How to tell if someone hides posts from you on Facebook- Easy Method 2022

How to tell if someone hides posts from you on Facebook: When you share a post to the profile of someone else on Facebook you and that person can opt to block your post. 

The post is removed off from view. If you don’t remember precisely when you last posted the content and when, it’s difficult to know if the post was hidden. 

If you compare the posts that you’ve created to what is displayed on the individual’s page and determining the content is hidden or if the user has hidden all of your posts.

How to tell if someone hides posts from you on Facebook
How to tell if someone hides posts from you on Facebook

To check it out, If you are able to see his profile, you’re not totally blocked, is a surety.

What next?

Facebook offers advanced privacy settings available to users. Users are now able to manage the privacy of their profile in all on their profile.

This could be because the user has set up some privacy lock-up settings, which have made changes to their posts as well as images.

If the person was unfriended by you on Facebook the site also blocks posts and photos of that person from your account due to privacy settings. They will be visible on the wall of the person until you become friends with the person once more.

tell if someone hides posts from you on Facebook

How to tell if someone hides posts from you on Facebook?

To determine the extent to which your friend has prevented your access to their posts, you can check these steps:

  • Go to the profile of your friend: If you’re unable to get your friend’s information, you can consider checking out the profile of your friend to be able to confirm everything you want to.
  • Search for empty space located on at the top of their profiles. Usually, there is a gap that can find between private messages or public postings. It is not possible to view photos of your friend or any other posts that are private if they has put restrictions on your access to them. The gap there now will be based on the extent to which your friend posted publically about his activities and you may not be able to discern that gap, even if you be restricted.
  • Find a sudden dearth of content: If you are unable to look up your friend’s pictures or other items that you suspect they may have shared, it does not suggest that you’ve been limited. In certain cases it could be that they deleted some of the items on their timeline.
  • Have a friend of yours examine your friend’s Timeline There is a chance that your friend’s delete some of their data or simply locked their account to remain private from Facebook friends. What you can do to avoid the stress you may experience is to simply search for one friend you have with that person. Ask them to see for any photos or posts that you cannot view on your own account.
  • Check with your buddy if they’ve restricted you: You’ll avoid the anxiety and heartache by going with your friend to inquire about for them. You could have been placed on the Restricted list accidentally and your friend may not realize it. In the end, you’ll be angry with your friend when they’re not at fault.

tell if someone hides posts from you on Facebook

Can I Block someone from seeing future posts on Facebook?

Yes. It is now possible, as Facebook has created a variety of privacy settings to control a variety of things about your profile and the information you share.

Let’s discuss the motives for this.

There are individuals who don’t want your content and make comments that are unusual or need someone else to keep your work for the duration of time. This is helpful in removing them automatically.

Here’s the method for preventing someone from looking at your stuff:

1. Verify that you’re logged in. Click the Settings tab and then select Privacy.


2. You will then see the option “Who will see your posts in the future What are the options?. Then select the ‘Friends not included’ …’ choice from the options.

3. Simply type in a several letters of the name and then click the icon ‘Restrict’ below the name. Then click Save Changes’.

This is among the most effective settings to limit an individual, rather than blocking him for a long time to block your posts from him.


Many people are realizing the necessity of living an individual existence that’s private, and doesn’t include their friends and even family members. There are many ways you could achieve this. The most popular option you could choose is to stop people from seeing your blog posts and photos and other content. There are other options you may be able to use as well.

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