What happens when you mute someone on whatsapp

What happens when you mute someone on whatsapp:Your messages or calls will not pop up on their screen as someone has mutes you. This will be seen in their chat. But if your status is muted it will be viewed from the mute section from WhatsApp.

If someone mutes you to WhatsApp, you will notice a delay in getting a reply to your message. Your message reached the person but he saw it late. He will not receive any notification regarding your activity on WhatsApp after he mutes your profile on WhatsApp.

If you’ve mute someone, notice that the chat has the cross-speaker icon. Even delete the chat that the settings will remain the same.

What happens when you mute someone on whatsapp
What happens when you mute someone on whatsapp

There are two situations to mute on WhatsApp. First the person can completely mute you for your calls and messages. Secondly, only your status can be muted. However, there are many ways to view WhatsApp status by which the status provider will not even realize that you have seen its status.

To find out if someone has mutes you on WhatsApp, first send him a message and wait for an answer. If you notice that the message is double ticked but not immediately answered, you may have been muted.

You can also add a status to WhatsApp. This is one of the other methods. First share a status only for that person. Then wait for that person to see. If he doesn’t, you can be sure that the person has muted your status on WhatsApp.

How to know if someone muted you on Whatsapp?

You do not need to use any third party apps or tools if you have been muted by someone on WhatsApp and you want to know. Try this technique and hopefully you’ll find out if anyone has muted you.

To find out if someone muted you on WhatsApp,

  • Single grey checkmark: Send a message to the person you suspect first whatsapp. This time, if a single grey checkmark appears below the message, it means that the message has been sent, but not delivered.
  • Two grey checkmarks: If two grey checkmarks show under the message, it means that your message has been sent and delivered.
  • Two blue checkmarks: Again, if you see two blue checkmarks under the message, you will realize that your message has been sent, delivered, and then read by the person.

The status icons above vary depending on whether you have been silent or directly blocked by another person.

For example, if you send them a message and the icon appears as a single grey checkmark, you may be blocked or have network connection problems.

  • If you’re muted only when sending a message, you’ll see two grey checkmarks that are likely to turn into two blue checkmarks if the other person sees the message.
  • If you are muted, they will not receive any notification if you send them a message.
  • If you are blocked they will not have the option to view your message because it is not delivered.

What is Mute vs Block in Whatsapp

WhatsApp always has the option to keep everyone within limits. If you think they are trespassing, he can stop them in two ways. One is to mute and the other is to block. Now let’s see what is the difference between the two?

If muted

  • If you mute WhatsApp, you will get only temporary relief.
  • When you think someone’s message is annoying and you don’t want to spend time reading it, you can mute that person.
  • Whether you mute someone or not, they can send you messages. Know your status. Will be able to see all the statuses you have shared.
  • In the next case you can read their messages if you want. It’s totally up to you.

If blocked on WhatsApp:

  • Whatsapp is permanent to block someone. The decision to block someone is made when you have decided not to listen to them or keep in touch with them.
  • Blocking someone means blocking that person from your life.
  • You will not receive any messages from that person and they are completely out of your reach.
  • You will not receive any notification. And the blocked person will not be able to see your last scene, DP, status. In this case, you will not be able to see the pictures and statuses in their profile.

But if you are in a group chat, that person will see everything you post in the group.

How to know if your status is muted on WhatsApp?

This is possible if you are wondering if someone has silenced your status by adding status and waiting to see by someone you want to spy on.

If you think someone you know has silenced your WhatsApp status, there is a way to find out:

  • First of all, add a video to your WhatsApp status.
  • Go to Status Privacy on your WhatsApp and tap. Share only with WhatsApp.
  • Select the ‘Only share with’ option. Your contact list will pop up. Select the person you want to check.
  • Now, update status and wait.
  • If your friend has viewed your status, you can find it in the audience list on your status.

If you don’t get a view, your friend may have muted your status.

What happens when you mute someone on whatsapp?

If someone has muted you on whatsapp then the following issues have been shot.

No notifications found:

If you send a message on whatsapp to someone who has muted you, then that person will not get any sound or vibration. If someone just emits the chat, they will get a notification of your chat. But if you reply to his message, he will not receive any notification. If you want to see your reply, you have to open your chat on WhatsApp.

Again, if the phone of the person you are texting is in a state of silence or meeting for some reason, then he will not be able to understand anything without blocking you. Huh

Messages can be sent even if muted:

Even if someone has muted you, you can still receive your messages and they can still read the messages you send. If muted, you will have no problem chatting on WhatsApp. You send a voice message and keep ‘read receipt’ on so you can easily tell if you have been muted. (This method is described above.)

How to see status on whatsapp if muted?

You may have muted your friend. But he doesn’t think you can see any status he shares. However, it will not be present in front of your eyes. You have to find out.

To see whatsapp status after mute:

  • First open WhatsApp and go to the status section.
  • Then you will see recent updates. These statuses have not been seen yet. Then you will get viewed updates. This status has been viewed. Then scroll down to the bottom. Here you will find the Mute Updates option.
  • Click on these mute updates.
  • This is where you can see the status of all your mute people.

If you look at their status, they will also understand that the status has been visited by you.


Find out if someone has muted your status on WhatsApp. Here’s What happens when you mute someone on whatsapp.

There has also been some discussion about the mute vs block. I hope you have read the article and solved your question. For more informative posts like this, be sure to visit our website again.

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