What is Universal Product Code (UPC) ? Benefits of UPC. Everything you should know. [2022]

UPC is the abbreviation for universal product code. It is used to help identify a particular item. This UPC code is a type of code printed in retail product packaging.

It consists of two parts –

(1) Machine-readable barcode, which is a series of unique black bars, and (2) unique 12-digit numbers below bars.

UPC is aimed at making it easier to identify product features. E.g.: Dividing brand names, items, sizes and colors etc. into parts. And this is done only by scanning the item during checkout.

Buy UPC codes

In fact, these codes are thought to be created to speed up the checkout process in grocery stores. In the latter case almost all the saleable products get UPC place. UPC it can also track inventory between a shop or warehouse.

A company must first apply to be part of the system to get a UPC for use in a product. GS1 US or Global Standards Organization manages the allocation of UPC between US. This GS1 US was formerly known as the Uniform Code Council.

What is a barcode?

Barcode is a numerous small black line on the number of 12 digits of a UPC(Universal Product Code). We see it in all products worldwide. These black lines represent unique product codes and can be easily identified using scanners.

It then allows sellers to easily scan inventory and keep track of stock levels at the time of sale. With each order from SnapUPC, you will receive a 12-digit UPC code with barcode for each code ordered.

You can use them immediately. And you can easily setup your product information with your UPC to any retailer worldwide.

Parts of a UPC(Universal Product Code)

  • After paying a fee for joining UPC, GS1 assign a 6-digit manufacturer identification number. It became the first six digits in the UPC of all products in the company. That number identifies the specific creator of an item.
  • Then the next five numbers of UPC are called item numbers. It refers to the actual product itself. One person within each company is employed to issue item numbers. He ensured that the same number was not used more than once and that the old numbers mentioned in the closed products were phased out.

Many consumer products have different variations. For example, products are separated based on size, smell or color. So each variety needs its own item number.

So 20 three inch paint brush boxes will have different item numbers than a box of 20 two inch paint brushes.

  • The last digit of the 12 digit digits of UPC is also called check digit. It is a product of several calculations – adding and multiplying a few numbers to the code – to ensure that UPC is valid in checkout scanners. If the check digit code is incorrect, UPC will not scan properly.

Some UPC(Universal Product Code) Benefits

  1. Has given a lot of benefitto traders and consumers of UPC. This is because it becomes easily possible to identify a product and its associated value immediately with the barcode scanner. The arrival of UPC has made buying and selling much faster.
  2. Removed the need to access any product data manually. It saves a lot of time.
  3. This is possible by tracking inventory more accurately than hand count storing to know when more products are required in retail shelves or warehouses.

Or, when there is a problem with a particular product and those who bought it need to be warned or a revocation issued, UPC(Universal Product Code) allows the products to be delivered to retail stores. Allows consumers to track even at home.

How many UPC(Universal Product Code) codes do I need for my product?

UPC codes are a unique 12-digit number. Which are used to identify products. And then enables them to scan in and out of inventory.

It lets computers know what a product is through just one code rather than a description. A separate UPC code is required for each product.

For example, if you sell shirts, each unique color requires a unique UPC. Maybe you have 25 black, 25 yellow and 25 white shirts for sale. Then you will need 3 unique UPC codes, each with 1 UPC for unique colors.

Each unique UPC barcode can be printed an unlimited number of times, so if you have 200 red medium shirts, you can print the same UPC barcode 100 times for your 200 unit shirt.

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