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What Happens When You Block Someone on Snapchat: Do you want to hide your personal stories and profiles from anyone on your Snapchat account? OK, then that will lead you to the decision to block that person completely.

And if you just delete a person from your Snapchat friends list, personal stories will disappear. But that person will still have access to your profile.

So if you want to completely block someone from Snapchat, the perfect decision is to hide your profile from them from Snapchat search results.

What Happens When You Block Someone on Snapchat
What Happens When You Block Someone on Snapchat

But if you get blocked on Snapchat by someone else, be sure to use this simple technique when searching for names on Snapchat.

However, even if you remove a friend from your Snapchat list, they won’t stop you from responding. To do this, you need to block that person in Snapchat settings.

If you want to know what happens after you block someone on Snapchat, then this content is for you.

First, let’s take a look at how Snapchat friends blocking works:

How do you block someone on Snapchat?

If you want to permanently hide your profile from search results right now, the only way is to block that person.

Note that after blocking you will not receive snapshots of that person and all previous messages will be banned from your mailing list. Then follow the steps below:

  1. First open the search bar of Snapchat and enter the name of the person you want to block. You can find it in the friends list.
  2. Block someone in Snapchat.Now select the name and open the details of that person’s profile.
  3. Then tap the three dot icon displayed in the upper right corner of the profile name. After typing, you will see the options listed.
  4. Now tap on “Block” option and confirm the “Block” button in the next window.

After completing these steps, the person has been blocked and will now appear in your blocked Snapchat contact list.

What happens if you close a friendship with someone on Snapchat 2021
What happens if you close a friendship with someone on Snapchat 2022

Are you blocked or removed from Snapchat friends list?

If you block someone on Snapchat, that person will not be able to send you messages in search results, view your shared stories, or view your profile.

If you’re blocked on Snapchat, you’re limited to certain things you can’t collect for that person. You may encounter some situations here. For example:

  1. To check if you’re blocked on Snapchat, just search your friends list and find that friend. If that friend disappears from the list, it’s a sign that the person has blocked or deleted you.
  2. To find out if you just deleted or blocked your friend, search for his username on Snapchat. If you do not find the name in the search results, check if the person has blocked it. However, if you remove it, you can see its name in the search results with a white icon.
  3. Even if you send or click a message, the person will not receive those messages. So if you don’t get any feedback from you, it’s also a sign that you’ve blocked it.

Here’s what you might encounter if someone removes you from their friends list:

  1. You will no longer see this person in the list, but you can find them in the search results.
  2. You can still send messages and the person will receive them if you delete them.

The difference between removing and blocking a friend from a Snapchat friends list is discussed in detail here.

What happens if I block someone on Snapchat?

Here’s what you’ll feel if you block or remove someone from your friends list:

You can’t see it on your friends list, but Snapchat has the name on your blocked contact list.

What will happen to the messages: Chat with this person will disappear completely, but the user will have access to something similar.
After you block someone in Snapchat, you will automatically delete their friendship. Therefore, if you block this person, he will no longer be your friend. You must add this person to be your friend.

The person can’t message you or reply to you or even see your story. If you want to hide your story and stop him, stop shooting yourself, it will be enough to block that person.

Remember that if you re-add that person as a friend, you will not be able to retrieve your previous conversations and messages. These are the remnants.


If you don’t want to see your personal stories and can’t find your name in Snapchat search results, just turn it off. However, deleting someone will not prevent you from finding them on Snapchat.


If you block someone, will that person be able to see your message?

If you block Snapchat, your messages will be visible to the person. But your cat will disappear from the list. If that person sends you messages, you will not be able to receive them. There is no way to delete a chat from your blocked person unless they block you from their account.

Does anyone know if Snapchat is blocked?

If you block someone on Snapchat, you won’t even get notifications. When their stories are no longer visible, the person will probably be able to create an image. If that person is looking for your name on Snapchat and can’t find you, but can find your friend, they may know that you are blocked by you.

What happens if you close a friendship with someone on Snapchat?

Once you remove a friend from your Snapchat list, that friend will no longer be able to see your personal story. However, that person can still view your profile if a search is performed and they may return to your profile. If you stop being friends, you will lose all chats with that person, but the person will keep the chat on their phone.

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