LG G4 Water Damage Sticker Location [2022] Expert Guide

LG G4 WATER DAMAGE STICKER is a little indicator that changes color when it comes into contact with water, from white to red in general.

LCI indicators are located at numerous positions within electronic equipment, such as beneath the keyboard of a notebook and various points on its motherboard if you have one.

These indicators are sometimes situated in such a way that they may be examined from the exterior of your LG G4. Indicators are located inside the audio port, the dock connector, and near the SIM card slot on the iPhone, for example.

An LCI is generally located near the battery contacts in Samsung Galaxy smartphones with removable covers. Please refer to your LG G4 case for further information.


If your LG G4 has been damaged by water, take action.

A smartphone may fall into the toilet or a drink may be spilled.

These are not unusual occurrences that occur faster than planned.

You must act fast if your smartphone falls into water or comes into contact with a liquid.


  1. Here are some crucial considerations to remember when dealing with a problem like this:
  2. Remove your LG G4 from the liquid as soon as possible, and turn it off if it is still on.
  3. Remove the phone from the power supply immediately if it was attached to the charging cable at the time of the incident.
  4. If smoke or steam is coming out of the smartphone, do not touch it.
  5. Remove the battery, SIM card, and memory card from the camera body.
  6. Place all of the items on a dry cloth.
  7. By rubbing the device with a dry cloth (ideally a paper towel), dry the liquid visible on the outside of the smartphone.
  8. You can also use a small hand vacuum to try to remove the liquid. Set the suction level to the lowest possible.
  9. Swirling the smartphone is not a good idea.
  10. Fill a plastic bag halfway full with uncooked dried rice.
  11. Place your LG G4 in the rice bag, seal it, and set it aside for one or two days.
  12. If liquid gets into the device, it will be absorbed in significant amounts.
  13. Bags of silica gel, which are frequently given away when new shoes are purchased, can also be used as an alternative to a plastic bag filled with rice.
  14. These bags are even more effective than the previous ones.
  15. Place them in a plastic bag with your LG G4 and seal them.
  16. You can also purchase a repair kit that includes some form of silica gel.
  17. Several manufacturers offer this product.
  18. Replace all of the pieces in your LG G4 and switch them on after they have dried.


  1. Damage to durable equipment is not always preventable, despite the precautions suggested.
  2. However, by behaving correctly when in contact with water, it is possible to boost the possibility of rescuing the gadget or the stored data.
  3. It is critical to evaluate all of the above factors and to avoid the following pitfalls:
  4. If you start your LG G4, you risk causing a short circuit.
  5. The phone should not be connected to the charging cable.
  6. Other than the button to switch off your LG G4, no other buttons should be used, as this could allow liquid to enter the device.
  7. Do not use a hairdryer or a radiator to dry your smartphone.
  8. It was only a matter of time until the liquid spilled much more.
  9. Furthermore, the equipment is harmed by the heat.
  10. Do not use the microwave or the oven to dry the smartphone.
  11. The device may catch fire.
  12. Do not leave the unit to dry in the sun.
  13. Shaking the smartphone to drain the liquid from within is not a good idea.
  14. You run the risk of doing the exact opposite.
  15. Blowing the liquid off or out of the unit is not a good idea.


LG G4 Water damage sticker location

A water damage sticker, which may be present on your LG G4, is a little indicator that changes color when it comes into contact with water, from white to red in general.

Small stickers are frequently placed at various spots within electronic equipment, such as laptops and cellphones, to serve as indicators.

In the event of malfunctioning equipment, a technician can check to see if the device has come into contact with water, and if it has, the warranty is no longer valid.

You might want to see if your LG G4 has one.


The main purpose of the LG G4 WATER DAMAGE STICKER is to offer information regarding a device’s dysfunction.

If the warranty has been activated, the LCI indicator can also be utilized to avoid debates about it. However, the indicator may have been triggered inadvertently in some circumstances.

The LG G4 WATER DAMAGE STICKER can be activated by exposing your LG G4 to a humid environment for an extended period.

LG G4 Water damage sticker location

In principle, water might reach an indicator without contacting any electronic components; for example, a raindrop may wind itself within the LG G4’s headphone connector.

Under typical circumstances, a user should be able to utilize a gadget. Smartphones, for example, are frequently used on the go and in public.

As a result, it may begin to rain.

Even though the LG G4 water damage sticker is activated, a device should not break in this case.

Finally, you can turn on an indicator on your LG G4 without worrying about water causing problems.

The water damage sticker, in its most basic form, is beneficial for getting a first idea about the causes of a malfunction on your LG G4.

Indicators can be replaced with those found in online electronics retailers. When used to check your LG G4’s warranty, they are built to be tough to duplicate and replace, including small holographic details on the indicator itself.



You may remove more parts from your LG G4 than just the SIM card, SD card, and battery.

However, we do not recommend doing so because removing the separate pieces invalidates the device’s warranty.

Keep in mind that these precautions do not always ensure the smartphone’s good operation.

Even if you followed all of the steps exactly, the damage you experienced may persist.

It must be remembered that these strategies do not always guarantee that the smartphone will work properly. It may even look like you did everything right, but the damage that was done remains.

In the end, if the smartphone still doesn’t work, your last option is to contact a smartphone expert. Only he can give the right solution to this problem.

Our expert advice would be to buy a waterproof case for your LG G4 handset if this never happens in the future.

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