Why did Tiktok mute my video- slove by some easy steps 2021

Tiktok is one of the most popular short video trending apps. Where you can watch short videos of different categories. Here you can also share your own videos. To get more likes and followers, you can share your ticket by creating your own video or slideshow photo. It’s like a huge ocean where you can get lost for hours watching videos.

Because of the fierce competition on Tiktok, people are so busy creating or posting their videos that they forget some important rules and principles of Tiktok. This can lead to problems such as copyright notices, muted sound, video removal and even account ban. You need to be very careful when creating your own videos on Tiktok. Especially when adding background music or sound.

Why did Tiktok mute my videos
Why did Tiktok mute my videos

Now the question is “Why are you watching your posted video in private instead of public?”, ” Why did Tiktok mute my videos? ”

If you have been in such a situation before, you know that it is due to a copyrighted song. You can’t use songs on your device that you downloaded directly to your phone from the internet or Spotify.

We will see in this article, “How do you fix your muted video on Tiktok?” , “How can you remove copyrighted songs from your videos on Tiktok without wasting your video forever?”

Why did Tiktok mute my video?

Tiktok is a great way to post your videos and watch other Tiktokers’ videos. You can grow a lot if you can create a video using creativity and share it on Tiktok.

But why did Tiktok mute my video?

The main reason Tiktok’s video is muted is to use copyrighted music. In many cases you may have received a message saying “Your video has been set private or your video has been muted because the copyright owner did not provide music or tunes in your country / region.”

You can use music or songs from the tiktok library for background sound of Tiktok videos. It’s completely free and copyright free. But whenever you use commercial music from other music platforms, it will set your video private instead of public.

Now if you use a music Tiktok video from your device for background sound, it will automatically detect your music as copyright and prevent it from being posted to the public. Because TickTock is very serious about this. They always want no one to break their rules.

If you have a personal account, you can make videos using songs from Spotify or other similar platforms. But if you use a business Tiktok account, Tiktok will mute your sound or set it to personal.

Again, you may find that TickTock is mute your sound even if you use any sound that is in the Sound Library from outside.

The main reason here is that TickTock paid for the music or already issued copyright on them but you didn’t. So selecting background music from TickTock’s “Sound Library” is the best fit for you.

Why did your video tickle mute? Here are some possible reasons:

Due to copyrighted content:

The video is muted because your video contains copyrighted material on TikTok. The app sees this copyrighted content as a serious problem. Copyrighted content cannot be posted to TikTok because the copyright owner may not have made it available to your country or territory.

TikTok can automatically detect copyrighted material. No one needs to make a claim to identify copyright. So after being automatically detected, your video will be muted or prevented from being posted by TikTok.

Another reason to mute your video is: –

Even if your TikTok account is related to a business, the app will not allow you to use commercially available songs and lyrics.

2. A technical error may occur:

A possible reason could be a technical problem with the TikTok app. It can also be temporary and most of the time resolved in a short time. To solve this technical problem, you can only switch off your device and try it again. Or uninstall and then install the tiktok app.

3.Application Update
Another reason may be that the TikTok app on your device has been backdated. You need to update the app to use the app. For this, first go to your app store and update your TikTok app.

4. Not available in the region:

Another reason why you mute TikTok videos is because the video is not available in that area. Maybe the video uploading video is not available in your region.

How to fix a video muted in Tiktok?

If you are mute in Tiktok or the video you post is muted, follow the following procedures. For this you can reupload the video using pre-created sounds available in Tiktok. Copyright tiktok this sound so you can use sounds comfortably. You need to reupload videos that have already been posted and muted in tiktok and use tiktok’s existing words. Then add the music available to the tiktok store to avoid copyright music.

when you use tiktok sound or music, tiktok will think you’re not using any copyrighted words. Tiktok is the best way to use it without deleting a video that contains commercial music.

This way you can use any music you want for your video. Because it’s tiktok its own sound that you’re using. However remember you cannot use any third party sound in the background of your video. You must do this within the TikTok app.

So, if you want to block or watch your Tiktok video from copyright “This sound is not available” or unmute it to Tiktok, you can bring the video sound down to zero.

Now, let’s try implementing the above mentioned items to solve the tiktok mute video problem on Android and iPhone.

  1. Open the TikTok app on your Android or iPhone device first.
  2. Now, press there to see the red and white “+” icon from the bottom middle. This is where you can create Tiktok video or upload the existing video from your device.
  3. Click the “Upload” option from the bottom right corner to open your device gallery here. Then select the muted video.
  4. Now, choose the copyright issue from your gallery or the video tiktok you’ve mute.
  5. Once you select your video, tap the “Next” button from the bottom right corner for the next step.
  6. At this stage you can trim the video if necessary. You can’t do it at any next step, so you can trim it now if necessary.
  7. Tap the “Next” button from the top right corner after trimming or crossing the top step.
  1. Now tap “Sounds” to enter the world of the main part, Tiktok sound library.
  2. You will find a variety of trending, electronic music, vlogs, fashion, EDM and many more videos. From here you can choose from any sound different music section and use it in your video.

There’s a lot of collection here. You will get almost all the sounds you like. It’s just to trick Tiktok that you’re using their original library music.

  1. Tap the small red “tick mark” next to your selected sound after you select the sound you like.
  2. Now you can adopt a little beautiful technique. First tap the arrow button from the right to the bottom and tap the volume option. There you can mute your recently selected sound and use the previously used sound in your video.But to avail this feature, you need to use the updated version of Tiktok. In this updated version you can find the volume option next to the Added Sound inside the “Sound” section.
  3. Now, you need to bring down the “added sound” to zero and do not touch the original sound of your video. If you play with the original sound, you cannot listen to your previous selected music for your video. So, reduce the words added only recently.
  1. Select the slider in the just added word section and drop it to zero. Tap the red “tick mark” option once you mute the word you add.
    Fix TikTok Mute Video
  2. 14.Now, you can use filters, voice effects, text, stickers, or other additional effects on your video. However, if you want to publish your video as before, tap the “Next” button from the bottom right.
  3. 15.Finally, add some description to your video, refer to your friends, add #hashtag, and press the “Post” button to release your video with your original word.

Using the above method will certainly not cause you to find any copyright word problems. Or Tiktok will not mute your video and also set it to private.

This is the process of fixing tiktok mute videos on both your Android and iPhone devices.

How to fix your video when you silence your video TikTok?

The media owner has not made it available for use in your country or for free.

You have some ways to try if it is a bug or can be fixed through these techniques.

There are two methods: (i) direct method, and (ii) using a third party tool.

1.Direct Method

  • Upload your sound without copyright issue.
    Start by uploading your video again at TikTok.
  • All you need to do first is open your TikTok app and tap the Add option.
  • Next Tap the upload button.
  • After this step, there is an option to crop the video, if you want to minimize it, you can do it here for your video.
  • You should ‘personalise’ it first.
  • Tap the Add to Favorites option to add it to sound. Added to Favorites
    Your video will be in the ‘Sound’ section. Tap the Sound option to add sound to your video.
  • Tap the Shoot with this sound option to use that music. Shoot with sound tiktok.
  • Upload the video after zeroing in on your video volume. Your video will be uploaded without any copyright problem.

2.Using a third party tool

  • Note the audio used in the video next to the music icon in the video.
    Search this audio either from Google or YouTube or from any other third-party tool that allows you to add music to videos like InShot.
  • Just download , and save to your device.
  • Open your TikTok app and tap Add Option ‘+’ and tap Upload and select your downloaded file.
  • If you want to crop sound by video, tap Next and select the volume to full sound.
  • Tap >’next’ and upload your video and your video has been uploaded without any copyright error. You have to follow it.

Tips to avoid mute at TikTok

  • In addition to following these steps, make sure you are using the latest and updated version of the TikTok app.
  • You can keep your video content as small as possible to avoid copyright problems.
  • You can seek permission from the content holder to avoid being muted. You can try and modify original audio content like remixes or mashups.
  • You can avoid being silent by blaming the owner of the music you are using in your video.

What does it mean to be mute on TikTok Live?

  • First of all the reason is the copyright problem – this is the most likely reason.
  • If the audio owner has not made it available in your country or region, it has been blocked.
  • This is why the TikTok app automatically silences you to protect copyright law. TikTok faced this music copyright problem, which is why you can’t link sound to your video.
  • Also, it may be that your device’s volume may be silent, which is why you seem mute when you’re live on TikTok.
  • Another reason may be that your device is connected to a Bluetooth device. Someone blocked you and silenced you. Although you won’t be informed about it, you will be silenced for those who blocked you.
  • Because there may be a technical problem with the TikTok app that may be temporary And can be resolved in some time. To solve this technical problem, you can only restart or uninstall your device and then reinstall the app.


That’s why you can avoid muteing to those videos by muteing a TikTok video and following those rules. If you want to fix it, follow the above methods for playing videos with music.

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