How to unblur an Image on iPhone Free [2022]

Have you ever taken a photo that’s so blurry you can’t even tell what it is? If so, you may be able to use the shaky hands trick on how to unblur an Image on iPhone and make it viewable again.

How to unblur an Image on iPhone Free
How to unblur an Image on iPhone Free

This trick works best on images taken while holding the camera still with two hands or when using a selfie stick to hold the camera in place.

Try this technique if you need to unblur an image on iPhone or iPad and don’t want to rely on editing software.

Step 1: Download & Open the Clarity App

The first step is to download Clarity, a photo-editing app that’s free for both Mac and Windows.

You can find Clarity in Apple’s App Store or the Microsoft Store. Launch Clarity once it finishes downloading.

The software will ask you if you want to create a new project or open a previous one—choose New Project. Once you’ve created your project, click Start Scanning. (If you haven’t downloaded Clarity yet, do so now.)

Step 2: Click On The Unblur Icon

When you want to unblur an image, whether it be a photo or a screenshot, simply click on your camera roll.

The picture will immediately appear in full-screen mode. At that point, locate and click on Share and then select Edit at which point you will see all of your editing options.

For you to unblur an image, make sure you have chosen Enhance as seen below.

Step 3: Choose An Image To Scan

The first step is to select an image you want to scan. The app will recognize any black and white photo, but it performs best with images that have a high contrast between light and dark areas.

To help with contrast, consider scanning a vintage poster or another image that has bold colors. Also make sure your image is free of creases, tears, or other marks that could mess up your scan.

Scanning low-quality images or photos taken in poor lighting can also result in a lousy scan, so be careful!

If you do need to do some touchup work after scanning your photo, try Snapseed (free) for iOS or PicsArt Photo Studio ($1) for Android — both apps offer powerful editing tools that are easy enough for anyone to use.

Step 4: Click On Next

The app goes to Step 4 where you can choose a style. Click Next and then click Preview. You’ll see how your template will look on your picture, with a white background by default. (If you change your mind about applying a filter here, just hit Cancel.)

Step 5: Move The Frame Around The Area Of Interest Until it’s Centered, Then Take A Screenshot

After you have successfully done Step 1 through Step 4, you will be able to see a clear picture of whatever it is that you are interested in.

Next, you want to move your frame around until it is centered over what interests you. Then take a screenshot by holding down both your Home button and your Power button at once.

This will capture whatever image is currently visible in front of your screen in a screenshot that can be viewed or shared at any time. Once captured, press End.

Step 6: Open The Screenshot Within Clarity To See The Before & After Comparison!

The feature we’re interested in is called Enhance and it lives inside Clarity.

Find it by clicking Filter then Enhancement, and choosing Enhance. When you open an image within Clarity, you’ll see a small menu with options that let you zoom in/out of your photo, fit your photo to screen, or enter full-screen mode.

Click Filters then go down a list of different ways you can edit your photo until you find Enhance.

Once there make sure Clarity is selected as your editing platform (it should already be there) then click on Enhance!

This will help us make changes before we save our final edits so that we don’t have to do them again later if needed!

Conclusion on How to Unblur an Image on iPhone free

At times we may take a picture and it becomes blurry or hazy due to some light source. When you want a clear and crisp image while taking pictures, then it is advisable to follow some measures.

By following these steps you can get a clear image and can fix blurry images on your iPhone too.

However, if you want something more simple then read ahead for another important piece of information that will let you know how easy it is to unblur an image free with the How to unblur an image on iPhone free method.

So get started! Let’s learn about how quickly we can download mobile photo software! Download Hp Software Update for Mac now!

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