How to Respawn the Ender Dragon in Minecraft – Easy way 2022

In this Minecraft tutorial will teach you how to respawn The Ender dragon in Minecraft which has died. It includes pictures and step-by-step instructions.

How to Respawn the Ender Dragon in Minecraft
How to Respawn the Ender Dragon in Minecraft

The game of Minecraft The ender dragon in Minecraft can be very fun and is a fantastic opportunity to battle in the End biome.

Do you realize that after you’ve defeated it, you can resurrect the dragon’s ender by two steps (no need to command in game).

Let’s explore ways to bring back the dragon that was killed.

Required Material

  • 28 Glasses
  • 4 Ghast Tears
  • 4 Eyes of Ender

In order to spawn and spawn an Ender Dragon, you will need to create four end crystals and then place them in the correct locations.

To make the end crystal you’ll need seven glasses, one Ghast tear and 1 eye of the ender.

That’s 28 glasses with four ghast tear along with four eyes eye of the ender every time you want to bring back the dragon of the ender.

Eyes from the ender could be created using an the ender pearl, as well as the powder that blazes.

Ghast tears are scarce drops made of Ghasts. Glass can also be made to cook over a fire using sand.

Steps to Make End Crystals

1. First, we must gather the ingredients to create your final crystals. Start by collecting gemstones from Endermen. This is a rare drop, however if you’re looking for a rebirth of the dragon who spawned you should be able access the final stage , and thus get the ender pearls much easier.

2. We must first collect the parts to make the crystals that will be at the end. Begin by taking ender pearls you can get in the endermen.

3. Once the ender pearls are placed, blend the pearls and sparkly and create eyes to your endorser. It is the next thing to do, collect the Ghast tears. Go to the nether, and grab your archers and bows. You should hunt the ghasts floating over the land, so their droppings do not fall into the lake of lava.

4. If the ender pearls are yours mix them with some black powder and you’ll be able to see the ender. You’ll then need Ghast tears

5. Ghasts have been known to drop gunpowder and tears of ghast. However, between the two, tears of ghast are less common. Continue working until you’ve reached four tears Ghast you want to make use of. It’s then time to melt glass. Use sand, then warm it in a kiln until you get the components needed to create the final crystals.

6. Ghasts are often seen dropping gunpowder, as well as Ghast tears. In both cases, ghast tears are less common. Keep doing it until you have four Ghast tears ready to make use of.

7. Once you’ve collected your 28 glasses, you’re ready to start creating the 4 end crystals. To make an end-crystal, you have to mix seven glasses together with one Ghast tear along with one eye that is an end in order to make the final crystal.

8. Mix all the ingredients into end crystals. Once you’ve got the four crystals that make up an end, you’re ready to respawn the dragon which appeared as the ending. End crystals are placed on bedrock or obsidian. If you happen to accidentally drop one, you’ll have to make an entirely new one because they are impossible to recover the end crystals.

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How to Respawn the Ender Dragon in Minecraft

Methods for Reviving The Ended Dragon in Minecraft you can start the ender dragon using four crystals at the bottom and an exit portal. Let’s get started!

  • Find the Final Portal

Start by finding the previous portal to the game. It’s easy to find. It will have an erect column rising from the middle with a dragon’s egg on top. This pillar is also lit by four torches at every corner.

Tip: Be sure that you don’t fall into the portal otherwise, the game will cease.
Dragon Respawn, the dragon that ends

  • Create three Final Crystals of the Portal.

You can then place three final crystals into the portal.

  • Place the 4th End Crystal
  • Then, you can place the fourth crystal at the at the top of your portal to ensure that there is one end crystal at either side of will be the portal (see the picture below).

The four crystals at the end you place into the pillars begin to activate. They can be used to rebuild the pillars around these (and they can also be their last crystals).

  • Ender Dragon Respawns
  • If the outer pillars as well as their end crystals have been repaired The Ender Dragon will be respawned. The boss bar appear at right at the very top of screen of the game.

Just got the dragon who slayed you returned to Minecraft!

How To Kill The Dragon Easily

Dragons can be an arduous opponent to defeat due to its strength and benefits of being able to fly.

However, if you’ve got protection IV and diamond armor, you should wear an orange helmet to stay clear of the frightened defenders who could kill you just to watch them.

You can then use bows that are the most powerful of enchantments available. You can also enhance your abilities with the help of a potion, and drinking it before combating the dragon.

Create a small, obsidian-filled area since the dragon won’t be capable of taking obsidian blocks out.

Once you have it, you’re capable of shooting the dragon’s head to do four times as much damage without having to be concerned about any enders battling yourself or harming the other.

Although you’re not completely secure as it is possible to slide its head around and hurt you. But, it’s safer than wandering around.


Now you can have the chance to bring back the dragon that devoured the end. It’s an intense fight in Minecraft and should you want to recreate it.

you can do so making use of the in-game mechanics, but without using the game’s capabilities.

Re-fighting the dragon ender is an excellent opportunity to breathe dragon’s breath. Be sure to bring glass bottles with you to make lasting potion.

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