How to Raid on Twitch – 7 easy ways you can not deny

How to Raid on Twitch: The popular streaming platform twitch has linked to their system on their system. Which allows Stream to send all their viewers to someone else’s stream.

This provisional work helps newbie stream of liberal stream (those who are struggling for their existence in twitch platform) a little bit. Twitch called this special feature called “RAID”.

Like other twitch features, ‘how to raid on Twitch’ is a little complicated. But when you read the following article, you will learn to RAID a twitch in an effortlessly. The general steps needed to raid the twitch are detailed in detail.

So let’s get started!

How to Raid on Twitch
How to Raid on Twitch

What is twitch RAID?

After finishing their stream of twitch stream, two options left them. First, close the twitch streaming, which will force viewers to go to another channel.

Secondly, Streetmar raid another stream, letting its audience redirect to that channel. This process will help to increase the second channel visitors.

If your streams only have a limited number of visitors, then a twitch RAID can dramatically increase those numbers.

So this is considered to be a twitch stream, especially new streams, depending on the twitch RAID. Especially if a big streamer raids a new streamer’s channel, then it will dramatically increases its exposure and help to increase the viewer.

This notable feature of the twitch work as well as it also as a two-way road. If you regularly raid other twitch streams, then at the end of your stream (and if you’re streamed) there are more likely to be the same expedition.

Twitch’s interface lets streamers see who has recently ridden your channel in the last 2 hours. That’s why you don’t have to worry about forgetting. This list can be useful, especially if you are a streamer who wants to help a new channel grow.

Twitch Raid vs. Host

Hosting and Reading helps streamers spread information about each other to a wider audience. Since they are very similar, it is easy to get confused by these two features. But they are not the same!

First, you may notice that it is possible to host someone during Twitch Raid. Your channel will host your Raid in the target channel while you are offline.

Now let’s compare the two:

Hosting does not redirect your visitors anywhere. Hosting integrates the broadcast of the target channel directly to your page and keeps your audience in one place.

Twitch Raid, on the other hand, means you’re sending your viewers to someone else’s video stream.

So we see it works like a reverse feature! Hosting is usually a more passive tool. In general, it’s designed to show you your favorite content offline. You can set it up automatically. The Twitch’s auto-hosting feature is really cool.

But when you send viewers through your Twitch Raid to spread some love, the campaigns call for direct action.

Running is another phenomenon, built around a little more emotion and urgency. Hosting works quite well when you are offline.

When not online, streamers’ live streams often host each other’s videos. Raid requires separate time. It’s best to start the Raid at the end of your streaming.

Some great benefits of Twitch Raid

Twitch’s Raid feature is a selfless work. Of course, other twitch channels do not benefit the streaming streamer or the user.

When viewers are transferred to another streaming during one streaming, that streamer has more advantages.

However, for those who are accessing the Twitch streamer, it offers networking opportunities that would be hard to find elsewhere.

This is especially helpful for new streamers. For example, groups of small community twitch streamers can redo each other to increase their audience.

If you raid to medium to large twitch channels, you may gradually disappear from the list of other red.

But if you’re lucky and your work can grab the attention of that big Twitch streamer, he’ll be able to supply you with a huge audience through Raid.

Keep up with a warning message. There is no guarantee that you will benefit immensely from a Twitch Raid, so do not ride in the hope of getting something in return.

Some twitch channels block reddening from unknown accounts to limit spam or harassment, so it’s best to keep your reddit limited to your friends or acquaintances.

How to Raid on Twitch

It is advisable to warn viewers and inform them about their target channel before starting the ride. In this way all the visitors can know what is going to happen.

1. There are mainly two ways to start a Raid.

First, you can Raid by typing the Twitch raid: / raid command. Then you have to enter the name of the target channel.

2.Twitch Raid Order

Second: Click on the Fast-Action Raid channel in your Creator Dashboard and select your goal to start Raid.

  • Raid channel

So far so good! So what to do next?

  • Raid’s timer

A pop-up will appear with a 10-second Twitch Raid timer. It also tracks the number of people who have ridden. After 10 seconds, you can start Raid by clicking the Raid Now button.

  • 10 second raid timer

You will see a purple spot at the bottom during the 10 second countdown. You may be wondering what is the reason for staying here.

Let’s find out: Now if the bar is exhausted. And you didn’t Select “Raid Now” or “Cancel” ooptions. Then it means that Raid will start automatically. Clear as water, isn’t it? I knew I could do it.

Remember, you can write / raid during the countdown without fear

  • Without fear

Visitors will also receive a countdown message and join message during Twitch Raid. At the end of the countdown, they will be taken to Raid’s target channel.

If they don’t like the streaming of their target channel, they can easily exit Raid at any time by clicking the exit message button.

So please don’t worry. This type of Raid is completely clean. No one is ever harmed by it.

  • You can also start or participate in Twitch Raid via mobile.

Everyone in the target channel will be informed about the Raid and its size. The message will look like this. ” is raiding with a group”.

  • Twitch Raid by Mobile

Such times can be quite exciting for small chains, especially if the Raid is large. The stronger the Raid, the greater the surprise.

And now you know how to make Twitch Raid! We said it would be easy. Still, there are a few more things to keep in mind during Raid Time.

Let’s talk about some Raid etiquette.

Always try to make it a positive experience for every audiance who are involved in streaming.

This is important considering the “dark past” of the attack, when people used it as a tactic to intimidate and intimidate.

We’ve all heard stories of chan’s wild adventures from unprecedented streamers, which can quickly ruin an enjoyable experience. So try to keep things as much as friendly and funny for others!

Also, it’s best to ask permission for all the live streams you don’t know about. They usually bless you with enthusiasm, but it is better to check it out for sure.

Sometimes Twitch’s spontaneous Raid can be great for the target channel and a pleasant surprise. However, they can be irresistible. So your safe bet is to plan ahead and ask permission.

Another thing.

Let the raid channel know that you are part of the campaign by typing a raid message into your chat box. Keep it short and try to be your best fun and charming!

How to configure Twitch Raid settings

Twitch has enabled a number of configuration options around your channel’s RAID settings. It lets you know who can Raid on your channel and who can’t.who can chat during the Raid, and who can report unsolicited Raid after it happens.

  1. To configure your channel’s RAID settings, simply select the settings icon (gear) in the chat box and change the channel mode to “Chat for subscribers only”, which limits the number of viewers following the chat. Actually your broadcast. This is a very useful feature, especially if a channel attacks your broadcast for destructive reasons.
  2. In these settings, you can report or block account deletions. In the “Tasks” section of the settings bar, click the “Review recent intrusions” tab. Once clicked, you will have the option to ban or report previous violators.
  3. You can restrict Twitch Hack only to your friends. It does some research, but it’s still pretty straightforward.
  4. Go to the Settings tab and select ‘Creator Dashboard’ from the menu
  5. Now in the Creator Dashboard, navigate to Preferences> Channel Options
  6. Scroll down to ‘Raids’ and make sure the ‘Allow only campaign from friends’ tab is selected
  7. This will restrict your account to friends’ raid mode only – protect your stream from external troll channels.

Conclusion for How to Raid on Twitch

The Twitch campaign is a fun and flexible way to increase your audience, befriend other streamers, and strengthen your existing bond with fellow streamers and your viewers. Here, “big fish” can help “small fish” instead of eating them.

We’ve seen how campaigns can alleviate the growing pain of new channels and help them progress. For that reason, they are an essential networking tool for live streamers.

Now that you know how to Raid on Twitch, you have nothing to do with blowing up someone’s flow of activity and hindering them. And hopefully, they’ll give back the gesture and make your day too.

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