NZXT H510 Fan Setup – Expert Guide in 2022

Did you get confused while installing the fan inside the NZXT H510? How to complete the NZXT h510 fan setup process? There is no reason to worry, you can set it up in just 5 steps. By learning this, you will be able to acquire a remarkable skill in PC build.

NZXT H510 Fan Setup – Expert Guide
NZXT H510 Fan Setup – Expert Guide

Most NZXT h510s have two pre-installed fans. If you notice that two fans are not being enough to cool down your CPU, then you can install more fans.

In this article all the necessary information about the NZXT h510 fan installation process is discussed in detail. There are also some tips with it. Read the entire article and find out how you will get the job done.

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NZXT H510 Fan Setup- A Complete Guide

NZXT H510 has 2 two fans installed as the default. But not everyone is satisfied with 2 fans. There are many, who want to remove them for their computer CPU or add more fans.

Before you set up a fan on the NZXT H510, it’s important to know a few things about this case. You need to know information like how many fans you can install, where you can install them and how to configure them etc.

Here is a guide for the installation of the NZXT h510 fan. Before that, let’s find out where and in which direction we can set them up.

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How many fans does the NZXT H510 need?

On the NZXT H510, a maximum of 4 fans can be installed. If you want, the fan can be installed on the front. The H510 supports two 120/140 mm fans. This fan helps in receiving cold air inside the case.

Another fan can be added to the back of a 120/140 mm fan. It blows the hot air. It will also help in managing the heat. As well as you can mount a 120/140mm fan on the top of the case fan.

Where to install fan?

Take a good look inside the case. Here you can see a bracket mount with thumbscrew in the back and front. Unmount the bracket by removing this screw. That’s where the fan has to be placed.

You can also install a fan on the inner top of the case.

Where to connect?

You can install the fan directly on the motherboard. Or you can install fan with Molex connector in PSU.

In what way do you mount an NZXT fan?

You also need to know about the direction of mount fans. The front fans of the case usually pull cold air from outside. The rear fan let out hot air. The above fans are used as exhaust fans. The fans mounted on the sides are used for air intake.

NZXT H510 Fan Installation

Installing the NZXT H510 fan is not as difficult as rocket science. You can do it effortlessly. Follow the following steps to install the fan.

Step 1: If you want to install the fan in the case, first you need to open the case with the help of a screwdriver.

Step 2: Then you’ll see the bracket on the front side of the case, which is mounted with a thumbscrew, the bracket on the front of the case. This bracket needs to be opened

Step 3: Now, put the 140/120 mm fan on the case. Place this fan in the direction where it can receive airflow.

Step 4: Leave the cable open and motherboard
Try not to get stuck at the bottom.

Step 5: Again, screw the fan with the case with the thumbscrew

Tips to follow

Tip 1: It is very important to place the fan in the right direction. Usually, the fans have stickers that indicate the direction of the windfall. The blade curve of the fan indicates the orientation direction of the fan. An arrow on the fan also helps to determine the direction of the airflow.

Tip 2: Check all connections. If there is a loose connection, the fans may not work.

Tip 3: Make sure that the connectors are connected in the correct order to the headers.


Is the airflow of the NZXT H510 good?

We consider this one of the best PC cases available, and NZXT recently released a new version with improved ventilation. The NZXT H510 Flow, as it names, focuses on increasing the amount of air in the case with minimal effort from the installed fan.

Is NZXT compatible with Corsair?

NZXT HUE+ is only compatible with AER RGB fans. RGB LED lighting requires a CORSAIR RGB fan LED hub and a CORSAIR lighting node PRO. Both come standard with all LL series RGB fan kits. Or you can buy separately if you want.

Is the NZXT H510 equipped with enough fans?

Two 120mm 3 pin rifles are included with H510 with bearing fan airflow. If additional fans are purchased from NZXT, they will be airflow and static pressure options, including four-pin fluid dynamic fans.

How many fans do you need for the NZXT H510?

The NZXT H510 comes with two pre-installed fans. I think that’s enough for the NZXT H510. But if you need more fans to cool down the inside of the case, the NZXT H510 can install a maximum of 4 fans.

Which is the best fan configuration for NZXT H510?

The NZXT H510 Elite has pre-installed fans on the back and front. The best configuration for the Exhaust Fan NZXT H510 is to configure the top, back. The front fan is best for drawing cold air from the outside.

NZXT H510 fan intake or extraction?

In most cases, there is a specific direction as the accepting and extraction direction. The NZXT H510 fans on the front part of the case usually blow out while the back fins blow out. Since the hot air goes to the top of the case, the top fan is used to blow the air. It works as an exhaust fan.


Did you know how to setup the NZXT h510 fan? During work, your computer’s CPU generates heat. Excessive heat can damage your CPU, so it is very important to maintain the internal ambient temperature.

The NZXT H510 case was found to have a higher temperature than in other cases. For this purpose, you may have to add more case fans to your NZXT H510, especially when you are a heavy gamer or professional editor.

If you read this article carefully and learn this , it will be very helpful for you. In the NZXT H510 manual, you will find instructions for fan setup.

However, in this article, we have described the step-by-step NZXT h510 installation guide for you on the motherboard. We hope this will allow you to install the fan easily.

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