youtube filters not working- Solve this in 2 Easy ways

youtube filters not working: YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google. Millions of videos are posted on it every day.

As a result, it is difficult to find the desired video from the YouTube database. For this reason, YouTube has come up with a special filter option to solve this problem.

youtube filters not working
youtube filters not working

This option allows the user to find the desired video as needed. This tool helps users to filter videos by selecting various options such as upload date, video type, video duration, features.

The filter stops working with an error message – “YouTube filters not working”. This is often the case. So, it becomes a problem for the viewers to find the videos of their choice.

Before finding a solution to this problem, we need to know what is the cause of this problem.

The problem usually occurs when YouTube administrators remove content that violates graphic vulnerabilities from YouTube.

They shut down the YouTube filter tool to prevent viewers from watching offensive videos. This is a way to restrict restricted videos to reach viewers.

With the removal of this filter tool, viewers no longer have access to those videos.

How YouTube filter work

You are able to search specific videos with the YouTube filter function. YouTube Filter helps you filter these videos based on the following:

Upload Date: When the video was first published on YouTube (eg: last week / today / this month)

Type: What type of video do you want (ex: channel / playlist.)

Duration: Length of video (eg: more than 20 minutes / less than 20 minutes)

Features: Video quality (eg: 480p, 1080p, 4k).

YouTube filter

Therefore, YouTube filter is an option that allows you to find the video you want to watch more accurately.

The functionality of the YouTube filter is back Just a few days after the YouTube filters were removed.

YouTube brought the matter to the forefront with an update to their forum post (“Search and sort functions are working normally again”).

That is, now you can use the YouTube filter again. You can find the video you want to watch more accurately and simply.

Solution to fix “YouTube filters not working”

Method 1: –

Step 1: First go to your device’s settings menu. Find the “Apps” section there. Now find YouTube and select it.

Step 2: Then select the storage option. It comes with two options – clear data and clear cache.

Step 3: First, tap Clear Cache and check if the YouTube filter is working. If not, go back to Settings and click Clear Data to see if it solves the problem.

If the problem persists, use the following Google Advanced Search Tool.

Method 2: –

Step 1: First, open

Step 2: Type your query in the search box. For example: “How to Donate on Twitch” then site: That is, your question will be: how to donate on twitch: and press Enter.

Step 3: Click on the Video tab when the results appear. Then click on Tools Options which will give you Google’s filtering options.

Step 4: There are all kinds of filtering options for any video, any time, any quality, etc. Click on the option you want and wait. Hope you get the video you want.

This way you can use these Google filters to narrow down the search for the video you’re looking for.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that these Google filters may not be as good as the search filters on YouTube. But if the error “youtube filters not working” again, you can use Google’s filter option. This Google filter option can definitely help you.

Conclusion for “youtube filters not working”

In short, this post has shown you some information about YouTube filters. It beautifully describes what you should do if your YouTube filter doesn’t work.
So, if you ever find the error “youtube filters not working“, you can follow the steps above to get the job done.
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