How to say numbers in Roblox in 6 Easy ways

How to say numbers in roblox : When you first think about it it seems really silly that you can’t tell the numbers in Roblox.

However, when you look into why players aren’t permitted to tell numbers in Roblox, you’ll find out why. At that point, we get a chance to understand that it’s all reasonable.

In Roblox, users are not allowed to type numerals in conversation. If they do, the number is hashtagged and the players get frustrated.

Preventing players under the age of 13 from sending their addresses and phone numbers into chat is a special reason why Roblox numbers are not allowed.

How to say numbers in Roblox

It’s a great undertaking, but sometimes this feature can be frustrating. For example, you can’t tell someone the price of a particular item because the numbers are flagged.

For this exact reason, we always see players typing 100K of music for a specific word.

Because Roblox thinks you’re typing the music ID, writing the number next to the song will prevent him from flagging it.

At the same time, players over the age of 13 are free to discuss numbers. Chat filters allow their account. However, just to clarify.

If more than 13 players are constantly using harsh words, the chat filter for them turns on automatically. Similarly, in the future, they will get a chat filter like a 12-year-old child.

So the question is, how to say numbers in roblox and bypass the chat filter. In this guide, we will answer the exact same question in a number of ways.

Just to clarify, all of these methods are working until 2020, but only if they are patched as usual. After that, we will constantly update the guide with new methods.

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How to say numbers in Roblox


The most common and simple method is to introduce music with numbers. For example, if you want to sell bayonets in the game. All you have to do is say 100k of music and the player will automatically know that it costs 100k.

I’ve seen this work several times, however, gamers claim that it appears frequently. I tried today and it worked fantastically.

In addition to music, you can also use numbers with other items. It goes on to say, you can type car 1 or car 8. Similarly, cup 1 or cup 9. Just remember, only one-digit numbers are allowed along with the item.

You can obviously see that the individual sitting above me was trying to call someone on a phone number. But, they were flagged and the numbers changed to hashtags.

How to say numbers in Roblox


Another way you can bypass the chat filter is by using a Roman number. I know that sounds dumb, but what can you do when the game literally prevents you from doing anything that has to do with numbers?

A few years ago, players used different styles of text and pasted it into chats. However, they were later stopped. Now you can try using a Roman number and it will work. This feature has one drawback.

If you’re not on the keyboard, it will take a while to pick it up from Google. Not only that, but not all players or your friends who are under 13 can understand immediately.


This is the latest and most innovative method, Roblox players have come forward. This solution was devised by YouTuber jaxme, who copied and pasted “/ e” into Roblox Chat.

After that, the game does not tag its number. There is no official explanation for why this works. However, to my knowledge. This URL may unblock the chat filter for another message.

The best thing about this method is that it will allow you to tell unlimited amounts in Roblox. Although it is possible that it will not function in all games. Here’s how it works in a step-by-step process.

  • Open Roblox> Chat> Copy & Paste> / e> Enter.
  • “You can’t use that emot,” the conversation now says. Ignore it and send your next message with any number.
  • The number will not be flagged, but you will need to use the link before each message.


Using SS in a message is another common way to type a Roblox number without a hashtag.

This is similar to the other methods we have listed in this article. Roblox thinks you are typing or selling an item. In the interim, you can replace SS with any two numerals.

Some players complain that the chat filter now restricts this feature. However, I checked it out today until September 2020 and it works like a charm. This feature has two shortcomings.

The first thing is that some players will not understand exactly what you are trying to say. Secondly, there is only a two-digit limit.

  • Open Roblox Chat> Type ss (the number you want to enter)> Enter.
  • Similar to this picture, you will now see the number next to SS.

How to say numbers in Roblox


If you are tired of all these methods and you do not want to go through the process of avoiding hashtags. So, it could be a good idea to contact Roblox and request that the chat filter / secure chat be removed from your account.

I know it sounds strange, but Roblox support has assisted many users in removing the chat filter.

The majority of these players’ accounts were created by children under the age of 13, but they used a variety of justifications, such as submitting the incorrect date of birth. To finish the procedure, follow the instructions below.

  • Roblox Contact Go to our page.
  • Fill in your name, email address, username, platform and select “Change children’s age” under the category.
  • Under the description of the problem, you have to give the right reason. If your age is entered incorrectly, you will need to convince them of the change. If I were you, I would go this way.
  • “Hello I hope you are well. I am a curious Roblox player and yesterday I noticed that my age is wrong in Roblox. This is causing me problems like not joining the server, chatting with people and much more. Hopefully , You can change my Roblocks account age and set it to this dd / mm / yy.


Roblox did not accept the request to change the account age and you really want to type the number in Roblox.

Then I recommend you create a new account and enter the correct date of birth.

There is not much difference between new and old accounts. The game stays the same and is certainly not worth taking care of progress.

At the end of the day, this should be the last option on your list. Before creating a new account, make sure you check all the suggested methods.

Final Thoughts for “How to say numbers in Roblox”

  1. Roblox is not the only game with a chat filter for accounts under the age of 13. A lot of other games do that and I think it’s totally okay.
  2. We’ve seen countless bizarre cases, which have led to kidnappings and going through games. Having a chat filter allows the game to avoid such incidents in the future.
  3. If you are not a big fan of chat filters and want to get rid of them. My best rehabilitation is to create a new account and make sure he is over 13 years old.
  4. You can go through this article in many ways and they will allow you to tell the numbers in Roblox. However, most of these methods are patched regularly. We will try to update this article regularly with all kinds of new methods.


I hope that the information provided will help you understand “HOW TO SAY NUMBERS IN ROBLOX 6 EASY WAYS”.

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