The best Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List – 2022

A lot of players aren’t aware of the fact that Cookie Run Kingdom has a Tier List, and it is vital that you know this list if you wish to take your Cookie Run experience to the next level.

The Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List shows you which Kingdom Tiers are the best for each situation, and I will go over all of them here so that you can make sure you never lose again!

In addition, you can learn how to unlock every Kingdom in this guide! If you are ready to win more often, read on!

Meta Knight Tier

Meta Knight has been a mainstay in every tier list since he appeared on them. The king of rushdown and one of Kirby’s strongest allies, Meta Knight is commonly considered a top pick.
With high damage output, great kill power, and an awesome off-stage game that leads to many early KOs; Meta Knight is truly king.
This fighter’s performance varies from character to character but players can feel confident knowing their crown will be protected if it lands on Meta Knight.
One of his only downsides is he has trouble with characters who are stronger in long matches such as Dedede and King Dedede. Otherwise; you’re golden!

King Dedede Tier

When playing King Dedede, you won’t need to use any of his special abilities in order to achieve a high score.
He has an incredible combo ability that allows him to rack up points by eating several ingredients at once.
The bad news is that he is fairly slow, which can leave you open for attacks if you aren’t careful.
In addition, he isn’t very good at tackling ingredients on taller platforms and ladders because of his limited range and jumping height.
Overall, Dedede is one of my favorite cookie run characters to play as and I think he can be a lot of fun if used correctly!

Olimar/Alph Tier

As many others have already stated, Olimar & Alph are nothing short of overpowered.

Sure, it’s no secret that they’re considered a top tier pairing in SSB4, but their inclusion as a duo in Cookie Run is downright unfair!

It makes perfect sense to make them a team though: Alph can grab Olimar out of harm’s way when he flies too close to an obstacle, and Olimar can feed Alph his Good Fortune Apple power-up when things get dire.

Even if you do manage to break through these two bakers with Mario or Donkey Kong however (which I wouldn’t recommend doing), you still have to contend with Luigi who sits comfortably at #3 on my list!

Bowser Jr. and Pikmin Chain Chomp Tier

I do not know what to say about these two. Nothing good and nothing bad, they are just not good enough, which makes them inferior in comparison to every other character in their own game.

As an example, people were upset that Pikmin Chain Chomp was out of place but I do not blame them.

With a lack of being able to recover and being able to be combo’d by everyone else really held him back from other characters who have more options when it comes to offense or defense.

I would say Bowsers Jr. is better then Chain Chomp but still has a long way before he reaches top tier status.

Not only is Gannondorf and Young Link arguably one of the most effective duos in SSB4, they also share a multitude of similar attributes.

Both fighters rely on their size, strength, and speed to be formidable opponents.

Additionally, both characters have access to a signature bomb attack—Ganondorf’s Warlock Punch and Young Link’s Bomb—and can even perform them in tandem.

This double explosion will decimate any opponent trying to stop you from achieving victory. Better start practicing that Warlock Punch!

Zelda Characters Special Attack Teamup

A tier list is a listing or chart that ranks ordered items according to their value. A tier list can be used as a guide to determine which characters are most valuable in a team in many online games, especially multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games.

Typically, tier lists arrange heroes into groups based on their difficulty of play and/or effectiveness.

This tier list for Cookie Run Kingdom will show how useful each character is when paired with another character in team-ups.

From my personal experiences from playing Cookie Run Kingdom and watching players stream on Twitch I have created a list of what I believe are some of these characters’ strongest pairs as well as pairs that need more testing to determine if they are effective or not.

All Non-Bowser Teams in One Chart

The Top Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List – In honor of Mario’s upcoming release in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, we’ve taken a look at all non-Bowser teams in Cookie Run and ranked them from worst to best.

The tiers are based on research, overall difficulty for novices and your likelihood of winning against expert opponents.

Check out our top tier list to know which team is likely to earn you those elusive 5th place finishes when Bowser doesn’t show up.

The guide includes strategies for all 12 possible non-Bowser characters as well as recommended partners for each character.

(Note: While Shadow Mushroom, Gold Flower and Ultimus are technically playable in-game, they’re not viable competitively.)

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