Why Do Some Snapchat Messages not Disappear ? Quick Answer [2022]

Snapchat messages are usually deleted within 24 hours after being seen, though some may make it disappear immediately.

However, some messages don’t disappear until 24 hours had completed.

No matter what the reason, whether the error is caused by some other reason or settings, I will go over the matter in the article.

If you notice that the messages remain even after a week, it could be that the user has saved the file.

Why Do Some Snapchat Messages not Disappear?
Why Do Some Snapchat Messages not Disappear?

If you notice Snapchat messages that do not disappear or go away, perhaps the person hasn’t seen it yet or has saved that message, and these could be the reasons for not disappearing Snapchat messages.

However, if they aren’t the case, then you should verify the messages to see if they’re sent or not, because there are occasions when due to network issues the messages may not be delivered from your end.

In some cases, deleted messages disappear from Snapchat as well, which could result as a bug.

You are able to get in touch with Snapchat customer support directly should you suspect that it’s your personal account.

In this post, I’ll discuss the whole issue with the various possible reasons that could be the cause to this issue of Snapchat not disappearing Snapchat messages. Let’s take a look.

Why are the Snapchat messages never go Away?

There could be a variety of reasons to the messages that don’t disappear on their own.

Snapchat servers are built so that messages are deleted within 24 hours, but they it is possible to change the settings for messages that do not go away.

In this case, I posted a few messages to my contacts and waited to see which don’t disappear.

I discovered that if they set the timer to 24 hours, messages will disappear after the specified time, once they are viewed, and only if the message was not saved.

Some messages did not get sent because of an internal glitch, but I managed to send them once more.

The problem is that when those messages are stored in this manner it won’t be deleted because they weren’t actually ever sent.

These are possible causes to be the reason for the problem:

  1. The content of a one-to one conversation is not being viewed.

In a one-to-one chat (by default) will erase the message as soon as it is viewed.

Once the message is viewed the message can be deleted using the right-click or changed to “24 Hours after Viewing”.

If the message was delivered to someone who hasn’t viewed the message yet, it remains.

It can be kept on Snapchat’s Snapchat Chat list for more than 24 hours after changing the erase rules within Chat settings to suit the convenience of the user.

The switch between “24 hrs after viewing” to “after viewing” will make the chats that were previously watched disappear immediately.

  1. The person might have saved the message:

Indirectly, if a person simply deletes the Snapchat message on his own the message won’t be deleted.

This is the only time users leave the app before saving the message that they are unable to view the message at all.

Saving important messages helps users to retain the message for a longer period of time.

Snapchatters have the benefit to save messages that won’t disappear in snapchat.It is possible to save a message by pressing it, and then holding it until it is saved.

The message then becomes clear and is highlighted in gray.The gray indicator lets you be aware that the message is saved, but is not set to go away on Snapchat in the near future.

Users can unsave saved messages, which will be erased when one quits their chat window.

How long do Snapchat messages last?

As I stated, I conducted an experiment in which I discovered various things.

This information could be very useful in understanding what happens to chats that are not opened on Snapchat.

If the recipient doesn’t start the chat within of the following 30 days following having received the text message it will be removed automatically.

This means that the user will not be able view the message within 30 days.

If you’re trying whether you can change this, it’s the internal settings of the Snapchat server. That is the way it’s designed. can’t change it.

Why are Snapchat messages not able to disappear, even if they’re not saved?

Even if messages haven’t been saved , they can be a bit difficult to delete due to a variety of reasons.

This could be due to anything similar to messages that failed to be read, but not 24 hours have passed.

The issue is whether Snapchat messages go away suddenly if they’re not saved.

The most commonly used solutions to this issue can be summarized as follows:

  1. The chat message could not be in the format:

The messages will remain within Snapchat until they are read by the other users who were the recipients of the message sent.

It is easy to determine through the chat whether someone has read the messages.

If he has read the message it will disappear within 24 hours after the time it was first viewed.

If the messages are not gone after 24 to 48 hours, you could say that it has not yet seen.

2. The message will take up to 24 hours for deletion:

Normally, when a message is viewed by a different user, the message will be deleted when the user leaves the screen.

If you’ve set the settings set for “24 hours after viewing” the message will remain for 24 hours, regardless of whether it was seen by a person at the other end.

In the chat options, you can change the amount of hours that the message is to remain may be altered from 24-hours (by by default).

3. Make sure messages didn’t fail:

It is important to ensure that your message was sent successfully.

Sometimes it is due to a malfunction of the network or the app that doesn’t send, you should be aware of this issue as well.

Can someone delete the Snap from the Snap’s end?

In the majority of cases, messages that are read will be erased as soon as the user quits the screen.

However, if they haven’t seen that yet, and you’d like to delete the image, it is only one of a handful of options to accomplish this.

Because Snapchat doesn’t offer users the option to delete any message on both ends in one go It’s only choose to keep it open for a few days or even for a period of 30 days to get it permanently removing it.

There is only the option to delete the snap from your device by pressing it left. Now let’s move on to how to remove it.

In addition to saving messages and storing it in your Snapchat account, you as Snapchatter Snapchatter can erase the message as well.

Let’s look at additional steps to delete your snap:

After a picture was transmitted by you, you have no option of reversing it but remove it from your account only.

If you’re trying to figure out how to remove the photo from someone else’s side the snaps that are not opened get immediately deleted if not seen for the period of 30 days after receiving it.

For simple steps to delete: Tap the snap, then press “Delete” in the display And you’re done!


The article gave an explanation of what might be the reason that could be behind the Snapchat messages that don’t disappear, and the reason why it’s to ensure that messages are completely deleted in 30 days.

I hope this helps you understand your confusion regarding this issue.

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