Find out if someone blocked you on signal app- Easy method 2021

If someone blocked you on signal app, you may not see some things. But the signal app won’t let you know who blocked you. You have to check dp, message, etc. and find out if anyone blocked you.

But know that there are hardly any indicators to find out if someone blocks you in the signal app. There is no third party app available for this that you will know. But knowing this is not so complicated. Looking at some things will easily show if someone blocked your number at the signal. All you need to do is make sure that two signal accounts (different apps) are ready on your device.

Apply this technique to find out if you are blocked by someone in the signal app. First send only one message to the person at the signal. If the message only gets a single tick, go to another signal account and send another message to the same person from that account. If the message gets a double tick it means your previous account has been blocked.

You can use basic dual app settings to get a second signal account. This will enable you to create different dual messenger apps on your mobile. Or you can use any cloning app that will let you create another app where you can use an alternative signal account. For double-checkmarks using another signal account. You must check if it is blocked using another signal account.

To find out if you’re blocked in the signal:

1: The first step is that you can reinstall the signal app. Register using a new number. Ehada o toggle off the ‘Signal Message and Call’ option. By doing this you will be logged out of your main signal account. You can create a new signal account using other number.

2: Choose any of the above 2 options. Tap the pencil icon if you want to go to your contactlist after completing the task. Now select the person you have blocked if you want to check it.

3: Now open the person’s chat window and send him a message. You have to do this with 2 signal accounts.

4: This time if you have received a double checkmark using another signal account. And if you only get a checkmark using your previous account, it means that your other signal account has been blocked by this person.

Does signal indicate to you if someone blocks you?

No, the signal does not notify its users if their account is blocked by other users. This app is a highly secure platform whose sole goal is to maintain your privacy. So it does not notify any of its users if any of them block. But if someone has blocked you, you cannot send or call the person through the Signal app.

Enabling dual-signal messenger :

Go to Settings first to enable signal dual messenger on your Android device. Type dual app or clone app or app twin in search box there. Now go to the settings of the option you will get and create a clone version for the signal.

For iPhone or iPad device, you can use the dual space app that will help you clone the signal app on your iPhone.

Will they receive previous messages if unblocked on the signal?

If you are blocked by a person in your signal app and you send a message to that person, these messages will not be distributed. Even if he unblocks after a while, he won’t receive any previously sent messages. So remember that they will not accept messages you sent while they are blocked even after unblocking you.

The person who was blocked earlier and later unblocked by you will not receive previous messages on the signal app. The reason is the app’s built-in feature, which prevents unblocking posts from resending messages. If you want to type and resend the same message, you can send new messages, but previous messages will not be distributed.

How to find out if someone blocked you on signal app?

Check out the point below to find out if someone blocked you in the signal and you must get an idea about it:

  1. DP is not visible:

If someone has blocked your number in the signal app, you will not receive any notification that any of your contacts have blocked your account. Although no such notification has been received, there are ways in which you can guess that your number has been blocked. One of these ways is the visibility of their display picture (DP). If someone blocks you, the signal app will prevent you from seeing their DP.

DP not visible is an indicator for you that you have been blocked. But this can only be considered when the person regularly puts a DP in their account. If he doesn’t keep any DP in his account, you can’t guess anything like that in this manner.

How to check DP?

Step 1: Open your signal account first.

Step 2: Now open the chat window of the person you suspect to have been blocked by.

Step 3: Then tap their name to view their profile photos.

Step 4: If you don’t see a DP, that means you’re blocked by that person.

  1. Your message is not sent:

When a full double check mark indicates that your message has been read by the recipient. This time if you can’t see this full double check mark, your number is blocked. But this can only be understood when your friend turns on read receipt.

  1. You will not see typing:

Typing indicator is the third possible indicator to know if you’ve been blocked in the signal app. Usually while chatting with an online person, you can see this typing indicator whenever the person types a text or message on his keyboard as soon as your chat window opens. However, if someone blocks you, he will never type you again. This point is of little importance as a part of knowledge.

‘No Typing’ Indicator on Signal Application

So if you are blocked by someone, you will definitely not be able to see the typing indicator on your screen.

But make sure your typing index is toggled from your ‘settings’ under ‘Privacy’. You can follow these steps to ensure:

Step 1: Open your signal account and then open the chat window of the person you want to know who you blocked.

Step 2: Type a message from your settings to make sure your typing indicator is turned on. Now, wait for the person to type and answer your message.

Step 3: If you don’t see the typing index, you can conclude that someone blocked you on signal app.

  1. You will receive a checkmark on the messages sent:

You can also know whether you are blocked in the Signal app by checkmark type in messages you send. If someone blocked you on signal app, the messages you send to the person will only show a single checkmark. Checkmarks show you the status of the messages you send.

A single checkmark indicates that your message has been sent to the service center of the signal app.

If it doesn’t turn into a double checkmark, it means that the message you send has not yet been delivered to the person you like.

If you see a single checkmark, you don’t have to worry about data connection. You can probably see it because you’re blocked by the message you sent.

So if your data connectivity is correct and you still see this single checkmark, you can believe that someone blocked you on signal app.


There are strong privacy concerns for signals though and they are not providing enough features in their settings that can actually tell you if someone has blocked you. However, this article clearly explains the errors by using a secondary account and checkmark checks and comparisons in sent messages, you can tell if anyone has blocked you to the signal.

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