How to Make a Compass in Minecraft | Easy Method 2022

How to Make a Compass in Minecraft: To make the compass, place 4 iron ingots in such a way that the Redstone is in the center and the four squares of red iron. Then just move it to your list.

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How to Make a Compass in Minecraft

Many players no longer use compasses, however, they are surprisingly useful for first-timers trying to remember their specific places and things around the world.

Recording coordinates is a way to remember places, but it’s always easier to have a compass on hand to back up. The compass is an important part of the mapping sculpture recipe, which is always fun to play with. Here’s How to Make a Compass in Minecraft.

What is a Compass in Minecraft?

The Minecraft tutorial explains how to create a compass with screenshots and step-by-step instructions. In Minecraft, a compass is one of the many tools which you use.


Here are the materials you need to make a compass:

Crafting table

  • Furnace
  • 7 Iron ore
  • 1 Redstone



To make the compass, place 4 iron ingots in such a way that the Redstone in the center and the four squares of red iron. Then just move it to your list.

Step-by-step guide for How to Make a Compass in Minecraft

To build a compass in Minecraft you need a step-by-step illustrated guide:

  1. To build a compass, the first thing you need is a crafting table. Converting recently collected logs into wooden planks is the first stage in building a crafting table.
  2. Simply place the acquired logs in a slot on the Survival Inventory Crafting Table as illustrated to construct the wooden planks:
  3. Once the logs are converted into wooden planks, you can then proceed to make a crafting table. This article goes through how to build a crafting table in further detail.
  4. You will need a crafting table to make the simplest type of pickaxe to collect the first pieces of cobblestone. You need this cobblestone to make the furnace. The first part of making pickaxes is to make sticks for the handles. You can use the Survival Inventory Crafting Table or the crafting table you created to make your sticks.
  5. To build the sticks, stack two blocks of wooden planks on top of each other on the left or right side of the square, as illustrated above.
  6. Now you have to make pickaxes; This can be done by interacting with the crafting table. Place a row of planks on top of the GUI crafting and two sticks under the centerboard in the crafting table, as shown above. This will create a pickaxe to use to collect your cobblestone – the block needed to build the furnace.
  7. To learn more about how to make a furnace, use this guide.
  8. You’ll then need to locate some iron and coal.
  9. Even if you only need seven pieces of iron for this recipe, iron is really an important tool, so you suggest collecting enough of it. To collect iron, however, you need stone pickaxes.
  10. To make stone pickaxes, you use the same recipe as before but replace the wood with cobblestone. Below is an example.
  11. Iron and coal often grow and can be found around caves, on cliffsides, or even in the biome above rocks on the surface.
  12. Once you find your coal, mine it and start looking for iron.
  13. Iron is usually formed in the same place as coal and can be easily found both in surface cavities and below the surface.
  14. Once you find all 7 pieces of your iron you will have to smell them. To smell, use your furnace to smell the iron downwards.
  15. Open Furnace GUI
  16. You want to fill the top slot of the iron
  17. Then place your fuel type (in this case, coal) in the bottom slot
  18. Wait for the progress bar to fill up, then collect your iron
  19. Compasses are not something you can make for beginners, as they require Redstone. First, you need to move from the wooden peacock to the stone and then to the iron peacock. Redstone minerals can only be collected with an iron pickaxe.
  20. To make iron pickaxes, follow the same crafting recipe for all other pickaxes, just replace the top row with iron lumps. The image below contains the recipe.
  21. Now you have to go and find some red stones.
  22. Redstone builds between bedrock and Y-level 16, at a lower Y level than iron and coal. Redstone, fortunately, has really abundant content that is not hard to find. Mining in the pits or even mining at the right Y-level will help you get to the Redstone easily.
  23. You can finally construct your compass if you’ve mined your Redstone and collected at least one piece of Redstone dust.
  24. Simply lower your crafting table and activate the crafting interface.
  25. Then, place the remaining iron chicks in the center of the GUI in the shape of a diamond and place a piece of your red stone in the center as shown below.
  26. Voila! Your compass is made, go.

The command for a compass in Minecraft:

/ @ p Give Minecraft: Compass 1

Congratulations! You have finally completed the construction of a compass! A compass is a great tool for finding out where you are in the world and how to get home, but remember where your home is headed. Compasses have become somewhat obsolete in their own use over the years, but they can also be used to make maps, which are always fun to play with.

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