What is Laser Marking? How to use and Benefits of Laser Marking [2022]

Laser marking, in its simplest form, is a permanent process that makes permanent marks on a surface using condensed light mirages.

Laser marking can be used for a variety purposes, including to mark a fiber, continuous wave, green, or UV.

Some most common types of laser marking applications :

Laser marking(Laser do znakowania) can be applied to many inert materials, including steel, titanium and copper, ceramics plastics, glasses, wood, paper, cardboard, and other materials at high speeds to ensure permanent traceability. It works automatically and spontaneously.

Products and parts can be marked with text (with part numbers and serial numbers). Machine-readable data can also be used (e.g. Barcodes, unique ID numbers and 2D data matrix code codes; or graphics.

How does laser marking work?

Laser marking uses focused rays light to mark an element’s surface. The material’s appearance and characteristics are affected when the mirage interacts with the surface.

The laser marking machine can create precise marks with high contrast and high quality that are easy to read on any surface.

Laser marking is ideal for applications that require accuracy and long-term success.

Science behind lasers

The term LASER refers to light enhancement through the stimulation of radiation. Laser beams begin as an atom which stimulates the emission of particles of light.

Laser-marked areas can be targeted with concentrated light. The wavelengths, or nanometers (NM), are used to measure the energy released. The stronger the laser rays, the longer the wavelength.

A UV laser marker with a wavelength of almost 355NM provides less energy to spot heat sensitive materials like plastic and glass.

Both UV and cold laser markers produce less energy. They can be used for many organic and soft products. Because they are less likely to cause material to burn.

A fiber laser, on the other hand, works in 1070NM and provides significantly more energy to identify solids such as metal.

Laser marking is more cost-effective than other temporary marking processes like printing or labeling and requires less maintenance.

Our customer service team is quick and reliable. We respond within two hours and provide free samples of markings to ensure maximum system productivity and uptime.

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How do you use the laser marking machine?

Laser marking systems come in many different forms and each one works differently. The proper way to use the machine depends on what component you are working with, and the application that you are using.

LASIT provides a list with resources that can help you manage your computer and solve any problem, from video to detailed documentation.

It is crucial to adhere to all safety guidelines when using any laser marking machine. Laser marking is relatively safe due to a variety of preventive measures including security fence options.

Benefits of using laser markers

Laser marking can bring manufacturers many benefits, including the ability to track and trace parts from branding and swing to grave.

Laser marking the part directly using machine slots allows for durable and readable markings. These high-quality marks produce:

1. Higher functional efficiency and productivity, with low wastage and downtime.

2. Transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain

3. Quality and mesh problems are the least expensive threats.

4. Conformance with industry regulations is guaranteed

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