How to hide likes on Instagram in 2022 – Best Method

How to Stop like Counting on Instagram

In short:

  • When making a post on Instagram, click advanced settings. > then click on “hide like and view count on this post”.
  • If you want to hide likes in posts that have already been made, first click on the three dots. > then click hide like count.
  • To hide likes on other people’s posts, first, go to profile >after click settings > now click privacy and security > scroll downwards> write the toggle to hide like and view counts.

This article explains how to hide likes on Instagram. These instructions apply to web browsers or for both iOS and Android mobile apps.

How to hide likes on Instagram in 2022
How to hide likes on Instagram in 2022

Is it possible to hide likes on Instagram?

Instagram allows its users to hide likes for your posts and other people’s posts. You can hide the like count of posts before or after you share a post.

Hiding likes and notifications on Instagram will make you less confused. As a result, you can pay attention to the quality of your post. Without looking at who or what is liking them.

If someone likes your post even after you hide the likes, you will still get notifications. So you may also want to turn off notifications on Instagram if you want.

If you set up a professional Instagram account, you’ll see it when someone shares your post.

Why is Instagram giving its users the option to hide likes?

Simply put, it is Instagram that has kept this option for the good of its users. The Instagram company first started the option of hiding this like in certain countries. This was done mainly to see if it would “depress the human experience”.

 Research has shown that many people judge their success on who is online in terms of how far ahead. Judges succeed by judging on likes, subscribers, always, etc. The more likes they have, the more successful they are in life.

But those who do not get more likes, and followers, suffer from an inferiority complex. Many teenagers, teenagers have also been victims of cyberbullying due to low likes following.

Some people have made full careers on Instagram. You followed them and followed their path. But, if there are fewer likes on a post, it can be a reason for your mental health worsening.

Instagram has well realized the need to hide these likes. This like-counting may be “quite beneficial for some and annoying for others”. So in March 2021, Mother Company Meta introduced the option to hide the likes of its users for their Instagram platform.

So how to hide likes on Instagram?

If you want to hide likes before you share a post on Instagram, follow these steps below:

  1. Just before posting one on Instagram, on the screen where you can write a caption, click on Advanced Settings. 
  1. Click on ‘hide like and view count on this post’. Then go back to the post again, and complete your post. If you enable this option, the likes and view count will not be visible to you or anyone else.

Note: Maybe if you didn’t see the like hide option. This may be because you are using a backdated Instagram application. So, update your Instagram app and restart the app.

How to hide likes on Instagram in already made posts?

You can hide likes on posts you’ve already made. Follow these steps to know the method.

  1. First, you will see three dots on the top right of the post, click here.
  1. Click on the ‘Hide like count’ option. Then you will see a confirmation message.

How to hide likes on other Instagram accounts

You may not want to see likes and views count on other people’s posts. If so, follow these steps:

1 First, click on your profile icon.

2. Then click on three lines.

3. After clicking, go to Settings.

4. Scroll a little and come to the post option below.

5. Click on the ‘Hide like and view counts’ option. 

Note: If you want to see as view counts again, you can unhide the likes the way you hid the likes. You can do so by going to your privacy settings or clicking on three points on a post. > 

Will hiding likes on posts on Instagram affect the effectiveness of your posts?

According to Instagram, the effectiveness of your post does not depend on whether or not hide likes on Instagram. You can hide likes from your posts and other users’ posts, but even after hiding, the app will track likes and use them as a ranking signal for the algorithm. (Posts that get more likes will be shown to more people).

What’s the difference between a hidden post and a non-hide post?

At the business level, the like count can serve as a form of social evidence. People who first come into contact with your brand on Instagram may instantly feel how big your business— or local—is based on your number of likes. But, at the end of the day, the thoughtful interaction with your community in quality content, a consistent aesthetic, and comments are far more important than how many likes your posts are getting.


How can I get more likes on Instagram?

To get more likes on Instagram, post regularly, use tags and hashtags, add your location, and try your captions. Be interactive by following others and liking their photos. It helps if you know the best time of the day to post on Instagram.

How do I get to see I previously liked posts on Instagram?

To view your previously liked posts on Instagram, tap your profile icon > menu > settings > accounts > posts you like. You can only view 300 recent posts (photos and videos) that you liked.

How can I get more Instagram followers?

To get more followers on Instagram, optimize your profile and content, find and interact with targeted users, and encourage your followers to get involved. Use Instagram Stories and Instagram Live. Promote your Instagram profile everywhere.

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