Recover Spotify Playlist: How To Recover Your Lost Playlist on Spotify [2022]

How To Recover Your Lost Playlist on spotify: Did you accidentally delete a Spotify playlist that was really good? Did you accidentally delete it?

Logged out of your account, but now you can’t find your most favorite playlist after logging back in. Are you looking to retrieve your Spotify playlist? This article will help you.

How To Recover Your Lost Playlist on spotify
How To Recover Your Lost Playlist on spotify

Spotify will retain your playlist. You can use the Spotify recovery playlist option to retrieve Spotify playlists from your account.

The playlist we want is essential for many people. Discord and other similar tools can take up a lot of our time.

Good music should be played spontaneously in these cases. It can be costly to lose a Spotify playlist that you have carefully curated.

How To Recover Your Lost Playlist on my PC?

On your PC, restore deleted playlist using your web browser. Follow these steps.


Log in to Spotify by visiting your Spotify account page. You can change your Spotify password if you have forgotten your password or are having trouble logging in to your account.


After logging in, click the user badge

Step 3

To recover Spotify playlists, click on the recover tab and then click on the restore button next to the playlist you wish to recover.

You can restore a deleted playlist to your My Spotify Spotify Playlist.

How To Recover Your Lost Playlist on Mobile

You can use your mobile browser to recover your playlist from your smartphone. These are the steps to follow:


-Log in to your account at

Step-2 :

-Click your badge to open a pull-down menu

Step-3 :

Form that pull-down menu and select Recover Playlists options. Your lost or deleted playlists will be displayed in the Spotify playlist recover menu.

Step-4 :

To recover your Spotify playlist, tap on the restore button beside a playlist.

You’ll now find the recovered playlist at bottom of your My Spotify Playlists Menu in the Spotify app.

You can recover your Spotify playlist from an old account

Perhaps you have a Spotify playlist that contains old favorites and then moved to another account. Now you want to access the old playlist on this new account. Is it possible?

Spotify can recover playlists from old accounts to create new ones. Get in touch via Twitter

Use the contact form in the help section to fill out and submit an @SpotifyCares form.

Select any issue from the help page, then send a question directly to Spotify. You can choose to change the tab where your playlists or saved music have disappeared.

Send an email to reply to any automated reply you receive, even if it comes from

Spotify will most likely reach out to you to resolve your issue. Spotify can only help you to retrieve Spotify playlists from an older account if you haven’t deleted it already.

How to Recover Deleted Tracks From A Playlist

For Mac users, press ctrl+z or ctrl+shift+z for windows. To retrieve your songs from a playlist that has been deleted, click on the arrow keys.

If that doesn’t work, your songs may be saved elsewhere on Spotify. Check your music in your library.

You may have trouble finding your Spotify deleted playlists using the Recover Playlist feature.

You might be trying to find a playlist from another account. You might have made your playlist earlier on one account, and are trying to find it again.

Sometimes we log in to Spotify using our Facebook credentials. If that happens, the deleted playlist will not show up.

To access Spotify, remember your username. It is better to make your Spotify username easy to remember.

Check that you are logged into the correct account. Send an email to the Spotify support team if you are still having trouble finding your Spotify deleted playlist.

They will gladly assist you in finding your Spotify playlist deleted playlist and adding them to your My Spotify Playlist.

How To Recover Your Lost Playlist?

Now, relax! What do you do if the Recover Playlist option does not work on your account?

You can reach Spotify’s support team by filling out an online form. Spotify has an impressive and talented team that can help with these issues.

They will assist you if it is recoverable. Your long hours spent choosing the best melodious songs from thousands of songs won’t be wasted.

Here are some points to remember

  • Restart your device to check if the playlist isn’t showing up.
  • Log out of your device, then log back in to it. Check to see if the playlist appears again.
  • You might be unable to find your Spotify playlist deleted playlist under the Recover Playlist option. Log in from another account. It is possible that you have copied the playlist to another account.
  • You can check the subscription status of your account. You can’t add the playlist if you have a free account.
  • You can delete a playlist from your history and restore it. You can restore the playlist from your Spotify app’s history page. This is a time-consuming task.
  • It is better to keep track of your playlist than to delete it. Try adding a picture to your playlist. Don’t worry! You can change the Spotify playlist picture.
  • Spotify has a Follow option that allows you to follow playlists created by others. It’s possible for someone to like your playlists. You can also keep track of who is following your Spotify playlist. You might have them create their own playlist using the songs in yours. This allows you to find your songs, but it is a bit more difficult.
  • All playlists from an account that you deleted will be lost if you delete it. Spotify playlists cannot be recovered from an account that has been deleted.
  • You can’t recover a playlist that has been deleted.


Spotify’s premium account will pay dividends when you can use the Spotify playlist recover option.

Spotify can help you recover your playlist and retrieve deleted songs. Don’t let your frustration get in the way of finding the playlist you want.

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