How to Listen to Spotify Offline Without Premium – Latest method 2022

How to Listen to Spotify Offline Without Premium: Are you looking to download your favourite Spotify album, tracks and podcasts so you can play them with no internet access?

Here , we’ll provide options One option is to utilize Spotify Offline Mode. It allows you to play every song you download and podcasts with no connection.

How to listen to Spotify Offline Without Premium
How to listen to Spotify Offline Without Premium

This feature requires a the premium Spotify subscription. Another option is to use a trusted third-party program that allows you to download Spotify songs, albums and podcasts into digital copies .mp3.

Let’s begin an illustration.We will also discuss how to stream music offline, without having a Premium Spotify account.

How to Use Spotify Offline Mode on Multiple Devices (Premium)

If you’re a subscriber to a Spotify Premium account There are only a some steps for downloading Spotify tracks albums, playlists, albums and podcasts to your devices and enable Offline Mode in the Spotify app.

We’ll now go through the straightforward guide to create Spotify Offline Mode in order to play Spotify music from anywhere, even without an internet access.

Before you begin, be sure you’ve updated to Spotify Premium, and the internet is available to allow you to stream Spotify music.

Step 1 :

Download Spotify music, playlist or podcast

Before switching in to Offline Mode, you need to download Spotify music, playlists or podcast, so that it’s accessible with no internet access.

Open the playlist or music you wish to download and then click to the Download Spotify Download icon on the right-hand side of any playlist or song.

Step 2:

Set Spotify Offline Mode

Once you’ve downloaded your entire tracks and music, you’re able to proceed to set the Offline Mode of the Spotify app.

On PC or Mac Start Spotify, click the Spotify Menu iconClick Filechoose Offline Mode (Open Spotify on Mac and click on Spotify from iTunes menu, click Spotify in the Apple menu, then select Offline Mode).

When you turn Spotify Offline Mode on, you can stream music you downloaded, even without an internet connection.

Some Limitations

Offline listening is an extremely useful feature however, it’s not perfect. In the beginning, you’ll have to be a Premium subscriber, which means that you’ll pay monthly fees.

There are other advantages to being a Premium Subscriber, such as not being ad-free and having access to songs on demand and albums, which could be worth considering too.

Additionally, you’ll only be permitted to download 10,000 songs from a total of five devices, which essentially is two hundred songs per device regardless whether it’s a mobile phone tablet, computer, or phone.

10,000 songs is a huge amount, so it must appear reasonable.

Finally, Spotify will require users to log on at least every 30 days to ensure that their music downloads are kept.

If you are planning to be offline for a long period of time (this is something you should keep in mind.)

Listen to songs on Spotify in offline mode using the Windows computer and Macbook

What can you do if you’re not able to connect to the internet access on your laptop? Wouldn’t it be awesome for you to stream Spotify without having to connect to the internet?

If you’re using the Spotify application on the Windows iOS or Mac computer Follow this step. The procedure is the opposite, allowing you to stream streaming Spotify music online, without downloading.

Of course, to be able to do this to work, you must use Spotify via the internet connected.

If you’re not already a Spotify premium subscriber and are wondering how you can listen to Spotify offline this is the answer for you. The steps below will take you straight to it:

Step 1 :

Open the Spotify application using the Windows, iOS, or Mac-based PC. In the lower part of the pane on your left, there are the playlists you have on your profile.

You might have made some of them, while others could be rediscovered playlists.

Step 2 :
Select a playlist in the menu, and you’ll have access to the inside to look at the songs in that list.

Step 3 :
After the information for the playlist is finished there will be an option to toggle the music off or on.

This button lets the download of Spotify music from the playlist onto your personal drive. Turn the button on and watch it change to green.

Step 4 :
On your Windows PC, go to the menu in the upper-left corner of the application and select the File option.

Then, choose the Offline Mode option. If you’re using the other hand, on a Macbook look for the option within the ‘Apple Menu’ and then you will find the Spotify option.

Step 5 :
You are now able to listen to Spotify offline. Play a song from the playlist you saved.

How To Listen To Spotify Offline on Your Android Smartphone or iPhone

This part in the manual will address the method to stream Spotify offline on smartphones.

Although you can stream free music online , you cannot download Spotify music via WiFi effortlessly, you must investigate what this service offers.

Users of both android devices and iPhone can find a way to stream Spotify without having to turn cell data off. It can be useful if you encounter a Spotify app with no internet connection error message.

How to enjoy Spotify offline on an Android device or iPhone are as follows:

Step 1:
Start Spotify’s Spotify mobile app, and then log into your premium account.

Step 2:
Find the playlist you would like to listen to but without connecting to the network.

Step 3:
After you’ve logged into music on your Android device, you’ll notice the Download option, which has an option to toggle off or on right next to it.

You’ll need to switch the button until it turns green, and then allow Spotify to save the cache to your cell phone’s storage.

iPhone Users can download their Spotify playlist by clicking the download button using this icon. Once downloading is completed the icon will change into this.

Step 4:
After that, tap on the Home icon, then enter the menu ‘Settings’ by tapping the gear symbol.

Step 5:
You can access the ‘Playback’ options, then finally turn off the toggle button.

Step 6:
After you’ve switched into Spotify offline mode it will allow you to play previously music you downloaded (playlists) within your Spotify library.

Listen to Songs From Spotify Offline Using Your Free Account
If you’re not an Spotify premium user, it is possible to listen to Spotify music online, without downloading.

However there is always the possibility of errors like Spotify isn’t able to play this moment due to a disruption in the network connection.

What can you do in that situation even if you’re using an account that is account that is free Spotify account?

You aren’t able to download Spotify music with free accounts, so you can’t play music without internet access! You should upgrade to Spotify Premium.

If you’re on Spotify without internet access using a free account you can use the download feature to get Spotify music.

It is necessary to use the assistance of several third-party applications. These applications will allow users to save Spotify songs, by bypassing your Digital Rights Management (DRM) layer.

There are a variety of applications like Sidify, NoteBurner, TunesKit and more. which offer this type of support.

These apps allow you to download and play music without having to turn on this Spotify offline feature. It is important to note that these apps will save your music to an iOS compatible audio file format like the aac format, mp3, FLAC, etc.

Some Key Points To Remember

You now have a good idea of how to listen to Spotify offline However, there’s many things to consider when attempting to get the trick to get it to work.

Here’s what to pay attention to when you listen to Spotify using the internet connection:

  • Once you’ve switched off the switch for downloading the playlist, the songs won’t play until they have been fully downloaded and cached in your storage.

The amount of time needed to transfer all your songs is contingent on the volume of music. It is also dependent on the power of bandwidth.

  • Spotify allows you to download up to 10,000 songs per one device, but the limit for each device is set to five.

It is also required to be connected to the web at least once per month to keep the music you want to download available.

  • If you’re having trouble with Spotify with no internet connection You can only play songs you’ve saved. In this mode you are unable to browse music from the archive live of Spotify.
  • If you’re trying to figure out how you can stream music offline with an Spotify online player it is obvious that it isn’t possible.


Knowing how to stream Spotify offline could prove as a necessity for someone who travels often.

Making sure you select your music in advance and storing them on your local drive will certainly be worth it when you eventually lose connection to the internet.

The security of your Spotify music is safe in the hands of Spotify, both online and offline, when the music protector angel Spotify is ready to help you get it done.

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