Octa Core VS Quad Core: Which is Better? Best opinion 2022

There was a time when people bought smartphones based on ads and what the manufacturers said elsewhere. Now that we have a clear idea of how smartphones work, consumers have become aware of various aspects. We believe the biggest confusion is with the octa core vs quad core processor. It is a universal belief that processors play an important role in the performance of a smartphone.

About two years ago, quad-core processors were a luxury in the world of mobile smartphones. There were only a few flagship devices that came with a quad-core processor inside. Looking back, we have seen huge growth in the mobile performance sector. Today, some budget-friendly devices offer octa-core processors. At the very least, you have a choice when it comes to choosing a processor for your device.

In this article, we will explore the difference between octa core vs quad core processors so that you can make quick decisions. We will We’ll also compare various popular quad core and octa core Snapdragon CPU configurations. You’ll have a better understanding of what it means to have an octa-core SOC rather to a quad-core.


Smartphones have finally become the minimal versions of full-fledged computers! As it happens, you can also find full-grown processors in them. As we have seen in the world of computers, the processor has the primary function of performing tasks and processes. We don’t want to dig too much here; So, we go to the processor core.

Octa core vs quad core
Octa core vs quad core

The processor core can easily be called the processing unit of the processor. We know it’s confusing. Simply put, in a single processor – say, a Snapdragon 410 – you’ll find one or more cores. That is, a processor contains one or more components to process tasks. Basically, the processor core is an important and necessary component of a computer.

We hope this article has given you a better understanding of smartphone processors and processor cores. We will now find the true difference between an octa-core processor and a quad core.

Octa Core vs Quad Core PROCESSOR

If we are talking about numbers, the classification is very simple. In an octa-core processor, those chips have eight different processor cores. On the other hand, when it comes to quad core processors, there are only four processor cores. But, that doesn’t mean the octa-core processor is twice as powerful as the quad-core chip. There are other factors involved, the main one being the organization of the processor core.


In the case of quad-core processors, all processor cores can be brought to work. This, again, in certain circumstances. When you’re reading an article or browsing your messages, not all four cores are in use. Still, if you’re playing some HD video or handling some graphics-hungry games, chances are, all the cores are at work. In a nutshell, the programme / game is tailored to leverage all of the processor cores in a single chip.

Things are a little different with most octa-core processors on the market. Depending on the processor design, there will be two sets of processor cores. Each set will have four processor cores. Of these, four cores are low-power and the other four cores are high-power. One thing to note here is that low-power cores are always at work, in most smartphones. So, if your octa-core processor device doesn’t have double the speed of a quad-core CPU, don’t worry.

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As we have talked about with quad-core processors, optimising programmes is also quite important. As far as we know, there aren’t many Android apps that use the octa-core setup properly.

We hope you have questions about why you can’t find extra speed with octa-core devices. Simply put, it doesn’t matter how many cores the processor has if the device / app can’t manage them. An example of an Apple moment is worth noting here. Apple Paul Inc. still relies on dual-core processors to power their devices, and there have been no major performance complaints.

By the way, there are some smartphone manufacturers that put the true octa core inside. This means that all 8 processor cores will work at the same time. On paper, this will give you the best performance and it should be twice the quad-core situation. Again, without apps that use an eight-core-a-time scenario, everything is pointless.


As we all know, the processor is the biggest consumer of battery resources. Under normal usage, if you’re doing some resource-hungry tasks, such as HD streaming or gaming for that matter, you’ll quickly drain your battery. And, the number of processor cores also plays an important role here.

Assume your smartphone has four CPU cores running at the same time. In another case, 8 processor cores may be running. As it happens, the battery usage will be higher in the second possibility. But, this is all assumed, because you don’t have all four cores or all eight cores working at once.

Still, if your smartphone has an octa-core processor, you’ll see some extra battery drain. This is something serious because smartphone batteries are not as big as the processing power increases.


Remembering what we said above, there is no point in going after numbers. In actuality, eight CPU cores in a gadget doesn’t indicate you’re doing better than quad core machines. It also concerns whether both the device and any resource-hungry programmes utilise the Processor Core appropriately.

So far, there aren’t many Android apps that fall into that category, but we can expect them soon. Until then, buying an octa-core smartphone instead of a quad-core smartphone will not get you anything better. You are literally wasting some money. Moreover, you should not focus only on numbers when choosing a processor.

In some cases, a quad-core processor may be more powerful than an octa-core processor. It’s also about the core used in it. In other words, ‘octa core is more powerful than quad core’ is a myth created by marketers and smartphone makers to extort money from the general public. And, never fall into that pit again. The processor is important, and not the number of cores!

Hopefully the article has been filled with relevant information on the question of octa core vs quad core. To read more informative articles like this, visit our website.

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