Safari Cant Find Server – Try these easy fixes 2022

Recently, Apple has allowed various third-party web browsers on the iPhone to be used on their devices. With iOS 14, anyone can set Google Chrome, Brave, Microsoft Edge or Firefox browser as the default browser on the iPhone.

Safari Cant Find Server
Safari Cant Find Server

But studies have shown that most people rely more on default apps and services on their devices. In that context, it can be assumed that the Safari browser will continue to lead over the rivals of the iPhone.

‘ Safari Cant Find Server ‘ issue

Although safari browser offers good speed, mind-blowing customization, and a variety of security issues.

But it’s also not problem-free. One of these problems is where Safari servers fail to find, so the webpages can’t load properly either. So for many it becomes quite annoying.

This behavior of the Safari browser breaks down your workflow and makes you sweat your head.

This post talks about how to fix the ‘Safari Cant Find Server’ issue. So let’s get started:-

1. Make sure that you type the correct URL in the address bar.

For several years, we have been using social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram through specific applications. It is with these apps that we use articles and posts.

But there are many people who type the web URL completely manually. If you do this, you will need to double-check the URL. Safari Cant Find Server issue can be a problem if you type a character incorrectly in a hurry.

2. Clear safari cache and data

Many times it may be that the Safari browser has stored conflicting data from previous browsing sessions. He can’t access the url correctly. To solve this problem, the data and cache of the Safari website need to be cleared.

The method of clearing safari cache and data is mentioned below:

Step 1:
First open settings on your iPhone device, and then go to Apps and take it to Safari.

Step 2:
After that, clear history and website data and press on it.

Now open the Safari browser and load a web page. Check to see if it’s fixed. If doing so doesn’t solve your problem, follow the next steps.

3.Check your internet connection

Please make sure that your internet connection is working properly before taking any troubleshooting steps.

It is inevitable that you have a functional Internet connection for a flawless Safari performance. Follow the steps below to see if the internet connection is faulty.

© Check that your iPhone is in Airplane mode. If there is, turn off the airplane mode.

© Make sure your iPhone is connected to a powerful Wi-Fi.

© If you’re out of reach of a Wi-Fi signal, switch to a good connection’s cellular data.

4. Change DNS settings

One of the main reasons you get a ‘Can’t find safari server’ problem is to use an untrusted DNS server. Using an untrusted DNS server causes a web page to malfunction while loading.

DNS is a domain name system that is used on a loading webpage on the Internet. Most people prefer Google DNS servers. It is quite reliable and efficient to use. If you want to check or change the DNS server on an iPhone, follow the simple steps below.

Step 1:
Open the Settings app on your iPhone device.

Step 2:
Then go to Wi-Fi option. Click on the icon next to the Wi-Fi name.

Step 3:
Now click on Configure DNS. If it is automatic, it has to be changed to manual. From the ad server option, add either or as a Google DNS server.

Step 4:
Don’t forget to save the changes to save.

5. Turn off the content blocker

Safari offers a native add-blocking solution to the iPhone. You can download and integrate ad-blockers with safari browser.

You can enjoy the experience of reading an advertise-free post by turning it on. But publishers are not fans of this current adblock trend. This hampers their earnings as no ads are shown.

As a result, many publishers have applied a filter to detect ad-blockers on the reader’s device. When they find an ad blocker on the reader’s device, they don’t allow them to browse content, as long as you turn off the ad blocker.

By following the steps below, you can easily disable content blockers on the iPhone.

1: First open the Settings app on the iPhone.

2: Then go to Safari.

3: Now navigate to Constant Blocker and turn off the service for Safari browser.

6. Restart iPhone

Many of the minor common iPhone problems are easily resolved by restarting the device. The work based on the iPhone model you have may be different.

  1. The restart slider for the iPhone 8 and before should be pressed or held on the side or the top button until it is seen. After the slider arrives, you have to slide and restart.
  2. For devices starting from the iPhone X to the iPhone 13, the side button and the volume button have to be pressed and held together until the slider appears.

Check if Safari Cant Find Server after restarting.

7. Update the iPhone

Due to the recent bug in iOS’s software, many times the problem of safari also arises. Thankfully, Apple solved the complex issues in their next update. So update a new software.

To update, first check for the latest iOS updates in the Settings menu. If a new version is available to download, download and install it.

8. Reset network settings

When you reset the network settings on your device, all Wi-Fi passwords are deleted, and the DNS settings are also reset. If the network settings are reset to factory defaults, it is possible to easily remove a bug if there is a bug.

1. Go to Settings first. Then go to the general section. Now click on reset option.

2. Tap Reset network settings. A dialog box will ask for your confirmation. Tap Reset network settings with permission.

9. Use Safe Mode

Safe Mode OS is probably the most neglected computing function by Windows and MacBook users. But it’s a very beneficial function.

All it does is start without all the extra external software on your device. This means it starts without VPN and antivirus software. As well as other potential problem programs. It’s easy to know if Safari’s problem was caused by a third-party app.

To use Safe Mode, you just need to turn on your device while holding down the shift button. Then, open Safari after everything goes as normal. If it works properly in Safe Mode, you can be sure that the problem is caused by a program or app you have downloaded yourself.

Browse an error-free web in Safari

Follow the steps above and make sure that the ‘Safari Cant Find Server’ problem. If you often encounter such errors, you can switch to Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.


If you have ‘Safari Cant Find Server’ issue , this article offers some quick and easy solutions. Although sometimes the tips explained above may not work well for you.

If your Internet connection is correct and no other software blocks your access, you can easily use Safari. Don’t forget to comment below which of the above strategies worked for you.

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