is not available in the Google Play Store.

Instead, the Snapchat APK needs to be installed manually, from an apk downloading website. However, we do not recommend doing this, as apps installed outside the official app store are not subject to the rules set by the Google Play Store, so they may be less secure. Which may not be good for you.

Some of the advantages of Snapchat Dark Mode:

Why do you need to turn on Dark Mode for Snapchat? Many apps have a dark mode option. But not everyone enjoys the dark mode of the app. There are several compelling reasons for using it.

1. Outside of the general aesthetics and personal preference, dark mode on Snapchat reduces the amount of light coming from the screen, which means it reduces the demand for electricity.

2. Constantly lighting up the screen is always known to have an impact on the phone’s battery. This is why the most common way to save battery like your mobile phone is to reduce the brightness of the screen. For this, the help of dark mode can be taken.

3. This particular mode is also recommended in situations where less confusion is recommended or required. For example, in a movie theater or in a dark place. Many times during the night there is pain in the eyes in bright light, here the dark mode can be effective.

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